Alex Kip, a “Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Hero” spreads his transformational strategies of wellness to major clients like UnitedHealthcare, Nationwide Insurance, Pelotonia, and the University of Michigan.  As a certified Tony Robbins-Cloe Maddens life coach, speaker, and writer he has inspired thousands after surviving Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma cancer, losing his singing voice, and being told he had a 15-30% chance of survival.

Now in complete remission with his voice restored, he’s been featured on PBS, NPR Stations, the Huffington Post, Addicted2Success, Lifehack, and Buddha Brain.  As the creator of KipTV and SoulFeed, a “New & Noteworthy” podcast on iTunes he’s interviewed leaders like Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra, Seane Corn, Caroline Myss, and more.

  • Dealing with learning you have cancer.
  • Creating the mindset to beat disease.
  • Taking total responsibility in your life
  • The difference between someone who does not quit and someone that does
  • Gluten free and preventing a cancer-free environment in the body
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0:00take back your health now episode 5
0:05you’re listening to the take back your
0:08health now podcast the show that
0:10interviews the top doctors athletes
0:13trainers and entrepreneurs to help you
0:15find the holy grail of health now here’s
0:18your host dr. dan Margolin so this is
0:28take back your health now with dr. dan
0:30Margolin where we pull out all the steps
0:32in search of the holy grail of Health
0:35today’s guests were really excited to
0:37have mr. alok skip on the show Alice Kip
0:39is a leukemia & Lymphoma Society hero
0:43spreads transformational strategies of
0:45wellness two major clients like
0:48unitedhealthcare Nationwide Insurance
0:50Pelotonia and university of michigan as
0:53a certified tony robbins clematis life
0:56coach speaker and writer he’s inspired
0:58thousands after surviving non-hodgkins
1:01lymphoma cancer losing a singing voice
1:04and being told he had a fifteen to
1:06thirty percent chance of survival now in
1:09complete remission with his voice
1:11restored he’s been featured on PBS NPR
1:14stations The Huffington Post addicted to
1:18life hack and Buddha brain as the
1:20creator of Kip TV and soul feed a new
1:23and noteworthy podcast on itunes he’s
1:26interviewed with ease interviewed
1:27leaders like Marianne Williamson deepak
1:30show / Seane corn Carolyn miss and more
1:33so alex kidd welcome to our show sir
1:36well going welcome so excited to be here
1:39we are excited to have you my friend so
1:42finding out that you had cancer help
1:44how did that change your career path
1:46your life like what was that whole thing
1:49like yeah i mean it changed everything
1:52really in a moment you know as they say
1:56i was studying at the time at the
2:00University of Michigan which is number 1
2:03school for musical theater and Broadway
2:05so I was on the fast track to a career
2:09on Broadway were like singing was my
2:11entire life you know every single day
2:13just seeing singing singing right right
2:15and my senior year you know I just
2:18started sounding like this and i didn’t
2:20know what was going on and when I went
2:21to sing I was like uh you know something
2:24like crap and you know it was horrible
2:28and so finally that we let the first
2:30symptoms that you were getting yeah that
2:32was some of the first symptoms and also
2:34you know I was always in the gym and
2:37things like that and all the sudden you
2:39know I just be like you know like I
2:42could breathe hardly know when I was
2:44working out and so I knew something was
2:46going wrong and it took a while for them
2:49to figure it out but then finally they
2:52figured it out and they figured out i
2:54had non-hodgkins lymphoma and
2:56essentially i had a giant mass in my
3:00chest like the size of a sheet of
3:02computer paper all my god
3:05yeah so pretty uh
3:09dramatic obviously find that out having
3:12no idea that’s what was wrong with me
3:15and it was there is there a history that
3:16in your family anybody gone to anything
3:19like that or that was pretty much no no
3:21not really not really and you know they
3:25of course say you know these things just
3:29kind of happen like we don’t really know
3:31what these things happen that uh right
3:34and you know that’s cool but at the same
3:38time that can leave you sometimes a
