Nicholas Bayerle is founder the Billion Dollar Body with the help of his inspirational wife, Amanda. He has a huge vision for his life and for your life.

Nicholas created The Billion Dollar Body to help each man to return to their true self – to push their body and mind to the limit – to actively grow and be accountable to the bigger vision of their life. Through the cornerstone of fitness and health, each member of this motivated brotherhood is dedicated to serving their own desires and goals, as they commit to looking and feeling like a billion bucks.

  • Why water is so important
  • Would you treat your body right for 1 million dollars a year?
  • When it comes to health, if you don’t move it, you lose it
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0:00take back your health now episode nine
0:04you’re listening to the take back your
0:07health now podcast the show that
0:09interviews the top doctors athletes
0:11trainers and entrepreneurs to help you
0:14find the holy grail of health now here’s
0:17your host dr. dan Margolin alright this
0:27is doctor Dan Margolin with take back
0:30your health now the show where we pull
0:32out all the stops in search of the holy
0:34grail of health
0:35we are very fortunate today to have
0:38Nicholas barely who is the founder of
0:40the billion-dollar body with the help of
0:42his inspirational wife amanda has a huge
0:45vision for his life and for your life
0:48Nicholas created the billion-dollar body
0:50to help each man to return to their true
0:52self to push their body and mind to the
0:54limit to actively growing be accountable
0:57to the bigger vision of their life
0:58through the cornerstone of fitness and
1:00health each member of this motivated
1:02Brotherhood is dedicated to serving
1:04their own desires and goals as they
1:06commit to looking and feeling like a
1:08billion bucks
1:09Nicholas welcome Nicolas and welcome to
1:11the show hey thanks so much man i really
1:14appreciate it and and I’m so happy to be
1:17awesome awesome so let us tell us a
1:19little bit about like yourself like what
1:21you’re doing as far as the
1:22billion-dollar body and even like how
1:24you how you got into this is all it is
1:27it’s a fascinating story here
1:29yeah absolutely and i hope you guys have
1:32a few minutes because it is quite the
1:34process of being where we’re at today
1:36and i’m super grave the whole thing in
1:40my life started off quick as you know
1:42somebody’s a high achiever that wanted
1:43to go out and be number one I was the
1:45youngest kid in the world that two years
1:47old star from there for years old I
1:49started racing motocross and so on a
1:51motorcycle for years old so things got a
1:53little bit crazy for years old wow
1:56yes sir wow that’s crazy yeah so that
1:59that’s how it all started out so I you
2:02know I will automatically didn’t really
2:04think about getting a job or happy to go
2:07to school about be shot
2:10and had all my inspirations come from
2:13professional athletes motocross racers
2:14things like that and then my dad he was
2:17the person here grew up racing and never
2:20had the resources to be able to go do it
2:22on his own so he taught you know I’m
2:23gonna work hard so that I can make sure
2:25that my son doesn’t have that same
2:27sure i fortunately battled a lot of
2:30depression i think a lot of it was from
2:32the things that I feel my body with and
2:35the different hormone levels that I had
2:36a young age that don’t support by the
2:39but i was eating so at seven
2:41I wrote my first suicide letter so that
2:44was a pretty intense wow you remember
2:47all struggle that suits your I totally
2:51remember all of it
2:52wow that’s an infant they’re basically
2:57what happened was I yeah I had ups and
3:01downs and came across it was the number
3:03one thing I wanted to do I didn’t think
3:04about school didn’t think about work or
3:06never thought I’d have a job is this
3:09when I was 12 years old and it was a
3:11lawn mowing and weed whacking business
3:13and that’s because my dad always told me
3:15that if you lost everything always
3:17McNeil this is always be able to come
3:21back just with a weed whacker a lot more
3:23right now because he got them build
3:24business and so I did have some
3:27aspirations this but ultimately it was
3:30all about the motocross and i still
3:32remember this moment though I was in a
3:34very vulnerable time I would was like
3:36you know 13 years old be the best and
3:38was trying to express to my dad I want
3:40to be the best you know you just picture
3:41a little kid like trying to convince his
3:44dad that come on let’s go all out and
3:46all that right i remember my dad through
3:50the kitchen was behind him and I was
3:52walking as time i wanna be the best want
3:54to be the best and he opens the garage
3:56to go to the back or step down the steps
3:58in the garage and he tells I say dad I
4:01want to be the best we need to push
4:04I want a quick on a school law and he
