Dr. John Day is a cardiologist and Medical Director of the Intermountain Heart Rhythm Specialists in Salt Lake City, Utah. He received his medical degree from John Hopkins and completed his residency and fellowships in cardiovascular medicine and cardiac electrophysiology at Stanford University. Dr. Day’s book, The Longevity Plan: Seven Life-Transforming Lessons from Ancient China, recounts Dr. Day’s experience living with and studying the centenarians of Bapan, China. Bapan has the highest rate of centenarians in the world with 1 centenarian per 100 people.

Dr. Day took the information he learned from the remarkable centenarians of Bapan and applied that information back to his own life and his medical practice.

  • What makes people live longer?
  • How contributing makes you live longer.
  • How lifestyle decisions interact with your genes.
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