Yuri Elkaim is a nutrition, fitness, and fat loss expert and the NYT bestselling author of The All-Day Energy Diet and The All-Day Fat Burning Diet.

A former professional soccer player turned health crusader, he’s most famous for helping people who’ve tried everything to lose weight and get in great shape, with little success, finally achieve breakthrough results.

Yuri is on a mission to empower 10 million people to greater health by 2018 by making fit and healthy simple again.

  • Two green drinks a day will start to change your body immediately!
  • Why green drinks and vegetables are so important
  • How to test your body’s alkaline/acidity level
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0:00take back your health now episode nine
0:05you’re listening to the take back your
0:07health now podcast the show that
0:09interviews the top doctors athletes
0:11trainers and entrepreneurs to help you
0:14find the holy grail of health now here’s
0:17your host dr. dan Margolin is doctor Dan
0:26Margolin with another segment of take
0:29back your health now where we pull out
0:31all the stops and search of Health’s
0:32holy grail we’re really excited about
0:34our guest today mr. Yuri l came is a
0:38nutrition fitness & fat loss expert and
0:40the use of New York Times bestselling
0:42author of the all day energy diet and
0:44the all-day fat burning diet a former
0:47professional soccer player turned health
0:49Crusader he’s most famous for helping
0:51people who tried everything to lose
0:53weight and get in great shape with
0:55little success finally achieve a
0:57breakthrough results ureas on a mission
0:59to empower 10 million people to greater
1:03health by 2018 by making fit and healthy
1:07simple again i love that very welcome to
1:09the show sir it’s great to be heard and
1:12instruct me on your welcome sir sorry
1:15your you got a pretty life-changing
1:16event 17 for all your hair fell out over
1:19a matter of weeks to start you on a bit
1:21of a journey to find answers and health
1:23that that’s crazy what was that like
1:26what happened tell us about that yeah so
1:30this wasn’t like male pattern baldness
1:31already fact that this is something else
1:33so when I was growing up I basically was
1:38you know subjected to a diet that was
1:40less than healthy basically standard
1:42American and a lot of a lot of junction
1:43and very few fresh foods and I didn’t
1:48realize at the time that was part of the
1:50problem behind all this wide like really
1:51bad example really bad asthma digestive
1:53issues and very low energy keeps my
1:56attention that stuff because i was
1:58playing soccer at a very competitive
2:00level 15 as you know just kind of
2:02running off and my body settle cable
2:05we’re gonna send you who is stronger
2:06signal if you don’t pay attention to
2:09those signs
2:10and so just before the 17 I started
2:12losing my hair and his business six
2:15weeks i lost all the arrow my head
2:16eyebrows eyelash my body and damp so
2:20that was interesting and my doctor busy
2:22said I had an autoimmune condition
2:24called alopecia where the twosome attack
2:27and other than that had no real you know
2:32advice on what to do other than judgment
2:33of cortisone so that kind of led me down
2:36this path the trying to figure out what
2:38was going on and how we can get to the
2:40root of the problem and then hopefully
2:41solve it
2:42well what like it’s just a little more
2:44in your diet won’t worry like what we
2:45generally eating prior to like chocolate
2:47chocolate candy sugar so do those kind
2:50of things or was that part of the diet
2:52because it was like microwave dinners
2:54have a little grilled cheese sandwiches
2:56every day after school hot dogs pizza a
3:00lot of a lot of fast food because my
3:02brother are both playing soccer so we’re
3:03I would for five nights a week so you
3:06know it went on like that for dinner at
3:09the compressor and the healthiest food
3:11places and your brother suffer from
3:13anything like that as well or anybody
3:14else anybody else in the family ever had
3:17no no one in my in my venture that i’m
3:22aware of has ever had alopecia which was
3:23interesting my brother actually had
3:25weight issues growing up so he kind of
3:28grew into that we have started working
3:29together in our early start in our mid
3:32twenties and you know I think having him
3:36work helping him lose the weight because
3:38he grew up fairly heavy
3:39yeah and so I think you know food
3:41choices can affect people differently
3:43and then Mike is it kind of my music
3:46made wire in his case it led to you know
3:49put on a bit more weights and yeah so
3:53well now you you actually you played
3:55from pretty much professional soccer
3:57like with all these kind of health