4:07turns around and tells me you’ll never
4:08be the best and crushed me
4:11oh and that’s when everything went
4:12downhill for me I didn’t talk to my dad
4:13for two-and-a-half year way I gave up on
4:15everything like my only passion in life
4:17i missed the window of success for that
4:19and I gained 60 pounds and saw how
4:21direct formats how I viewed myself and
4:24how I view the world so on the bright
4:27that all changed quickly with a ba the
4:30kingdom oh and here another workout plan
4:33and execute on that as hard as I could
4:35at 17 years old lost 60 pounds oh well
4:37thats started by journey of look health
4:41nutrition and learning how it actually
4:44optimize his performance and also
4:46confidence and how you view yourself so
4:49that’s kind of the beginning when
4:50everything started
4:52Nicholas let me ask or so your dad like
4:53why they say that to did you ever like
4:55years later asked him about her driver
4:57like what was the reason he said that
4:59you know I’m it is a tough subject right
5:02because you know what the billionaire
5:04body and demand i speaking all over the
5:06world now I’m always gonna talk about
5:08that because he doesn’t know that I
5:09share that with everyone
5:10okay talk about a little bit yeah and
5:12and basically hurt millions of times now
5:16so but he still doesn’t know for sure
5:18but we have talked about and he said you
5:20know he meant it on any given day is
5:24going to be someone you can beat you
5:25and so if you’re only aspiration is to
5:28be the best you’re going to be really
5:30the majority of your life here and have
5:31a few days that you’re happy
5:33yeah that was more than english trying
5:35to hit but when i heard it was a chance
5:37for me to shut off and run away and give
5:40yeah yeah you know it’s funny ideas
5:42about funny but years when I was in
5:44college I started college fairly young
5:45and I ran into oh my i was 16 and the
5:49first few months was like Party Central
5:50and I didn’t study was going pre-med it
5:53was just party party party and I failed
5:55all my first test and so I said what am
5:58I gonna do you know so i went to like
5:59one of the dean of students to get their
6:01advice and the guy looked at me and he
6:02said look he goes you’re not gonna make
6:05it goes just give up right now because I
6:06don’t need you coming here crying to me
6:08in three years or four years saying that
6:10you didn’t get in and I remember that
6:13moment and it just like time stopped and
6:16I said you know what I’m gonna actually
6:18use this moment to sort of just study
6:21harder than anybody ever did and
6:23projected I’m coming back and I’m gonna
6:25tell this rat bastard you don’t like
6:27years down the road that I made it and I
6:31used it as an instant
6:32racial thing and I but it did it threw
6:34me into a depression for for a while
6:37myself so do you feel that really
6:39looking back on it now it actually was a
6:41positive influence to him all absolutely
6:46that’s why i said i’m extremely grateful
6:47for all of it because of that i was able
6:49to learn all about what it now just the
6:54behind it how you gain and lose it I got
6:57to see what it was like to get made fun
6:59of and I always have a quote that I was
7:01like to say that brush it exposes
7:05weakness it doesn’t create it because
7:07there’s a pipe its bill to withhold
7:09pressure and the point that the past i
7:11burst is the point a pipe the pipe was
7:15into faulty just had a big point and the
7:17pressure exposed the weakest part of the
7:19pipe and so now I like to think that
7:22with our cells and I was already a
7:23problem for me and I’m so clip grateful
7:25that I got to go through those problems
7:26early and then through the process of
7:28feeling and looking better and and
7:31investing in my thing got us to go out
7:33there actually start helping other
7:35people do the same things helping
7:36entrepreneurs that maybe you’re working
7:39way too hard and their health help them
7:42optimize their health or performance in
7:44their business help them have better
7:45relationships and ultimately enjoy life
7:47better right
7:49it’s like who are you focusing on so
7:51you’re focusing on men and your focus on
7:52entrepreneurs and what age group like
7:54who is your target public if you would
7:56absolutely so we were computer 2240 I
8:01like to work with younger people there’s
8:03lots of people just like myself out
8:04there that they’re motivated can see
8:07creepy i grow the large companies that
8:10affect and impact the world and so I’m
8:12catching them either after they started
8:14that or right before that happens and so
8:17I we work with both those but generally
8:18it’s the people that are going to go out
8:19there make a larger same impact if I can
8:21help these guys let’s be the best they
8:25can be advocating impact hundreds maybe
8:28thousands maybe millions more people and
8:30I get to be a part of that you know what