3:40little powerless you know that mean
3:41oh yeah you wanna know what’s going on
3:43actually yeah and so that moment for me
3:47was actually really interesting because
3:49most people experience what they call
3:52post-traumatic fill-in-the-blank for me
3:55post-traumatic stress scotch stress
3:58yeah but I actually experienced what
4:00they call post-traumatic growth
4:03wow yeah explain that to me yeah so it’s
4:07interesting right because when you hear
4:09post-traumatic right everybody always
4:11fills in the blanks stress because
4:13that’s like what our society has
4:15conditioned us to believe about certain
4:18things like illness or certain things
4:20like you know just traumatic events that
4:23it’s gonna be stressful you’re always
4:25you’re not PTSD you’re gonna
4:26you know your life is ruined and all
4:28this stuff but there actually is the
4:30opposite which is post-traumatic growth
4:32it’s actually a scientific thing you
4:35know they’ve done Studies on it they
4:36research that and essentially that’s
4:39this idea that ok when someone goes
4:41through something traumatic or extreme
4:44they can actually have extreme growth in
4:47like a really accelerated short period
4:50of time that likely wouldn’t have
4:52happened without that event it’s almost
4:54like that saying if it doesn’t kill you
4:56strengthens you
4:57yeah Oh totally totally so it was weird
5:01because when it happened to me it’s like
5:03I I immediately understood that this was
5:07part of something bigger and well at the
5:12moment like and it’s really not
5:15hindsight bias like that’s really how I
5:18was how I looked at it because for me
5:22the whole year you know I lost my
5:25singing voice and I was sounding like
5:26this then all the sudden I knew what was
5:30causing my voice to vanish and so for me
5:36was like oh my gosh i can finally seeing
5:40i’ll be able to sing again I wanna yes
5:43yes yes because you don’t really know we
5:45don’t know what was going on yeah now
5:47that I know what it is
5:49of course I can fix this of course like
5:51you know being a twenty-two-year-old
5:53that naivete probably is what saved me
5:56in some ways you know
5:58sure arm and so yeah man it just opened
6:01up a whole new power pocket in my soul
6:07and in my mind how do you know it’s a
6:08question why do you think like there are
6:10some people that go through it and they
6:12they do exactly what you said no it
6:14doesn’t kill you strengthens you and all
6:15that stuff and there are other people
6:17that get crushed when they get caved in
6:19what what is that difference what do you
6:21think that is yes so you know I’ve been
6:27trying to answer that question kind of
6:29my whole life for hit that sort of like
6:31why I’ve transitioned and why i do what
6:36i do now which is like really helping
6:37people with their mindset and help
6:40people transition into something
6:43brilliant and powerful and i think i
6:46think it has to do with a lot of things
6:48number one I think there is a bit of
6:51like your natural disposition that comes
6:54into play right it’s like it’s like they
6:56say people who get a lot of money
7:00it kind of accelerates or a kind of
7:03amplifies like what’s already within
7:05right so if they’re like it shitty
7:07person her like I mean do i reply gonna
7:10be worse but if they’re like a caring
7:12loving person they’re probably gonna be
7:13even better you know that mean for sure
7:15and so to some extent like I did always
7:18kind of have that like outlook about
7:20life that like everything happens for a
7:22reason and everything’s for my better
7:24man everything’s for my good no matter
7:25what so it kinda like amplify that in a
7:28in a moment i mean naturally Alex skip
7:30was a fighter basically right from day
7:33right i mean yeah really did that the
7:35nature of who you were yeah it was it
7:39was but I definitely there were
7:43definitely parts of me that led to my
7:47illness that was like covered up by that
7:50if that makes any sense
7:52explain it to me a little bit more so
7:54like I take full responsibility for what
7:59happened to me as in i take
8:02responsibility for creating a part of
8:05that disease
8:06okay yeah and the reason I say that is
8:09because number one and and I just want
8:12to make a disclaimer here everything i’m
8:14saying and everything you’re talking to
8:15me about all this is the holy grail for
8:19right right so anyone listening to this