3:59issues before you know finding out more
4:02about nutritional was that like I mean
4:03they were you once they hit when she
4:05lost her hair did you immediately jump
4:08into learning more about nutrition or
4:09was there a process where it took
4:11several years or how was that like
4:13always that
4:14yeah seems like it was a bit of an
4:17eight-year process that was overlap with
4:19a lot of different things so I am aren’t
4:22I went to university actually my agent
4:24Walker opportunity to play over in in
4:28France with one of the top clubs and I
4:30told him I wanted to do my university
4:31degree first so i went to school and
4:34just geology and Sciences University
4:36trono so I did that during that time I
4:40didn’t learn anything about nutrition so
4:43had a lot of blood and athletic
4:44conditioning and how the body works and
4:46physiology but nothing about nutrition
4:48which is kind of surprising so I played
4:51two years professionally while i was in
4:52school locally in strano and then when I
4:56was finished my degree I went over to
4:57France to play even during that time I
5:00remember was in France I mean I would go
5:01get it back at every single day as
5:03having chocolate crepes games like doner
5:07kebabs and fries after it’s like it was
5:09like I was like really clueless and only
5:12think back now look you know how to know
5:14how this stuff back then how much more
5:16effective i would have been from
5:18especially from a recovery standpoint
5:20because i was a really big issue as it
5:21has an athlete is recovering effectively
5:23from all the training games but anyways
5:26I decided to
5:29hang up my boots when I was it was just
5:31about 25 and I came back the trommel and
5:34I just something that I need this world
5:37then play soccer and so very quickly
5:39actually through a weird series of
5:40events i was introduced to a natural
5:42introduction school and trauma and I
5:44thought maybe this would be great and
5:45actually at the time previous to that
5:47was also training clients so while i was
5:48in school i was training clients in
5:51soccer professionally even those signs
5:53an amateur to maintain my status at the
5:56University and I thought okay going to
5:58this nutrition school could be
6:00interesting because it would help my
6:01clients not even thinking that this
6:02would really help me but it wasn’t so I
6:06asked shift for me because I started to
6:08learn about this about this thing called
6:10nutrition and his whole world of of what
6:14that encompasses was blown away so very
6:16quickly i started adopting when i was
6:18learning for myself and had a lot more
6:21energy clean up all my health issues my
6:22hair started regrowing itself within the
6:24space once and i was like wow this is
6:27extremely powerful stuff I need to share
6:29this with more people and that was you
6:31know again like a whole good ate your
6:33journey from the time it you know my
6:35hair initially fell out sand to this
6:37point actually to this day my hair fell
6:39out again a couple years ago because i
6:42had regrown my hair but it took my the
6:45time who years old when your old to the
6:49doctor and wiser the doctor recommended
6:50i get a tetanus shot which I really
6:52didn’t need but I didn’t even question
6:54once again about my hair started falling
6:57out again because my immune system just
6:59one no-hitter against oh it’s one of
7:01those things where you know our program
7:03disorders the kind of you know you go
7:05through peace and troughs but at the
7:07other day I mean I feel great and I
7:09really i don’t really stress too much
7:11about there anymore because there’s no
7:13bigger fish to fry
7:14you will actually happy it’s really put
7:17me on a journey to help a lot of people
7:17and I’m i believe that’s the nice part
7:19is that i’m here and that you know my
7:22story is really helps other people who
7:25live there truth and kind of you know
7:27get into their rights and live a
7:29healthier life so it’s all it’s all for
7:31a reason we put a lot of focus on really
7:34simplify simplify the complex between
7:36fitness and nutrition and how like what
7:39does that look like how do you go about
7:40doing that well i think you know what i
7:44realized early on was that I don’t like
7:46going granular in terms of like you know
7:48this study showed this and there’s no
7:49specific results of the study i’m not
7:51one of those guys to go very deep on the
7:53specifics and details of a lot of stuff
7:55and the benefits of that is that I’m
7:58able to take a lot of that complexity
8:00and a lot of those details and simplify
8:02it so that bad in regular people stand
8:05it and so that’s what i’ve been told
8:06over and over again over the years there