8:31a great view point let me so when you
8:33first like so you said you were
8:34overweight so you start like what was
8:36the like what was the changing point
8:39like what was the point we said I’ve got
8:40to get in better shape i’ve got to do it
8:41and then what were the first steps that
8:43you did like were the very first things
8:45like that for
8:45today that you made that decision to go
8:47to the gym that you what did you do from
8:50that point forward you know that’s a
8:52really good question
8:53the thing which means i was always
8:55motivated even when i gave up on
8:57motocross go into video games and was
8:58like I’m gonna be the best in the world
9:00at this video game and you don’t want to
9:03know the time that I spent on it so
9:04basically always motivated and I told
9:07you the boxer came to the school and he
9:09pulled out a bag of fruit and I was like
9:11why are you eating fruit came across my
9:13mind like that was really putting myself
9:15out there because people jabbed me so
9:17hard for being overweight you have no
9:19and so the fruit and tells me by put me
9:24on a meal plan so that i can wait at the
9:25correct way to that I can fight and all
9:27the sudden some click I don’t know if it
9:29was just that unlocker the fact that you
9:31could just a plain know it’s like I knew
9:35exactly what to do is like the fog
9:36finally parted in the road and I could
9:38see the end and I was like oh my
9:40goodness and I just started like just
9:42making conscious decisions from that day
9:44forward on even the ones making mini
9:46corn dogs and potato skin was like I’m
9:49just not going to overeat all of them
9:50right and actually thing can be
9:52self-aware about the things that I’m
9:53putting in my body and try to do things
9:55now this is why I think coaches are so
9:57important it is i’d also sit there and
10:00only eat spinach raw for a whole meal
10:02and I wouldn’t even allow myself
10:03anything else on it and so I was
10:05starving myself I was doing things the
10:07wrong way didn’t know what do I actually
10:10have to do to get the result that I want
10:12and that’s why I’m doing what I’m doing
10:13today is make sure the people have the
10:16plan where they did to take at can be
10:18too it’s going to give them the results
10:20that they want to meet you call it a
10:22billion-dollar body why the
10:24billion-dollar body really great
10:27it’s because the value of your body if
10:29it there’s no value to put on it if i
10:30were to tell anyone who’s listening
10:32right now
10:33hey you know would you call for a
10:36billion dollars you know you just felt
10:38like crap every day we had to be in a
10:39wheelchair every day you would you give
10:41that up and they would say now so
10:43ultimately waste priceless says most of
10:45the people would say and so when we look
10:47at that we go wow something that’s
10:49priceless that’s the most important
10:51thing to me that likes to every thing
10:53was given to me for free i was born with
10:57this body this thing that’s why too
10:59hard for people to actually make that
11:00investment is because they’re not paying
11:02them a payment on their body not knowing
11:06that my goodness this has so much value
11:08I’m forsaking the very thing that I
11:10loves so much so much value for 26 and
11:13miss your work or whatever it is that
11:16they’re trying to do the billion-dollar
11:17body is going one we work with
11:19high-level people that want to achieve
11:22high thanks to the US billion they want
11:25to look and feel like a billion bucks
11:27not a million bucks but also the fact
11:29that you’re somebody’s I was so much i
11:31was gonna say i was thinking about
11:32starting a company called the
11:33trillion-dollar body i hope you don’t
11:35mind I was just gonna jump right ahead
11:37with ya
11:38hey there just like this such a small
11:40amount of those man I’m time that is
11:42definitely too low for people now but
11:45billions of the sweet spot right now but
11:47maybe in 20 years I think
11:49trillion-dollar body but i’m pretty sure
11:51i already own it so well you know i love
11:53what you say what you say like that a
11:54lot of times we don’t appreciate the
11:56things that we have right we’re always
11:57sort of looking at oh my god i want to
11:59do this I want but you start to
12:01appreciate like what God gave you what
12:04your potential is what all these
12:05different things and your body like you
12:07know for myself to I’ve been there’s
12:09been times when I’ve been out of shape
12:10you know I always I sort of rain fell
12:13into a routine where I would lift for
12:15about six months I would injure my left
12:18I would stop working out for about a
12:19year and I wit this one on for years I’m
12:2254 and it’s probably gone on since I was
12:24in my twenties and I finally realized
12:27hey schmuck you know meet you just don’t
12:29have a lift
12:30maybe you don’t have to work out and
12:31about a year ago i actually like started