8:21you know the whole though the thing I
8:25want people to understand the most about
8:27all this hopefully with at least in my
8:29interview is that you have to find the
8:31Holy Grail for yourself you know and
8:34people will have clues as to maybe what
8:37that is or like oh this food could do
8:40that or this supplement could do that or
8:42this mindset could do that but at the
8:44end of the day you have to experiment
8:46with your own reality your own being in
8:50your own healing to find the right
8:52combination that’s appropriate for you
8:54so I just kind of want to put that out
8:56there you know I actually like that
8:58disclaimer i should probably put that on
8:59all the shows actually but but you’re
9:01right you’re right it’s you know we’re
9:03throwing a a broad net out saying hey
9:06we’re looking for the holy grail of
9:07Health and and maybe in some respects
9:09there is no specifically ground maybe
9:11each of us will take away or find our
9:13own pathway our own Holy Grail and I
9:16think with our show we’re trying to do
9:18is provide those many pathways that
9:20might have even been blocked up to this
9:22point where people just didn’t know
9:23about it you know listening to your
9:25story to me it’s just inspiring man its
9:28inspire you
9:29you’re given a fifteen to thirty percent
9:31chance of survival and you’re not
9:33sitting here like falling apart you’re
9:35actually coming together man that that’s
9:37just amazing to me
9:39yeah yeah for sure and and you know this
9:43is why I do what I do because obviously
9:46I want people to be inspired to know
9:49that like it’s never too late for them
9:51like whatever that means you know in
9:52your health and your business and your
9:54career and your relationships like
9:57whatever it is it’s never too late for
9:59you but at the same time you have to put
10:02some attention into it you know what I
10:04mean right direction and intention like
10:08very very skillfully and intensely in
10:13some ways you know
10:15so going back to what i was saying about
10:18accepting that I have a part in this
10:20because if I accept that ok i had a
10:23parting creating this the reason that so
10:25powerful is because okay well it man if
10:28I created this thing then surely I can
10:30uncreate it well
10:33Wow don’t you that’s really taking like
10:35a sort of a pan determine responsibility
10:38level for this thing right you’re
10:40looking at it from every angle and
10:41saying listen I’m going to really take
10:43responsibility for this
10:45yeah and because if I didn’t then in my
10:51mind at least my chances of surviving
10:53were dramatically less you know
10:56yeah now let me ask you not to cut you
10:58off but so so you like is this like an
11:01immediate reaction
11:03or is it like you know you you hear that
11:06diagnosis right
11:08was there any point that you just went
11:10like down tone or got beat up for a
11:13short period or immediately did you just
11:15crap I’m gonna beat this let’s go how
11:18was that initial kind of response
11:20yeah so I mean I think of me it sounds
11:24weird to people wait for real you know
11:27it really was like I’m gonna beat this
11:29like I have no doubt my line like this
11:31is just I’m gonna get my voice back I’m
11:33gonna block and again I think that was a
11:37bit of my like youthful thinking you
11:40know that mean in some ways in some ways
11:42my ego like actually serving my power
11:46and my purpose at that point but i think
11:49what it really did for me more than
11:50anything was it kind of opened up this
11:53sort of spiritual lens for me that I had
11:57been sort of ignoring or not really
12:02wanting to look at and when I say
12:05spiritual lens i just mean an
12:07appreciation for life in a new way and
12:11an appreciation for something sort of
12:13beyond myself that was sort of one
12:18helping me through this but to also
12:21maybe giving me this in order to kind of
12:25wake me up and waited to this sort of
12:27realign your priorities i guess yeah I
12:30realign my priorities and in my purpose
12:34and why I’m here on this earth and I’ll
12:36just I just remember like you know I was
12:38in the hospital for about two weeks
12:41between them figuring out and like
12:44giving my first round of chemo and all
12:47this stuff and those are also like the
12:50two weeks before graduation so I just
12:52remember the first time getting out of
12:53that hospital and walking around the