8:08like you just make stuff simple i might
8:09be cool maybe this is really what i do
8:12yes I help people have energy burn kind
8:15of true things that I’m probably the
8:17best at but above and beyond that I’m
8:19not a level what I do is I i really get
8:21people better understanding of how their
8:23status up or just even from a nutrition
8:27perspective like how to really make
8:28things simple and you know maybe
8:30sometimes it’s too simple because people
8:31want like super specifics on a lot of
8:34things but I’m like honestly you know
8:36just be real food
8:37I mean that’s that’s that’s obviously a
8:38bad example but I i think people are
8:40overwhelmed already and they’re confused
8:42there’s so many different and so many
8:44foreign experts and different things and
8:47what I try to do is I just cut to the
8:49just cut to the principles and the
8:50fundamentals and I’m like listen it
8:52doesn’t matter was so-and-so says or
8:55song says she was kind of what’s
8:57happening in your body and if you
8:58understand this hopefully will make
8:59better decisions based on knowing how
9:02those decisions impact is the problem
9:04so that’s you know when I talk about
9:06empowering people i really believe that
9:07you know we’re not talking about in
9:10school ever and I you know I really
9:12believe that we should be you know where
9:14people think those people know more
9:16about their cars gonna do about their
9:17own body and we don’t have an owner’s
9:19manual for how the body operates so i
9:21tried to really give people better
9:22understand why do you think they don’t
9:24teach that why do you think they don’t
9:26teach that in school I i honestly have
9:29no idea to be honest I mean I think
9:30there’s more emphasis on math and
9:32science which my runner is is kind of a
9:34human body i don’t know i mean if you
9:37look at the two areas that we suffer
9:38with the most as a culture other than
9:40relationships will look at health and
9:43find this these are things that were not
9:44taught at all in school until we
9:47elect to take the Union University which
9:49again is you know maybe not as
9:51applicable that could be the individual
9:53to do their own investigation their own
9:55you know kind of digging and again it’s
9:58a very confusing world out there I mean
10:00you read ten blog you know so yeah I try
10:02to tell people like listener you know
10:04whoever you’re following just follow
10:06them stick with one you know gue Mary
10:11and if that works for you that’s great
10:13otherwise it becomes very confusing and
10:14earring showing the typical person is
10:16coming to you right
10:17what’s the watch the presentation of the
10:20overweight or they like going to come to
10:22yeah i mean i don’t see find the person
10:26anymore I stopped doing about 10 years
10:27ago but for the people that we serve
10:28online that the vast majority of them
10:30are women between 40 and 55 we’re
10:33dealing with hormone issues one more
10:34energy rabbit I’m losing weight and it’s
10:37a very similar type of individual time
10:40and time again and unfortunately we’re
10:44realizing is that a lot of these women
10:46and men and lack the patience or the
10:50time to do what they’re supposed to what
10:53we know they should be doing and that
10:56that becomes a little bit frustrated
10:57because you don’t know when you come
10:58from a place where you really want to
10:59empower people with the right knowledge
11:01to take better control their health or
11:03you want to teach them how to fish as
11:04opposed to giving the fish it’s sometime
11:08look at this point the fish and that’s
11:10fine i mean we have the fish we can just
11:12give the fish as well but I think in
11:13terms of really serving people and and
11:16really allowing them to take better
11:17control sheet it definitely is helpful
11:20when they can understand how they can
11:21you know take small actions on a daily
11:23basis as opposed to just you know
11:24popping excel or you know taking shape
11:27also that typically you know the the
11:30Avatar the demographic that we serve so
11:33sometimes you get you get people that
11:34are coming to you saying that they they
11:35won’t help when they’re actually don’t
11:37want help me want to kill or something
11:38that would be very quickly not willing
11:40to really sort of put out what’s needed
11:41to get to get the results
11:43well I’m gonna be one help but they’re
11:45not willing to do the work a lot of time
11:47it seems like our whole societies sort
11:50of gone that way right just give me a
11:51quick fix it all along that line so in
11:54terms of like quick fixes and things
11:56like that
11:57vitamins you know supplements
11:59how how important are those and I’ve
12:02seen reports and things that’s a lot of
