Jonathan Horton is motivational speaker and American Olympic athlete. Jonathan competed in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, winning Silver and Bronze in Gymnastics.

He also competed in the 2011 Olympic Games in addition to being featured on American Ninja Warrior.

  • What is the level of competition in the Olympics like?
  • What level of fitness does it take to compete on the biggest stage?
  • What type of professionals should you be working with?
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0:00take back your health now episode 16
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0:19[Music] 0:22hi this is dr. dan Margolin with another
0:25episode of take back your health now
0:27when we pull out all the stops in search
0:29of Hell’s holy grill we are excited to
0:31have a mr. Jonathan Horton he is a
0:33motivational speaker and American
0:36Olympic athlete Jonathan competed in the
0:382008 beijing olympics winning silver and
0:41bronze engine in gymnastics
0:43he also competed in the 2011 olympic
0:46games in addition to being featured on
0:48American Ninja Warrior Jonathan welcome
0:51to the program thank you guys having
0:54appreciate it
0:54it’s awesome so John just give us some
0:56idea what physical mental preparation
0:58goes into being an Olympic athlete may
1:02have been turning looking west and you
1:05know there is a lot goes into wanting to
1:07be an Olympian
1:08I mean my dream kind of started when I
1:10was about 9 years old watching that
1:12piece takes a look at the game on TV and
1:14I decided that’s what I want to do and
1:16you know I was really I was really
1:18committed person I I trained hard it
1:21took a lot of pride in my work and you
1:24know say that a lot of my success came
1:27from really i was the most talented guy
1:30i would say most my success really came
1:32from just being able to grind it out
1:35I put in a lot of time and effort behind
1:36the scenes in terms of research and how
1:39much I learned about health nutrition
1:41and I no other types of training methods
1:45and you know i wish i was confident all
1:48in or or nothing kind of person right so
1:51you know I have a glee visual they
1:53believe in and intense planning so you
1:56know definitely a lot went into it and
1:59what were you as a kid but how did you
2:01get into just training in general and
2:03gymnastics as a kid were you naturally
2:05drawn to the other day a lot of stories
2:08like I started out for years old and I
2:11don’t actually remember the story my mom
2:13felt to me all the time but no she like
2:18the whole story but she lost me in the
2:21middle of our department store and I
2:25guess like 15 minutes she has the entire
2:27store searching for her little
2:29four-year-old son and the manager comes
2:31up to it that they man we spotted your
2:33son calm down he’s like look up
2:35apparently there was a support beam
2:38inevitable store or that was about 25
2:40feet tall and I climbed into the ceiling
2:42Oh God so my yeah my mom goes home and
2:49tell my dad about this story and he’s
2:51like wow or something free we should put
2:53in gymnastics or something so I you know
2:56the rest is history from there I got my
2:57start and I started competing when I was
2:59six and then like I said I really
3:01committed to doing was around nine years
3:03old you know even and I never
3:05everybody’s like wow you committed to be
3:07a 1.2 I was like yeah I mean that’s just
3:09super competitive guy knew what i wanted
3:11early on in life and you know I I feel
3:15like ideas gymnastics right you know I i
3:17did the club program and then I went to
3:19high school gymnastics and collegiate
3:21gymnastics and finally made the Olympic
3:22team so I never even another sport it
3:25was just it was a perfect fit for me
3:27from the beginning
3:28Wow when you like to look at a
3:30nine-year-old and say I committed fully
3:32that that is pretty intense my daughter
3:35is almost nine years old and it’s just
3:36like I almost can’t imagine that was
3:39there like what does that mean commit
3:41totally at that age wasn’t mentally me
3:44well I mean I i think it 19 or so you
3:47think about beating back to that kind of
3:50commitment on your life but you know I
3:53remember watching the women’s gymnastics
3:54team win the gold medal was inspired by
3:57an outbreak hey no gym is just one gold
3:59Olympics I’m a gymnast i can do that and
4:02so I you know it was it was just uh it
4:06was a sport that went off in my brain
4:07and from that point I was like I’m
4:10willing to do whatever it takes and I
4:12kind of opened my mind who my old
4:14teammates were telling me and you know I
4:16every now and then somebody would say
4:18well you know you’re you’re pretty
4:19talented kids if you do this you might
4:22be able to make the Olympics one day and
4:24I’m like okay well there’s no if ands or
4:25buts I’m going to do it and so I was
4:28just I was open-minded person to the
4:30process and I just you know I love the