12:56streets of ann arbor and just seeing
13:00everything completely differently you
13:03know i’m just looking around like wow
13:06I’ve lived here for four years spent
13:09four years of my college life here and
13:12I’ve never seen Ann Arbor like this
13:16was I never is a grass was never that
13:18green the skies are ya blue you know I
13:21do and what it did was it forced me to
13:26connect to the present moment again it
13:29forced me to come back to what’s real
13:32now because prior to that you know I was
13:36so trapped in my head my ego really
13:39really ran my life like you know I was
13:41constantly thinking constantly in my
13:43head constantly like worried about the
13:46next audition or we could hit that note
13:48in that song or could I you know become
13:50the next leading man on Broadway or was
13:53I gonna get this role in this show or
13:55what about next year and do your mind
13:57just goes crazy until one day you’re so
13:59stressed out that it’s just like hey you
14:02got cancer
14:04you need to slow down wow wow you’re
14:06like whoa ok hold on I’m almost getting
14:09this sense that it hit the reset button
14:11for you
14:12yeah totally totally in you know I am so
14:16beyond grateful for the happy moments
14:18because the the kind of things you know
14:23I experience now just like in the way I
14:27show up for people in the way that i
14:29show up for my own life in the way that
14:31people you know kind of show up for me
14:35you know it’s just completely completely
14:38well you know I can relate this to just
14:40a little bit not again not not with the
14:42severity but I was older when I had my
14:45daughter right I’m 54 now she’s eight
14:47years old and I think to myself when I
14:49was a younger man would have appreciated
14:51or like now every time she moves I’m
14:54like look at that gorgeous child you
14:56know the edge when I kiss her face every
14:58second and it means you know it’s such a
15:01beauty and such an appreciation and I
15:03think because i am older I’ve actually I
15:05understand again like you said the
15:07priorities and the things that you know
15:09when I was younger it was maybe going
15:11out and getting drunk and you know
15:12whatever huh
15:13but now it’s like you know it’s so so
15:15you start to really take those life
15:17experiences and it’s exciting
15:19Alex speaking with you because you’ve
15:20taken those experiences and you’ve taken
15:22the things that that have traumatized
15:24others and you actually brought a
15:26message of hope
15:28and end-of-life an end of just decency
15:31honestly like when I’m speaking to and
15:33it’s appreciated it really is well well
15:36done sir well thank you i appreciate
15:38that and I and I think what’s important
15:40to is that like I’m really just trying
15:45to live a life of love and like if
15:49people resonate with that great you know
15:51but like I’m not I’m not doing it for
15:55people to notice if people notice that
15:59like I don’t know does that make sense
16:00like you don’t know when you’re decent
16:02and you’re doing the right thing people
16:03can help one day they may not notice it
16:05by saying my god Alex just did that but
16:08you know what they’ll notice it because
16:09they themselves will actually pass on
16:12some of that the next day or two other
16:14people so it’s got it just emanates from
16:16you my friend just talking to emanate
16:18second I can feel it on the other side
16:20of the line here now let me ask your
16:22questions or so so looking at i got from
16:24from a spiritual viewpoint from your
16:26your your change in direction all that
16:29how about in terms of your body and like
16:31your diet exercise like how did have
16:34what we doing before how to change after
16:37like to start taking supplements like
16:39what what did you do physically in the
16:41physical room to actually now get
16:44yourself to heal
16:45yeah yeah so I did a lot of things I
16:48mean you know i was a college student so
16:50I was drinking Mountain Dew everyday no
16:52burgers piece articles you know
16:57vegetables are like whatever vegetables
16:59you know to me like and I just
17:02and the thing was though is so funny
17:04because I was like really muscular you
17:07know still at a six-pack like 200 pounds
17:10of muscle you know what i mean so like
17:12but you still don’t realize like what
17:15those things are doing to the inside of
17:17your body you know that mean
17:19yeah and I’m me again immediately it was