12:04the vegetables don’t have the minerals
12:07in them over the last 30 years they’re
12:08not growing with the minerals that we
12:10used to get so even when we are reading
12:12some of the vegetables were not actually
12:13getting the things that are grandparents
12:15actually we’re getting from those
12:16visuals that true that
12:19sure yeah there’s definitely a good
12:23amount of research behind that you know
12:25based on farming practices is depleted
12:27its variety a mineral density or vitamin
12:30density or micronutrients seen a lot of
12:31our foods so i think a better very basic
12:34level is very honest most people not
12:36getting out of for the recommended
12:39amount of 5 to 10 servings of vegetables
12:40improved every single day and even if
12:42they are they’re not getting the full
12:44spectrum of nutrients step you know
12:46there’s 50 years ago with that said you
12:50know we know based on the research that
12:52body absorbs nutrients from food a lot
12:54more effectively and some compliments
12:56you want to be looking for a whole food
12:58based supplement so a multivitamin is
13:01very dif depend on how its produced and
13:04that is sourced from whole foods that is
13:07a very dif kind of a different if you
13:13would inside the body then a synthetic
13:15multivitamin so for instance that you’re
13:18looking at label you are looking at
13:19things like the ingredients would be
13:21coming vitamin C from a whole food
13:23source would be coming from acerola
13:26cherries or citrus fruit a lot of times
13:29that’s a good from true master
13:32militaries in a synthetic vitamin you’re
13:34going to be seeing vitamin c as ascorbic
13:35acid and its core workout us it is one
13:38element of the vitamin-c complex Scott
13:40saying the roof on your house is the
13:43same as your house
13:44wow it’s not it’s one component of
13:46vitamin c and that’s why synthetics are
13:48not as effective
13:49so if you are going to get a supplement
13:51the the clerk at the health food store
13:53after buying them online look for a
13:55whole foods like a whole food like from
13:58foods supplements in order another thing
14:01you should look for is when you look at
14:03the serving size a synthetic vitamin
14:06like a multivitamin will usually be one
14:07sterling one capsule from a whole food
14:09source for you
14:10looking at 326 capsules per day
14:13Wow tryout whole food source soso
14:16justjust say that one more time you said
14:18so you’re saying that when you’re
14:19looking at something synthetic it’s
14:20gonna say just take one tablet today
14:22when you’re looking from a whole food
14:24it’s usually it is usually going to be
14:26broken out what a great and for people
14:29listening to this I mean that you know
14:31you’re one of these were really
14:33searching for here is sort of the holy
14:35grail of Health and I know that that
14:37means different things for different
14:39what if i were to say to our post the
14:41question what would you say is the holy
14:44grail of Health for my listeners would
14:46advise her
14:48yeah i think if there’s one thing I
14:51would say that alkalinity so basically
14:53that means is is getting more greens
14:55into your body so what does from a green
14:57juice green smoothie adding more
14:59vegetables into your diet like literally
15:01that is the most powerful thing anybody
15:03can do to have more energy improved
15:04health and it’s not as appealing as you
15:08know a pill but it’s the most powerful
15:10in terms of the micro nutrient density
15:12are getting and everything else that
15:13comes with that
15:14did you find like things like eating red
15:17meat versus chicken vs. fish is that
15:20also make a big difference sure I think
15:23it depends on the on the purpose and
15:25some people better with red meat others
15:28with fish
15:29I think it really depends on you know
15:30what resonates best of their body and I
15:32think that comes down to trial and error
15:33so wide I mean ten not to put people in
15:37categories of like you know you’re vegan
15:39or Paley or whatever it’s really just a
15:40matter of like let’s just try a few
15:42things out
15:43let’s see what works best for you take a
15:45little bit of this little bit of that
15:47because what’s most important is is is
15:49an approach that you can sustain you
15:51know if you followed I for 10 days and
15:52lose some weight
15:53cool but it back on after the 10 days
15:57and there’s really no point in doing
15:58that so I think you really want to find
16:00an approach to eating that’s going to
16:02resonate with you that you can sustain
16:03for as long as possible when you start
16:06so let’s say you decide I’m going to
16:07start taking more vegetables and this
16:09when what I expect to see a result and