12:33really studying at myself and I have had
12:35no injury so it is funny that you know
12:38just having a coach having somebody that
12:40can show your having some knowledge can
12:42can allow you to take this asset that
12:44you because God’s given you and take it
12:46to that billion-dollar body so very well
12:48done certain putting this whole thing
12:50I appreciate that man
12:54I’m you know will be affecting a hundred
12:56thousand men in the next 12 months and
12:57so why the fact that will have that many
12:59people go into her programs and you know
13:02and brag but it’s just show that these
13:06men are really residing with what’s
13:07going on
13:08I’ve trained 530 of our 10 coaching
13:11Wow pay for that one involved and we
13:13have a hundred percent success rate with
13:16people leaving with more energy closer
13:20to their goal because people too huh
13:23five pounds so not everyone does that in
13:26six months obviously but they’re all
13:29getting the results that there and so
13:32we’ve had no drop-offs we only had one
13:33person ever drop out of our program so
13:35wow you know that’s unheard of when it
13:37comes to you how 30 person first and
13:41thirty-five percent of people drop out
13:43of Health Program and they go to next
13:45one and only have one in 530 is
13:47definitely a blessing for us because
13:49what to be for that that’s amazing what
13:51walk me through a little bit of the
13:52coaching process and like do the people
13:54do they say here’s my goal and then you
13:56work out like how does that work out of
13:59a somebody approached you with out how
14:00the whole process our man he’s trying to
14:02pull out the secret sauce that’s kind of
14:04pull out the secret self ultimately what
14:07we found announced that if you can’t i
14:09turn on investment and that’s just what
14:12we call it for business people but if
14:15you can get more out of something in
14:16what you put into it you’re you’re happy
14:19nobody gets to go live for free without
14:21investing in their health and their
14:22message and now or later
14:24and so basically when it comes down to
14:26it I can show that the things that they
14:28care about the most are impacted by them
14:31investing in themselves in their health
14:32then all the sudden there’s a big value
14:35on doing it because this is something
14:37real quick I’m not gonna tell all the
14:38tactics that we have because it’s very
14:40special and people paid such a high
14:42price for it and I’m and not the it not
14:45such a high price but valued but this is
14:47the best thing ever tell every listener
14:49on here and email me at support at the
14:52billion-dollar body if you deserve this
14:56but if I were to tell you I’ll give you
14:58ten million dollars over ten years 85
15:00grand a month on our around there if you
15:03just follow how to drink water
15:06how to sleep how to eat and exercise
15:08it’s not gonna be more than one hour of
15:09exercises today ever would you do it and
15:13even then we’ll have for me if I gave
15:15you my random on absolutely do it for 16
15:18hey you do 465 great i do for cheese i
15:23do it for great
15:24and I mean right because i do it for 10
15:26grand a year like everybody just people
15:28would do it for any little price and
15:30realizing that value want all the sudden
15:32now they think they’re getting something
15:34out of it and it becomes really easy to
15:36make the decision to make it a priority
15:37every single day so we are going to get
15:40than that it becomes really easy to take
15:44action on the simple things because just
15:46real quick the five physical attributes
15:48of health that I people execute on it
15:51and it’s in this order is breathing
15:53drinking sleeping eating and then
15:56exercise everyone does it the opposite
15:59and then I know I need to eat healthy
16:01and then they’re like I needed to get
16:02more sleep and then they don’t really
16:04think about breathing or drinking water
16:05it’s not there like that’s not going to
16:06be the thing that’s gonna give me
16:08results so why would I focus on that we
16:11do it the opposite and I think that’s a
16:12big key to why everyone’s getting such
16:14great results
16:15wow that’s pretty heavy duty i mean if i
16:17want to save you in your mind like
16:19what’s the most important aspect to
16:21health is that it does that summarize it
16:23it’s a physical thing that you do i’m
16:27getting this number 1 absolutely and I
16:30can’t even prove it and try holding your
16:33breath for five minutes let me know how
16:34it goes i’m gonna start right out just
16:36like that
16:37yeah sorry Dan to get the show always
16:41understand absolutely as absolutely but
16:44you’ve gone more than five minutes to
16:45that drinking water probably stuff and
16:48you’ve definitely got more minutes
16:49without sleeping and you can definitely
16:51go over 40 days without eating and you
16:53can go a whole life of living without