4:35sport it was a challenge for me out and
4:37I was never that like i said i was never
4:38the best guy I didn’t win everything I
4:40went to I was always kind of the pack
4:43though and it was funny my dad
4:46you use a runner most his life you love
4:49to run and every pound i would run these
4:51like little kids one mile races and he’s
4:54to tell me don’t try to win the race
4:57from the beginning he said stay in the
4:59pack and it’s a very last second sprint
5:02to the finish the cg capacitor or not
5:04know and that always was kinda how I was
5:08in gymnastics I was never I never want
5:10everything then towards the end of my
5:12career as I’m sure that became a legion
5:14I sprint to the finish and i was able to
5:17do a lot of things that Jim the stream
5:19of that I’m very blessed to have been
5:21able to do well what a great what great
5:24advice from your dad right how much your
5:26parents you can play into your success
5:29the way they read you their advice
5:31well I mean I’ve my parents are a huge
5:33part of my career and they were there as
5:37just the perfect support system for me I
5:40I I do a lot of motivational speaking
5:43around the country corporately I go to
5:45different gyms and i work with the kids
5:46and the coaches and parents and i always
5:48get this question from parents they say
5:50what’s the ball important fitting that
5:54we can do for our son or daughter and I
5:57always they leave them alone because
6:00there’s so many parents that try to get
6:03super involved and tell their kids you
6:06need to be intentional football Claire
6:08do you need to go be a major league
6:09baseball player you need to do this easy
6:11that versus hey we are so happy that you
6:14found a sports that you love and we want
6:18to be here to support you but we’re
6:20never going to push and that’s what my
6:22mom and dad did for me were always there
6:24one hundred percent of time they went to
6:25my competition and they did everything
6:28they could for me but they never told me
6:30you have to go to the Olympics that was
6:32that came from within myself and that’s
6:35they give you the room to really sort of
6:37find out what you would you’re available
6:38where you wanted to go I mean I think
6:40it’s great
6:40created by that Aaron spent really um
6:44you know I remember there was i remember
6:45in the high school we had a gym teacher
6:47gymnastics teacher mr. nitrate he was 50
6:50years old and I could do an Iron Cross
6:52and I know you and I saw pictures of you
6:56on the Internet doing an Iron Cross
6:58me how hard is that to do everything
7:00looks just possible amazing on you know
7:03that skill I mean it’s an iconic skill
7:06in my sport everybody knows the iron
7:08drop with the arms out to the side right
7:10I one of those miserable skills in the
7:15sport of gymnastics
7:17um there’s nothing fun about doing an
7:18Iron Cross I had somebody came up to me
7:21the other day they were like hey we need
7:22to do to learn it out like don’t haha i
7:25was like well don’t because I you know
7:29I’ve had six major surgeries in the last
7:32five years I because its genetic rely on
7:36that I’ve had three foot surgeries and
7:38three shoulder surgery I had three my
7:41right shoulder rotator cuff super
7:44spinning advances cap and a full black
7:46hair and partial bicep care and then I
7:50had a full text care team brother going
7:53at the injury place and then also
7:55recently 10 months ago I should 11
7:58months ago now the reason I didn’t make
7:59three olympic team because my super
8:02sperm natives in my left shoulder
8:03completely ruptured all the way through
8:06when I was training power and uh you
8:09know I tell people also the foot injury
8:12had three surgeries to repair it was
8:15Frank and broken you know basically
8:17shattered bones from a badly out of ball
8:21well you know I’m actually pretty lucky
8:23I’m 31 years old and I’ve had a very
8:26long career in the sport of gymnastics
8:28most guys retire when they’re 21 22
8:32years old right out of college because
8:34their body can’t handle the sport
8:36anymore it’s just too brutal on the body
8:38oh I was able to the last really long
8:42time and I you know I really took care
8:44of myself I did you know everything that
8:46I could write most of the time but yeah
8:49you know just you know kind of textured
8:52but from time to time and so I think I
8:56went off on tangents Eric ever with the
8:58original question not going to talk
9:00about it not only minutes to just in
9:02terms of like I guess injury you
9:05obviously you do you lift weights or how
9:07do you prepare for the the strength part
9:10we talk about the Iron Cross and simple
9:12better their weight lifting it goes into
9:13it’s just not how it does yeah again now
9:17so I’m you know i’ll finish that
9:18question real quick with the actress you
9:20know it’s just step on the reason my
9:21shoulders got beat up for doing so many
9:23Iron Cross in inverted iron process