17:22just like okay changing everything go
17:25time you gonna be my my mom actually had
17:30set me up with this kind of you know
17:33kind of more like weirdo doctor you know
17:37that people think of it like he talks
17:39about like gluten
17:40free he talks about like you know that
17:43acupuncture and he talks with him you
17:46know people are still weirded out by
17:48those kind of things but my great let’s
17:50talk to him right now let me know he’s
17:52got people flying in from like China to
17:55like help with their arthritis like all
17:57this stuff so it really was my first I
18:00opener to just how important you know
18:07all of that is as well so yeah I mean I
18:10went gluten-free kinda from that day on
18:13just based on some of the research
18:16that’s out there and based on some of
18:18his findings and in a lot of other
18:21findings and what it like what what are
18:23some of the finest like I don’t I don’t
18:24completely understand like what is
18:26gluten-free what does that mean actually
18:28like how does that affect your body so
18:30it depends on but when you’re thinking
18:34in terms of like cancer for instance
18:36cancer generally likes to feed off of
18:41inflammation you know i mean ok imagine
18:44like this little like this big monster
18:46in your body is like once a once food
18:49you know what I mean she was like when
18:51you’re inflamed it’s like eating all the
18:53time it’s like all cranky i can eat i
18:55can eat i can eat you know the main
18:56right there’s really only two kind of
18:59this is really simplifying things and
19:01i’m not a doctor but I know a lot about
19:03this just because i had to do you know
19:05what else I got to say one thing I found
19:07is that people that actually know
19:09something can simplify it and people
19:11that don’t know something complicated a
19:13great deal
19:13yeah so in order so we’re really looking
19:15for the education of it so yeah so your
19:18body normally is either in an acidic
19:20state or what they call an alkaline
19:23state so an acidic state is kind of what
19:26it sounds like rights like very acid
19:28like in your body it’s like a lot of
19:30inflammation so a lot of times i can
19:32come from you know processed foods
19:36anything that’s process really is likely
19:39acidic gluten is acidic so group gluten
19:43is actually the thing that binds bread
19:47together essentially so it’s not bread
19:50itself it’s like okay material that’s
19:53kind of gluing it together
19:54before the nineteen thirties or was no
19:56such thing as gluten bread but then they
19:59had to start mass-producing it start
20:01feeding more people and more people and
20:03more people than all the sudden gluten
20:05is everywhere then all the sudden cancer
20:08rates start rising which is interesting
20:10and shit so there’s there’s there’s ties
20:12of these things like that and a lot of
20:14people you know gluten intolerance is
20:17celiac disease was never a thing until
20:19obviously we introduce it into our foods
20:21a lot of people who experienced some
20:23brain fog or just like mild depression
20:28or like kind of slowness lot of times
20:30they can’t figure it out a lot of times
20:32it’s because of gluten things like that
20:34right so essentially you don’t want your
20:37tumor to have a lot of food to feed off
20:40of you know what I mean sure what your
20:42body’s morning alkaline state which is
20:45more you know your greens your fruits or
20:47vegetables is not a lot of asked in
20:49there then the tumor doesn’t have as
20:51much to feed on so we can eat so we can
20:53grow it can’t get bigger so you’re
20:56saying so in a basic environment you’re
20:57basically starving the cancer
20:59yeah okay yeah and obviously that’s in
21:03some ways you know when you’re having
21:05chemotherapy and things like that like
21:07that’s wrecking havoc on your body too
21:09so you definitely don’t want to be
21:11inflamed while that’s happening you know
21:13what I mean right and the chemotherapy
21:15obviously has a little different
21:17incentive that’s basically like dropping
21:19an atomic bomb on your body and her but
21:22then you know as it’s like rebuilding
21:24from the ashes again you don’t want to
21:26like be rebuilding a wasteland with
21:30toxic material is an interesting point
21:32right here so many patients going
21:34through chemo for things and you’re
21:36wondering like what are the Supplemental