16:54exercise yes you might not enjoy it as
16:56much stuff and automatically Bart built
16:59to show us what is the most important
17:01thing to make sure I mean you detox
17:03around seventy percent of your water
17:05just from your breath so but if you’re
17:08not breathing correctly or not breathing
17:10as much that’s how you’re detoxing right
17:13I’m so it just already shown to you
17:14playing it in plain sight beautiful your
17:17brother died
17:18yeah so you know obviously a little bit
17:21maybe more than that maybe less than
17:22that for some of us listening like five
17:24minutes 2 minutes on out so yeah I would
17:27say the mind is everything because like
17:30we talked about before the show
17:31that’s the right plan for you is the
17:33plan that you can do the plan and it’s
17:35the best for you is the one that you
17:37actually it’s not getting the plan it’s
17:40not knowing the information it’s
17:42actually applying the information to get
17:44the result from mindset is the only
17:46thing that’s gonna give you a public
17:47when it comes application breath is
17:50number one
17:51wow you know that’s oh that’s incredible
17:54I mean I i I’ve got a table even in
17:56terms of just for myself you know I’m
17:58trying to like lose the gut you know
18:00what I’ve been like said the last year
18:01really working out and pushing myself
18:03and my wife keeps telling me you’ve got
18:05to drink more water and I keep blowing
18:07her off but i also think that’s probably
18:09something I’m gonna have to admit that
18:10she was right about as well it’s not
18:13looking so years ago I remember working
18:15out had a gold’s gym you know I was
18:17young I was probably in my twenties and
18:19this old guy walks in and he had the
18:22face of a seven-year-old guy but when he
18:24took his shirt off right
18:26he could have been 20 years old he was a
18:28monster and I always think about that I
18:30always thought maybe you know we don’t
18:32really age as much as we think we do I
18:35mean what’s your thoughts on that I mean
18:36just like in terms of the aging process
18:38and and what you teach
18:40yeah absolutely i mean it’s so true when
18:44it comes to be don’t use it you lose I
18:48I’ve never received and get stronger
18:50being in a cast and you probably tell me
18:52a little bit more about that because i’m
18:54sure you’ve seen a lot more people in
18:55cats and I have great
18:56I’ve never seen anyone row or get
19:00stronger so a lot of people get scared
19:01that if I workout too much if I move too
19:04much if I strain my eyes too much I’ve
19:06never seen any more anyone is get
19:09glasses on so ultimately I know that
19:12it’s not the person preservation of body
19:15in LA I that keeps us young thang or
19:18where it’s the actual use of those
19:21different gifts that we’ve been given
19:22from hearing to be seeing to do moving
19:26that keeps in move and so it’s obvious
19:31that if you don’t use it you lose it you
19:32know you start wearing glasses now
19:33you’re gonna always have to wear glasses
19:34and and you will look at work
19:38kurla just it’s just the way it is so no
19:40matter what crutch you have in your life
19:42if it’s a walker and soon you’re gonna
19:44have horse posture there every single
19:46thing as a positive and a negative
19:50repercussion the repercussion you just
19:52have to weigh out which one is more
19:54powerful is this work that is then
19:58positive more powerful than the negative
20:01we already know that when frozen foods
20:02came out the nineteen fifties that made
20:04things a lot quicker
20:06that’s the pop all the summit an
20:08extremely unhealthy which was the
20:10negative if they knew the negative
20:11repercussions for the quick food then
20:13they would have never ever done it in
20:15the first place but they didn’t send
20:16them now it’s like Dhoni if you’re
20:17pregnant don’t go near microwave because
20:19I can really mess you up right and yet
20:21you’re eating the food from the
20:22microwave so you know that quick pics
20:25has an interview percussion and a
20:27positive because it is really quick and
20:29it does make things really really warm
20:30really fast but is that positive
20:33repercussion better than the negative
20:36repercussions so when it comes to moving
20:38when it comes to health you know if you
20:40don’t use it you lose it and so and the
20:43fact that if you’re not hurting your
20:44body can talk can but if you’re not
20:48hurting yourself anymore
20:49you always induce movement before
20:50atrophy you never want to get to add
20:52trophy if you give you can I away friday
20:56you want to make sure you keep those
20:58muscles activated and alive and so
21:00you’re not hurting this thing anymore
21:01obviously don’t wanna go try to use your
21:03broken arm at me that you use it you
21:06lose it but if you’re past the broken
21:08sister in the mending stage it’s not
21:10hurting anymore you want to strengthen