9:25where you’re upside-down doing anything
9:26on this but I mean brutal but in terms
9:29of getting ready for that we do zero
9:32weight weight training in gymnastics I
9:34really you know quite a yeah you know
9:38you find a gymnast from to minister to
9:40from time to time that will display
9:43thing on the side but we build our
9:46muscle our bulk everything comes from
9:48the amount of calisthenics work that we
9:50do a lot of push-ups and handstands
9:54handstand push-ups this and you know
9:56when your kid you start doing a lot of
9:58these skills on the ring with somebody
10:00holding you in the proper position until
10:03you slowly develop the strength to hold
10:07I mean it’s a long drawn-out process
10:09which is why you know people I’ve had
10:121335 girl guys come up to me and they
10:15hate it if you wait for me to start
10:17asking to meet one day sorry but yeah
10:19yeah yeah
10:22what would be ideally to storm it’s one
10:26of those sports that you have to start
10:27from your keys
10:28I you know I had a teammate college that
10:31started when he was 12 and it wasn’t too
10:34heated up by you know getting a full
10:36scholarship to University of Oklahoma
10:38and was an amazing gymnast but that’s
10:40pretty rare most people start anywhere
10:42from four to nine years old I would say
10:45wow well let me just so in terms of you
10:49sort of going about 10 years beyond
10:52where most people go in terms of
10:53gymnastics or your 3030 want what do you
10:56attribute that to
10:58and how does I guess nutrition to talk
11:01about like what you said that you and
11:02then has nutrition fitted with
11:06well i would say first there’s a little
11:09bit of a lot there’s some just as a
11:11genetic component to be laughing as long
11:13as I half i I’m only 5 foot 128 town and
11:19I’ve you know fairly light frame and
11:21strong and I was the most flexible guy
11:23but compared to your average person i’m
11:25fairly flexible and so it all had played
11:29its role in helping me I would also say
11:32in terms of nutrition and diet
11:34I what I wasn’t always like I am now I’m
11:37very focused on what I heat because it’s
11:39my body at this point and but when I
11:41when I was 16 17 18 years old I was I
11:46had that same attitude as every teenage
11:48guy I can do whatever I want
11:49it’s not gonna affect me right I you
11:52know I wouldn’t get I wouldn’t be in a
11:54it doesn’t matter if i was eating you
11:56know she’s be burritos for every single
11:59meal every day I wasn’t gonna gain
12:01weight i was going to perform by but
12:03when i turn 20 21 years old I felt a
12:06shift in my diet there i got the shift
12:09in my father and I you know I think a
12:12lot of the guys in the sport they
12:14continue to try to eat the ways that
12:16they were thinking they can survive
12:18whereas me soon as I felt my body tax
12:22change i became a step with my diet with
12:25my nutrition because I felt like I
12:27mediation and so I you know I I was very
12:32I’ve always you know from probably 21 22
12:34years old it’s on that very strict about
12:38what I put into myself I I’ve measured
12:40my food I way my food I keep up with how
12:43much water I put into my body every
12:45single day I try to eat four five six
12:48times a day depending on what I’m doing
12:49great for and so you know I didn’t want
12:53to think that I tell young Genesis if
12:55you want to be an Olympian monday
12:58I’m not going to guarantee that you can
12:59become a lesbian by becoming up step
13:01like I was but becoming obsessed will
13:04help you get closer and I had an
13:06obsession and I think that sometimes
13:08that word has a bad connotation to it
13:11awhile personal checks with something
13:13but you know I was pretty much willing
13:15to go the extra distance and do whatever
13:18needed to be done physically mentally
13:20you know nutritionally to get to the
13:23Olympics you know if you have this area
13:25as sort of a silly question is
13:27practicing what percentage of your
13:29ability to get to the Olympics was your
13:31mindset and what part of it was your
13:33genetics and your body what would you
13:35say that was
13:36oh man that’s a good final thing I’ve
13:38ever gotten that question before I
13:41almost want to say it right now so I
13:44felt people at the elite level and
13:47gymnastics it’s ninety percent mental
13:5010-percent physical but that is the
13:52elite level i would say it throughout my
13:54entire career
13:55[Music] 13:56it’s not too much different i would say
13:58i had got where I where I got because
14:0075% it came from from right here in my
14:03head where I told myself every i’m going
14:07to do more than anybody else to do
14:09things that other people are willing to
14:10do and you know because there were a lot
14:13of much more talented units that came
14:15through the sport at me but they didn’t
14:18have the mentality that I had by all
14:20what they 75.5 well you don’t have to