16:12what would that result initially look
16:16well it really depends on where you’re
16:18starting I tell people how you feel
16:20anything is how you feel everything so
16:22if you want to eat to have more energy
16:23to lose weight to prevent cancer heart
16:25disease it’s really the same for them or
16:28for most of us and when it comes to
16:32I’m togethers there’s a difference
16:34between in salad and green juice the
16:36green juice you’re going to find an
16:37immediate benefit from because you’ve
16:39removed the fiber and you’re literally
16:40getting like a liquid and feet and of
16:43those nutrients direct blood because
16:47your body doesn’t have to do any the
16:48digestion or the dealing with the fiber
16:50salads are great but obviously bodies
16:53for it harder to really rear for all
16:56that all that food so let’s say you’re
16:59somebody who is relatively unhealthy and
17:01we say okay listen we’re just going to
17:02have you drink too green for the next
17:05couple minutes you’re going to feel like
17:07literally instantly better in the space
17:10of one day and that’s the power of
17:12liquid duty passing without the
17:14digestive issues and when you’re getting
17:174 5 6 servings of vegetables in a glass
17:20and your base confusing that is true
17:23body and it’s it’s amazingly powerful
17:25and that’s why i tell people like listen
17:27you know there’s there’s actually
17:28studies have shown you can change the pH
17:30balance your blood food you’re eating
17:31within four hours so even if you had a
17:34terrible weekend food you can wake up
17:36one morning and say listen to me a
17:38better day and you can make some simple
17:40choice like having a green juice for
17:41green smoothie in the morning a healthy
17:43lunch and literally ship your physiology
17:46from a ph perspective which is very
17:48important for health very quickly so I
17:52also people might no matter how far gone
17:53you think you are the body is amazing
17:55resilience at coming back to life
17:58never give up hope because a couple
17:59simple ships can make a huge difference
18:01anyway we’re talking about alkalinity
18:03page what is the ideal patient what are
18:05most people where do you find the most
18:08of the time so I aren’t ideal ph and the
18:13blood is about 7.35 which basically
18:15means it’s slightly alkaline so seven is
18:18neutral 14 is the most alkaline 0 is
18:20very acidic
18:22most people are slightly less than that
18:24which means that they’re a little bit
18:25less acidic or less alkaline and they
18:27should and what was the problem there
18:29that the blood needs to be my ideal
18:31alkaline range for all of our red blood
18:35cells to move around billion the oxygen
18:38throughout our body and if our blood
18:40becomes a little more acidic those red
18:42blood cells actually have a tendency to
18:43stick together and when that happens the
18:47blood becomes a little more sluggish
18:49it’s almost like driving in rush hour
18:50versus you know on a highway two in the
18:52morning so far our blood is sluggish in
18:55the sergeant we’re going to feel that
18:57way as well
18:57everything is that we can simply make a
18:59couple shifts in our diet by eating more
19:01of these alkaline foods vegetables and
19:04fruit and just really balancing that off
19:06from a lot of the acidic foods that we
19:08typically tend to eat which is a lot of
19:09processed foods lot of the dairy a lot
19:11of the be the animal products that tend
19:14to be more acid forming and we
19:16interviewed several guests and talk
19:17about just a the alkaline environment in
19:20cancer and how cancer cannot grow in
19:22alcohol in environments that are you
19:24find that with diseases that people like
19:26they get less sick because of that it’s
19:31huge 1931 dr. otto warburg was the first
19:34to show that cancer can only grow in an
19:36aerobics were sort of where there’s no
19:38oxygen acidic environments so cancer
19:41thrives on sugar so that’s why i say
19:43like you know approaching the all the
19:44energy diet was ok here’s the approach w
19:46energy in seven days is that dressing
19:48approaches the same protocol i would use
19:50somebody a cancer which is no more
19:53plant-based foods get more greens and
19:54get your juices in and obviously that’s
19:56not going to be the medical approach to
19:59cancer to the Western society but it’s
20:02amazing because you know when you look
20:05at the root cause of most disease it
20:07really comes down to a couple things and
20:11they’re all really interpret related we
20:13have toxicity we have acidosis and
20:15inflammation and each one of those kind
20:18of feeds into the other so the good
20:21thing is that when you eat a better