21:39things that they can do in terms of
21:40their diet to actually support those
21:43treatments so that they can actually
21:44help those are assist those treatments
21:46or the way you’re putting it makes sense
21:48to know where they’re going to the
21:49chemotherapy they’re getting this kind
21:50of atomic bomb on hiroshima kind of a
21:53situation where i got imagine there’s
21:55got to be a massive inflammation coming
21:57in following that and by letting it
22:00you’re you’re actually helping and
22:02assisting with the chemo that’s that’s
22:05oh yeah and I gotta I gotta say though
22:07to that like
22:08what’s very frustrating is that you know
22:10the the science of nutrition is really
22:13only like a hundred years old so it’s
22:16very very very new and the problem is is
22:20that we don’t have enough like
22:22scientific studies to know exact like
22:25data and so the thing is if you like if
22:28i go to my are on colleges and I start
22:32saying and this happened to me and I’m
22:34like oh ok well what kind of like
22:35lifestyle things can i do like what kind
22:38of changes in my diatribe you making is
22:40just like oh don’t worry about it don’t
22:42you don’t need to worry about that i’m
22:44just like no like you’re wrong like
22:47there’s there’s something not right
22:49about what you just said now announce
22:51you know what you’re saying is really
22:53the reason for our broadcast just
22:55because over the years I’ve just had
22:57patients asking me questions that has a
22:59podiatrist I shouldn’t be asked I
23:02shouldn’t be the one handling those
23:03questions but I found there wasn’t
23:05anybody in certain situations that was
23:07and a lot of the things you’re talking
23:08about where to some degree poo-pooed and
23:11I it wasn’t because the doctors didn’t
23:13care it just nobody actually took the
23:15time to actually educate them they were
23:17being educated in their specific areas
23:19and only you know they became in silver
23:21a little bit and suddenly you know I
23:23just think it would help us all to sort
23:25of broaden our horizons and sort of look
23:27out so will what is working in other
23:29areas you know if something would
23:30support chemotherapy and not hurt why
23:33would you not do it wouldn’t make any
23:35sense to me to not be gluten-free or you
23:38know whatever it is that you discover is
23:40your pathway towards that
23:42yeah and i think what’s really important
23:44as were shifting into New Times and new
23:47discoveries is that you know we really
23:50need to start bringing together doctors
23:52with you know I our Vedic specialist or
23:56like you know alternate homeopath sore
24:00you know people need to start talking
24:02right it’s like in the West we treat
24:05specific illness it’s like you know we
24:10treat the things that are happening but
24:12in the East they treat the root cause of
24:15why this happened they’re not as
24:17necessarily interested in like okay you
24:19have cancer
24:20they’re more interested in like okay
24:21what caused this cancer to happen
24:25wow this thing is like you can fix the
24:28cancer but then if you don’t fix the
24:30root cause underneath it there’s a good
24:33chance you can come back yeah you know
24:35that mean I mean let me ask you where is
24:37what when you talking about that maybe
24:39this to broader question but what are a
24:41few of the root causes that I should
24:44make my audience to wherever that you
24:46think could be there that that maybe
24:48they don’t perceive or you know maybe
24:50it’s so obvious that they but they’re
24:52just not looking at it totally so you
24:55know we’re talking about the physical
24:57right now but really one of the main
25:02root causes is the mental and sort of
25:05psycho somatic root cause of all this
25:10and what I mean by that is like looking
25:13like the dawn of like epigenetics which
25:15like out again to simplify this because
25:17I’m not a HEPA Genesis but just wanted
25:20to mind what is an epigenetic geneticist
25:22yeah so epigenetics essentially is the
25:25study of kind of how your jeans sort of
25:29mutate right so a lot of people used to
25:32think that ok
25:35the reason people get sick is because
25:37they have this genetic predisposition
25:40and they’re finding now that while that
25:42may be true
25:43almost like ninety-five percent of
25:46diseases are caused by your mind your
25:50environment at the things you’re putting
25:51into your body