14:24say that and all the people that we’ve
14:26interviewed and stuff like that people
14:27have been very successful
14:29yes that is the answer they give it
14:30seems to be that you know that the the
14:32viewpoint and i think that the way the
14:35society’s obsession has gotten too bad
14:37so word usage has been taken the wrong
14:40way but the people that are actually
14:41successful are obsessed in their area
14:43and not in a bad way they’re actually
14:45competing and they’re having fun with it
14:47and they’re really actually winning with
14:48it so thank you for that answer
14:49appreciate prompt packing
14:52it’s got you know it’s it’s one thing I
14:56there’s a lot of great talented people
14:59in oral matches athletes but
15:00businesspeople salespeople and I think a
15:03lot of them they use their talents to
15:06rise and cheek and become better but
15:09it’s another thing to have
15:10changing that level of performance if
15:13you want your your talents to actually
15:15continue to thrive you have to be
15:18assessed what you’re doing because your
15:20town alone doesn’t keep you where you’re
15:21at because the rest of the world you
15:24gotta be hard on your back with your the
15:25best around the world wants to beat you
15:28so you have to be willing to do other
15:30things to maintain and let your talent
15:33continue to elevate because little
15:35incident so you are
15:36you’re at the best you’re the top elite
15:38right there’s going to be times when it
15:41does get you right how do you handle
15:43yourself work or maybe not maybe there
15:44has never has there ever been a time of
15:46self-doubt have you ever reached a point
15:47where you went
15:48I don’t know man has ever been that
15:51oh yeah I mean you know i’ll tell you
15:53want the probably the most important
15:56moment of my entire gymnastics career
15:57was when I saw I was the best like a guy
16:02was I have become overconfident
16:05super-cocky was that 20 years old i made
16:09my first world championship team and
16:11just masks the world championship its
16:14biggest the Olympics but if the years
16:17leading up to feel because we have three
16:18more championships than the Olympics
16:20ever before
16:21well in order to get you the one face
16:23for the first step you have to go
16:24through to make the world team so I make
16:26the world team i I’m like one of the
16:27best guys in the country is 20 years old
16:29I think I’m hot stuff and you know i
16:33just i got the competition and I didn’t
16:35realize you know how intense it was
16:39gonna be a nice completely bought I let
16:42my head it’s me i fell six times I let
16:45my team down completely and we ended up
16:49it has been historic moment for me
16:52because we finished in the worst place
16:54of any American team inactivation we
16:57finished 13 and I mean this is puking 62
17:00years for the Olympics and I I
17:03completely gotten myself out like wow I
17:05thought I was really good
17:06apparently I’m not as good as I thought
17:07I can’t handle pressure I just compete
17:10against the greatest students from
17:12around the world i completely Bob I let
17:15everyone down i let my country down and
17:17I don’t quit the sport i was in college
17:19and felt like I don’t want to do this
17:21anymore for lack of a better term i
17:24finally pull my head out of my rear end
17:25and you know I I recommit myself I
17:29figured out from the things that I was
17:31doing wrong and I you know started
17:33focusing on details a little bit more
17:36this is another thing that i sell a lot
17:38of young gymnast I call to champions
17:39track you become greatly become the
17:41elite and you forget about the little
17:44things you forget about the detail and
17:46coachability and you know
17:49gymnastics is for based on profession I
17:52got so good at gymnastics I started
17:54winning everything and start focusing on
17:56the perfection the pursuit of perfection
17:58and I’ve bombs and it really turn my
18:01career around it made me focus more and
18:04luckily two years
18:05later I redeem myself I made the Olympic
18:07team and we went from 13 to start and we
18:10want to bronze medal
18:11Wow when you say John when you say focus
18:14on the detail right what what what do
18:16you mean specifically but you don’t like
18:18in terms of working out harder or again
18:20is it the nutrition or the mental
18:23viewpoint and then how much when you’re
18:25an olympic-level how much is it on your
18:27body as far as exertion out like what’s
18:30that the level of training workout five
18:32hours a day three hours today with that
18:34yeah I want in terms of this detail i
18:38think it’s different for everybody
18:39regardless you know whatever people are
18:41doing it with you’re in if you’re in
18:43business or if you’re yeah whatever it
18:46is people do whatever profession dark
18:48there’s little things that help them get
18:51to where they are whether it’s the way