20:23quality buy it you tackle all three of
20:25those at once so if you’re getting more
20:26green and more vegetables more fruits
20:28your diet they’re all more alkaline and
20:32for the most part unless it were there
20:33as toxic than a lot of the other junk
20:35that we have in our food supply right
20:36from you know packaged food sources and
20:38so forth so when you equality foods
20:42it just happens that you have more
20:43energy the weight naturally falls off
20:46your skin clears up all these different
20:49strategic by-products happen and that’s
20:51why you know I often say listen doesn’t
20:53matter if you had a stroke or a heart
20:54attack or you’re dealing with cancer or
20:57you want to be the appropriate off very
20:59much the exact same great-great how
21:02would somebody check their alkalinity
21:04like how would they know where they were
21:06on that scale that you can before
21:07yes so simple ways if you have a unit pH
21:12testing kit at any drugstore you know a
21:14couple bucks and it’s tough to test your
21:17blood clear about what you want to do is
21:20you would test your saliva or urine and
21:23you know there’s basically a gradient or
21:25grade scale colors
21:28Elaan think show you if you’re this
21:30color you know this is the acidic range
21:32of those colors more rock line and what
21:34you want to do is basically just attach
21:35your slider you can do this on a daily
21:37basis to but i’m really wrap do unless
21:40you wanna become obsessive about this
21:41stuff which is you know not great but I
21:43think if you’re testing like once a week
21:45and just kind of tracking that over time
21:46for letting that the foods that are
21:50reading you can start to make some
21:51really cool associations and its really
21:54simple you take a piece of litmus paper
21:55put in time for a few seconds you just
21:58kind of correlate that with whatever
21:59colors on the testing kit and you want
22:01to be looking for with your saliva it’s
22:04going to be a little bit more acidic
22:05than your blood so it’s gonna be a
22:07revolving around the 6.5 range and
22:09that’s fine because the this alive is
22:10gonna be a little bit more i’ma sit in
22:12your blood and obviously with enduring
22:15as well it’s gonna be a little more sit
22:16within that kind of healthy range then
22:19you kind of know you’re on on the right
22:20path if you dip you know a lot lower
22:22than that then that becomes a bit of a
22:24warning sign
22:25so just say that last party so when
22:28you’re doing this celebrity you wanted
22:29about 6.5
22:31it’s going to hover between like 6.5 to
22:34seven for this lava ok and as a literary
22:36let’s review for the urine and that’s a
22:39good reaction to be okay great great
22:41well you’re you’ve got a single right
22:42your goal is to help a hundred million
22:44people by 2040 how do you see that
22:47taking shape
22:48I’ve got no idea i honestly don’t know
22:52that by taking one step at a time you
22:54know the doors will open and things will
22:55unfold and you know we’ve been to help
22:57close to a million people already huh
23:00I mean just my youtube videos alone have
23:02been seen by 23 million people so if i
23:04count that you know as part of the
23:05reason i like 20 people have that’s in
23:09some way been influenced by my by my
23:11information which is pretty amazing and
23:13and you know I you know opportunities
23:16present themselves have keep putting
23:18yourself out there keep doing the good
23:19work and people spread the word you keep
23:22kind of pushing and pushing the
23:23boundaries and things happen so I don’t
23:26know exactly how that’s going to happen
23:27I really focus on the long-term vision
23:29and the next 90 days that’s typically
23:31how I approach things and everything
23:33else kind of fills in overtime
23:35I I tell you what you’re wonderful i
23:37really appreciate being on the show if
23:39people want to learn more about you
23:41how would they get in touch with how
23:42they find out more about sir yeah the
23:45best place would blog which is your
23:48realtor.com were publishing really
23:50content there which is not really
23:51tremendous stuff and and if they want to
23:54follow my videos on youtube they can 12
23:56been real came on youtube and you’ll
23:58find me at like nine hundred videos i
24:00think so you’ll find pretty much
24:01everything I I know to be true with
24:04respect to nutrition and health and
24:06fitness and yeah so those are the two
24:08best places and then they can also
24:09follow our page on facebook as well
24:11there you are a wonderful guest I really
24:13appreciate you being on this show sir
24:15francis been a lot of fun down thank you
24:18you’re very welcome
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