25:52well which means that like yes you may
25:55have the predisposition but you also
25:59have the power whether or not you’re
26:01turning on that switch or turning off
26:03that switch
26:04well does that make sense absolutely
26:06absolutely you know I remember there was
26:08a study right and I forget it was a
26:11sword a long time ago i’ve seen in three
26:13different places basically three
26:15different studies were they had seeds
26:16right and they had three types of seeds
26:18and they have these monks pray over one
26:21set of seeds to grow and they wouldn’t
26:23pray over another they’re be left and
26:25they will be praying for another set of
26:27seeds to dying and the seeds that were
26:29prayed over to grow grew and the ones
26:32that were neutral you know got to a
26:33certain I but not as big as the other
26:35and the ones that were prayed over to
26:37die died I mean a little bit it’s almost
26:39like what you’re saying where it sits
26:41the viewpoint it’s really that that sort
26:43of spiritual realm affecting the
26:45physical body
26:46yeah and there was also another group of
26:48seeds that was completely ignored and
26:52those seeds actually did worse than the
26:54ones that died
26:55wow that’s huge there’s also there’s
26:58also studies of scientists on who have
27:01who have water basically so first off if
27:04you want to read a whole book check out
27:06dr. Lipton about epigenetics that’s an
27:08amazing one that other my reaction to
27:10that is that you want your favorite
27:11health resources is a great one is
27:14called the power of belief that’s a
27:15really great one but our belief i just
27:17go back to another cool study you know
27:19this guy was doing Studies on water
27:21because what 75-percent of our bodies
27:24water right right and so one beaker he
27:27essentially sent loving thoughts loving
27:29energy love love love the other beaker
27:31he sent hateful thoughts like nasty
27:34stuff and the many froze the speakers of
27:39water in the beaker of water that had
27:41all the love and all the gratitude and
27:43generosity had like this beautiful
27:46snowflake shape to it under the
27:48microscope and the beaker that had all
27:50the hate and the nastiness and all this
27:52stuff was like like literally just like
27:55look like horrible you know like look
27:57like disorder or that I saw that I
28:00abstraction you know that’s amazing
28:02right it’s like there is something more
28:04than that and we give credit to ya and
28:08so you know as much as I’d like to talk
28:10about the physical and you know the the
28:13the diet and all this stuff it really
28:16comes back to your mind it really really
28:19does i mean look at the number one
28:21killer right is is a heart disease right
28:25he’s like and what causes heart what’s
28:27the number one cause of heart disease
28:29stress was the number one cause of
28:31stress your mind your environment your
28:33interact you know that means so it’s
28:34like as sometimes the people you
28:36surround yourself with that are actually
28:37alternating that whole situation that
28:40has to do with your environment so why
28:41are we like I always so scared of like
28:44this sort of like spiritual like mind
28:48body relationship world it it really
28:50it’s it’s funny right we’re so scared of
28:53it because we don’t understand it and
28:54yet look how sick we are
28:56look how sick everybody’s getting like
28:58hello you know i mean let me ask because
29:01that’s the truth right you just see like
29:02we’re spending so much money now on on
29:05on care on healthcare and yet from my
29:07observation people seem to be getting in
29:10some areas sicker and sicker and sicker
29:12and you think that’s the reason you
29:14think it’s just that they haven’t really
29:16grasp this concept of their own
29:19spirituality and that kind of thing so
29:22for my for my truth and it may be
29:25different than anybody else’s but that’s
29:26what helped me you know that’s what
29:28really has given me more power than I
29:31ever thought I could ever have has made
29:34me feel and so much more in control i
29:36mean literally even like up but you know
29:39in a body sensation away like Alex that
29:42is so wonderful house we’re going to
29:44start to wind out here let me ask you
29:45where can listeners find you find out
29:48more about you
29:49where would they do that yeah for sure
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