Dave Smith has been a personal trainer since 2001 and was chosen as Canada’s Top Fitness Professional in 2013 for his dedication to his clients’ success.

Dave emphasis the power of habit with his clients, helping them to achieve full mastery over their body and their health.

  • What is mastery and the power of habit?
  • Building an “If, Then” into your fitness practice.
  • Diving into your real motivation for weight loss.
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0:00take back your health now episode 30
0:06you’re listening to the take back your
0:08health now podcast to show that
0:10interviews the top doctors athletes
0:13trainers and entrepreneurs to help you
0:15find the holy grail of help
0:17now here’s your host dr. dan Margolin hi
0:25this is dr. dan Margolin with another
0:27segment of take back your health now
0:29where we pull out all the stops in
0:30search of Health’s holy grail we are
0:33really excited today to have mr. Dave
0:36Smith he’s a personal trainer since 2001
0:39was chosen as canada’s top fitness
0:42professional in 2013 for his dedication
0:45to his client success
0:47Dave Smith how are you my friend a dr.
0:50Dale I’m great how are you doing you
0:52know what I’m doing awesome and I’m
0:53doing awesome i’m so happy to have you
0:54on the show I got like a million
0:56questions for you but I’m the first
0:59thing is you put a lot of emphasis and
1:00working out upon the power of habit
1:03what happens you know should we have to
1:05achieve wellness and like how do we do
1:08yeah you know my my whole approach with
1:10clients all the house building and
1:12here’s the rule that i always tell
1:14clients is we get so often caught up in
1:17thinking about where we want to end up
1:18and we take on all of these different
1:20you know goals are habits that we want
1:23to build to get to that end place and
1:25it’s overwhelming and then results we
1:27get frustrated we quit we feel like a
1:29failure and then usually in January the
1:31next year we start all over again and do
1:33this process year after year so instead
1:36what I’d like to encourage people to do
1:38is think about i always use the term
1:40mastery develop mastery over just one
1:44habit and then once you feel like that’s
1:46actually become a habit your life then
1:48you can move on and develop mastery over
1:50another habit
1:51oh I love that I love that so when
1:53you’re saying like master like if I’m
1:54working out a lot right or I start
1:56working i have a workout in years what
1:58would be an example of something that I
2:00would get mastery over all great i love
2:03that question so when I see you
2:05face-to-face personal trainer and have
2:06clients that would come in all the time
2:07and they tell me their goals and I’d say
2:09okay what do you want what you want to
2:10do to reach those goals and nine times
2:13out of ten they say i want to exercise
2:15seven days per week
2:17outside of that he’s been going to sleep
2:20anymore i don’t want to sleep anymore
2:22that’s seriously but that’s like the
2:25exact opposite the mastery because going
2:27from zero exercise to say i’m going to
2:28exercise every single day the chance
2:30that happening is virtually zero so you
2:33know your question is what can you do
2:34for exercise i would say master the
2:37habit pick a day of the week so say
2:39let’s say wednesday and master the habit
2:41of going to the gym every single
2:43Wednesday and when you’ve proven
2:44yourself like over for six weeks that
2:47Wednesday’s like without fail you know
2:49you’re going to go to the gym don’t
2:50worry about what you do when you get
2:51there just get to the gym when you know
2:53that habits built then you can build
2:55something else and maybe it means you
2:57know changing the type of exercise to
2:58make it a little bit more challenging or
3:00maybe it means taking on that you’re
3:02going to do mondays and wednesdays that
3:03that’s what I’m talking about mastering
3:05little tiny habits love it love it and
3:07how how long would you say that it takes
3:09something to become a habit like visit
3:11three months for how long would you
3:13think it would be yeah you know this
3:14could quite often hear people say 21
3:16days of yore heard that 21 days to build
3:19a habit
3:20yeah it’s never worked for me there’s no
3:21way there’s no place and you know I
3:24think that’s like bogus research whoever
3:25started that you know research kind of
3:28shows it’s closer to that 70 to 80 day
3:30range that i believe that i said so at
3:33least at least two months and I i know
3:37that sounds like the long haul but I
3:38work primarily with clients who want to
3:40lose weight and you know if you can do
3:42something for two months and build that
3:44habit chances are next year you’re not
3:46starting over from scratch so it’s worth
3:49no you’re really building a strong
3:51foundation now are you find that there’s
3:54some people like I just give an example
3:56i really started working out pretty hard
3:58about a year ago and just you know
4:00you’ll find that i almost have to build
4:04into my workout that time off when I
4:06give myself a week in case the the poop
4:09hits the fan like last week was so busy
4:12for me literally have to be up in doing
4:14surgeries at like five in the morning or