21:11up or else you’re going to atrophy and
21:13your body will just comment being using
21:16other parts of the body to stay alive if
21:18your body is built to survive you know
21:20it reminds when I was a kid I remember
21:21my dad saying that people are going to
21:23basically jet in generations to come
21:27over and have one finger gonna go from
21:29five fingers to one finger
21:30I said that we talk about is just to
21:32push a button because that’s all they’re
21:34gonna need to do go to the television
21:35question and it’s sort of what you’re
21:37saying it’s just let it atrophy
21:39so I’m Nicholas you know our show is
21:41about really looking at the holy grail
21:42of Health and trying to figure out the
21:44things to do so to two final questions
21:46for so what is what is the most
21:49important resource
21:50she would recommend for our listeners to
21:52go to improve their health or find out
21:55more about their health
21:57absolutely so one of the biggest things
22:00for me is like i said when i was 17 and
22:02I was motivated right so the time you’re
22:04growing but I was overweight so it’s a
22:06hard time for me and I just need a plan
22:09and so we created in this challenge for
22:12people to go in and get a plan that they
22:14can trust that they could do in 15 days
22:16that’s guaranteed to give them results
22:18and so that’s at the billion-dollar body
22:20calm / challenge and that’s where i
22:23would love people to go get connected
22:25and then on top of that we have a
22:27private facebook group that people can
22:30get in seeing where other salts and they
22:34can also ask questions and have twenty
22:35four seven support from a coach our
22:37coaches in that group and and again
22:39that’s the second resource because I not
22:42just having the plan you can let me know
22:44all the workouts and i’ll tell you the
22:46truth you really could Google and
22:48YouTube everything in the planet right
22:50now probably fire everything that teach
22:53but that’s not the key that’s not the
22:55Holy Grail the Holy Grail is how do you
22:57apply that things that you now and we
23:00perfected with the ability that group
23:03and that’s all for free to go the
23:04billion-dollar bodycon flash challenge
23:06check that out join the facebook group
23:07for free and that’s where we can connect
23:09more as well because that’s awesome and
23:11we’re gonna definitely send our our
23:13listeners they’re going to put a link to
23:14that on the bottom and stuff but is was
23:18at the best place for listeners can find
23:19out about you
23:20it’s a great place for them to be able
23:24to help themselves but on top of that
23:26the billion-dollar body on facebook it’s
23:28just slash billion-dollar
23:30body and that’s a great place to start
23:33seeing more content how do you get tips
23:36on you know what supplements are the
23:37best on a budget right if you’re just
23:40trying to get the exported the things
23:42that are going to move the needle the
23:43most when it comes to the best workouts
23:45foods that you eat when you travel food
23:47to the ue the order form from restaurant
23:49so tends to actually live a lifestyle of
23:54looking and feeling like a million bucks
23:55and so we make sure that you don’t have
23:57to go into the research you don’t have
23:59to guess pick and choose none of that we
24:02paleo backgrounds from traditional
24:05bodybuilding backgrounds all these
24:06different things coming together to make
24:08the best plan we have ph man’s and
24:12naturopathic doctors and everything like
24:13that that helped create plans to make
24:16them the best so that you don’t have to
24:17second guess one question you know it
24:20was what you said about like just you
24:22know you can get random bits of
24:23information from different places but
24:25what I find is that you i read books and
24:27I get little ideas but really what I’m
24:28looking for systems because when you get
24:30somebody that’s actually taking those
24:32random ideas and systematized you’ve got
24:35brilliant you’ve got something that you
24:36can actually follow to a result in a
24:39product and it sounds like that’s
24:40exactly what you did and very well done
24:43sir that’s awesome and then I Nicholas
24:45barely barely i want to thank you so
24:47much sir for being on our show
24:49it’s really greatly appreciated my
24:51listeners are going to do a great deal
24:52out of this and i’m sure a lot of them
24:54are going to follow up with you
24:55absolutely man and for everyone is
24:59thank you so much I really every single
25:02one of you and you know i’m looking
25:04forward to connecting on the other side
25:05I always make time for a lot of people
25:07that come from shows like Dan’s in and
25:09it’s just a great commute the anyone
25:11who’s connected to him are people that
25:13are friends of ours so make sure to
25:15reach out and that will do everything we
25:16can for you
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