18:54they communicate with people and there’s
18:56skills that we learned growing up in
18:58gymnastics there’s a basic site and baby
19:01steps that we have to take to get what
19:03we want to go and I think it’s a lot of
19:07times especially for me in my sport i
19:09started learning these new routines i
19:11started learning all the skill and I
19:13became so good at what i was doing i
19:16start focusing on those beginning skills
19:18& basics and they slowly start to break
19:20down over high and so it’s a little
19:24thing like in genetics could have been
19:25on tour point you know you have to have
19:27your toes pointed
19:28well I learned this massive scale on the
19:29high bar and everybody goes through in
19:32AA and before you know it you’re not
19:34focusing on the toes anymore and so you
19:37get a small deduction there and somebody
19:40said hey you’re being deducted for that
19:42you’re like oh shoot I forgot i’m making
19:46mistakes and I didn’t realize that he
19:47can go back and baby steps the process
19:50and we’re going to basics again so you
19:53know it
19:53that’s one which mask so complicated you
19:56know not trying to get out baseball
19:58football basketball but it’s not just
20:00running throwing hitting a ball is
20:03running throwing fielding yourself and
20:05then also focusing on you know the balls
20:09flying through the air how pretty does
20:10that ball look prego
20:12you know you wanna tell me there’s so
20:15many details that go into it
20:17and you know the answer your second
20:19question the the in fact that the
20:22training and competition has uh you know
20:25that it’s uh there’s a tricky back out
20:27because one competition alone
20:29you only do 614 1814 last 60 to 90
20:33seconds but all the others routine it as
20:37much you know that can transport so it’s
20:40how much energy and force can be put
20:43into 60 seconds
20:44you know how much can you dessert and
20:46then it’s over and you’re like you run a
20:48marathon after everything arijit you’re
20:50just call and so that’s you know that’s
20:53why we train anywhere from four to six
20:56seven eight hours a day
20:58therefore that but you can’t always do
21:01that we have to take weeks where we do
21:03hardly anything becoming the gym we lay
21:05around on the floor we stretch we do
21:07foam rolling and Theravance stuff you
21:11know so it’s a it’s a delicate balance
21:12because you want to try to increase the
21:16longevity of the assets you all want to
21:19break them down too fast you don’t wanna
21:21peak too soon and luckily I have a coach
21:24that is a mess with the sport as me
21:26names Tom meadows he was actually the
21:28one that coaches for the olympic team in
21:302012 and he always did a great job
21:33helping me peek at the right moment
21:35well well look what honest that’s
21:38amazing but let me answer then when when
21:40you’re in these kind of situations and
21:42other also support like not only coaches
21:45but are there
21:46chiropractors are healthcare
21:47professionals who else works with unique
21:49from sports
21:51yeah so I’m i had one really cool
21:53connection that I used 668 years there’s
21:58actually a medical I don’t know I that
22:01it’s like a medical company here in
22:03houston texas right holder rafi never
22:06harass be I’m not know
22:08yeah so a rocky I’m rocky treatment is
22:11chiropractors that also specialize in
22:13soft tissue recovery and so I to see my
22:18roster doctor probably two three times a
22:22doctor named Brian gentle and having she
22:25put me back together all the time I
22:27you know have a strain of my bicep and
22:30you know it’s all about your special
22:32repair and things like that so i used to
22:35see him quite a bit i used to do a lot
22:37of like the foam rolling using across
22:39balls and things like that to roll outer
22:41areas my body I had a trainer that was
22:44super important for me a college and
22:46have a hands-on trainer after I left
22:49college but yeah I mean I know I’m the
22:51kind of person that I have something
22:52that I can use i’m going to use it
22:54whether it costs therapy or the Iraqi
22:57doctors you know it’s really important
22:59that recovery is just as important as
23:01train great and limited heard a story
23:04that you were more excited about your
23:06bronze medal then your silver medal is
23:10that for some reading that through was
23:12that story
23:14yeah so I’m you know everybody always
23:17wants to know about the silver medal and
23:19i’m still waiting for the gold medal
23:21I don’t know where that one is yes not
23:22well but the broad it missed a lot to me
23:26because you know we when a team was
23:28created in 2008 good machines we have
23:31this phenomenal kind of dream piece we
23:35have colin morgan hot twin brothers and
23:37it got two Olympics already and I
23:39everybody was really counting on those
23:41guys that lead us to to you know gold or
23:45silver or something like shoes that team
23:47as they had done in many many years and
23:49right before we go to Beijing both of
23:52them got hurt almost at the same time
23:54all broke his finger or broke his hand
23:57and Morgan broken ankle so all the
24:00sudden we’ve got this like reggae team
24:03with a we bring on to alternate at least
24:06bras boxcar are Alexander Artemis and
24:09none of us and everyone picks a bunch of
24:12us were part of the team no sticks they
24:14got 13 where i bombed and everybody else
24:16all over the place and you know the
24:19media and the rest of the world and
24:21coaches and athletes everybody was like
24:22well there goes in USA chances of
24:25winning anything you know in order to
24:28even get to the middle rounds of
24:30competition to be choppy people were
24:32counting about saying there was no way
24:33we were going to be topic we’re not
24:35going to get a chance to fight for metal
24:36so you know we kind of had this magical
24:39competition we caught fire that day and
24:41you know the camaraderie among the team
24:43and how much we care about each other
24:45really showed and when we you know we
24:48head out Germany we were right behind
24:50you can we all do you beat Japan when we
24:54did that I was just kind of like a here
24:57we are Team USA they just had like a
24:59phenomenal performance and when we sit
25:01on top of the metal podium I mean it
25:03felt like they were putting gold medal
25:04try are now well well very well done
25:07very well done so the week where do you
25:09see yourself like we’re what’s the
25:11future with the next five years and hold
25:13for you right now I my life pretty much
25:17involved around a traveling and speaking
25:19I am I discovered my my passion for
25:23standing up in front of a crowd and just
25:25sharing my story I love to
25:27because you know i’ll be travelling to
25:29local jams all in all year like i’ll be
25:31going to florida and a couple weeks you
25:32Jerzy i’ll be in California all kinds of
25:35different places working with the
25:37upcoming generation also just you know
25:40being able to share my story corporately
25:42I have you know a lot of things happen
25:44in my life that I feel a relatable just
25:46about anyone listening to me and so you
25:49know I’m hoping 5 10 15 20 years I’m
25:51still doing that I’m still standing
25:53onstage and just sharing my story I also
25:56kind of a cool staying something that I
25:59do different than most speakers i
26:00couldn’t set of parallel bars up on
26:02stage and I perform along with my speed
26:05so I do the trick what kind of help me
26:08with my story and you know the crowd
26:11really gets into and they love to do
26:12what I do i do some kind of scary
26:13dangerous stuff and it’s very clear if I
26:17make a mistake i’m i’m going to be
26:18hurting the rest of the beach right I
26:21yeah you know I want to separate myself
26:22from other speakers and do something
26:24well that certainly doesn’t that
26:26certainly does it so they know part of
26:28the show where were in search of the
26:29holy grail of health
26:31so what if I were to ask you you know
26:33from what you’ve seen you’ve been around
26:35LOL athletes I’m sure you’ve seen
26:37younger older athletes what what would
26:40you say is the holy grail of felt for
26:43people watching this out man ought to
26:47give you a free generic answer but it’s
26:49something that has been an important for
26:51me and I believe you have to find a find
26:56a plan
26:57finding a diet that works for you that
27:00makes you feel good and it’s beach
27:02insistence I’m and so many people they
27:05they try these these new diet and here
27:08it pieces you lose eight pounds in three
27:10days and you know you know people lose
27:13all this weight trying to do different
27:15things and make a quick there’s no
27:17consistency within the diet and so I got
27:20to the point and I ok here’s how much
27:22I’m going to eat during the week and
27:23then i’m going to have one what I call
27:25cheat meal on Saturday night and then
27:28I’m gonna go right back to my diet after
27:30that and so the more consistent i was
27:32better i felt the more energy that i
27:34would have don’t you know I know it’s
27:36pretty generic it’s not have been the
27:38answer but i really believe that it’s
27:40just being
27:41just and not being consistent with a bad
27:43diet inconsistent with something help
27:45no I love it’s a great answer the great
27:47insights on how would people want to
27:49learn more about you hear you speak how
27:50they find out about you people can
27:53follow me on social media Instagram
27:55Twitter Facebook my twitter handle is
27:58that Janice 411 instagram is j morgan 11
28:02so I I’m pretty active on social media
28:05try to get as many people kinda see
28:08what’s going on in my life daily awesome
28:10Jonathan Horton thank you so much for
28:12being on the show was awesome
28:13all right thank you guys very much this
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