4:15six in the morning i just i had to blow
4:18off some of the workouts but it’s not so
4:20bad for me because I i started in my
4:22head had figured out that i was going to
4:24end up doing that anyway i would put i
4:26would give myself a week somewhere in
4:28that I mean
4:29is that the right viewpoint or or should
4:31it be like will get up at four o’clock
4:32if you gotta let me have you what
4:35happened then did you get back into the
4:37habit when that week was over
4:38you know what I did actually yes i did I
4:40mean it was it was a little bit of a
4:41struggle quite honest I don’t think the
4:43workouts you know what that I come out
4:45of that car is good because I’m not a
4:48white and it just doesn’t feel a strong
4:49but yes ultimately i I’ve been getting
4:52back now years before
4:54absolutely not years before I’d be gone
4:56and most people to be honest fall off
4:58like that’s what it takes is a
4:59disruption in life because it’s
5:01relatively easy to exercise when
5:03everything goes smoothly but its users
5:06that disruption it’s easy to fall off
5:07path so I like to use their strategy is
5:10really powerful is called if-then
5:12statements and I don’t know if you’re
5:14familiar with this novel basically is
5:16really simple would be if something
5:18happens then what are you gonna do about
5:21so an example you gave if I have a
5:24really busy week then how am I going to
5:26get my exercise regardless and you gave
5:29one example could be if I’m so busy
5:31today that I can’t work at 6am then i’m
5:34going to wake up at 5am and do a 30
5:37minute workout or if I’m really busy
5:40today and i know i’m not gonna be able
5:42to get to the gym then i’m not going to
5:44go for lunch instead i’m going to go for
5:46a walk and eat lunch at my desk so
5:48there’s a million different permutations
5:50of how you can put this if then
5:51statement together but it’s so powerful
5:52because it can literally overcome any
5:55obstacle you face and I love it because
5:59it’s very fluid right it’s really like
6:01something that just moves but it’s not
6:03accepting defeat because you’re not
6:04saying if this happens well then I’m
6:06gonna go back to bed
6:07I don’t think that’s probably right so
6:09you could that is an offensive
6:12no I I like you doing my clients it
6:15really works well around food so you
6:17know for anyone that suffers from food
6:20cravings a common when I work with is if
6:23after dinner I feel like eating a cookie
6:26or a bowl of ice cream or whatever it is
6:28then i will pour myself a glass of I
6:32like to use chai tea cuz it’s a little
6:34bit sweet as that sweetness to it so
6:36it’s sugar craving then I’ll drink a
6:39full cup of tea before I dive into
6:40dessert and it just gives people that
6:42you know something that feels good they
6:43know because program in their life no
6:45questions asked just easy to do
6:47wow I love that date many it was so easy
6:50to talk to i could actually see that
6:52that you know you’ve been doing this a
6:54long time I can imagine that there are
6:56flocks of people sort of lined up for
6:58your advice and to work with you how did
7:00you get started in all this is kind of
7:04an embarrassing story actually so it
7:06goes way back to my high school days
7:08actually i was i was the school
7:10president and I was emceeing this
7:13assembly and feeling really good about
7:15myself I’ve made some jokes everyone
7:16laughs thought I was kind of a man
7:18walking down the hall after this
7:20assembly and I see this girl walking
7:22towards me and she comes up and she says
7:24hey you know what gave you know it you
7:26know what I noticed when you’re up there
7:27onstage and right away I thought okay
7:30she didn’t tell me I’m really funny or
7:32how she thought it was really cute
7:34she says right and notice how skinny
7:37your arms are and all as an 18 year old
7:41guy honestly I was just devastated
7:43either go to settings like skinny little
7:45hearts before but literally the next day
7:48I went and got a gym membership and wow
7:50you know doctor and I’m embarrassed but
7:53it’s true it’s a hundred percent for
7:55vanity reasons I didn’t want the skinny
7:56little arms but that’s what it took for
7:59me to sort of fall in love with exercise
8:01and then soon after that I started to
8:03look at what I was eating and you know I
8:05started when I was 18 and I’m pushing 40
8:08now so I’ve been out for a long time
8:10wow why I saw like just some pictures
8:14and stuff online of opium you you look
8:17like you’re sure you look a lot younger
8:18than 40 years old I’m 54 so I know what
8:21it means and what it takes to stay in
8:23shape as you’re getting a little not
8:25that for years old by any means but arm
8:27what what did you change in terms of
8:29your eating habits who was there at that
8:31point did you start eating more protein
8:33you start eating less like what did you
8:34do with that is another great question
8:36so I fell in the trap of a lot of young
8:39guys really knew all the muscle mags and
8:41really exactly what you said actually
8:43funny you say even more protein and
8:44that’s what i thought i needed this high
8:47protein diet kind of fats cut out like
8:50all kinds of foods that probably were
8:51quite healthy for me and the story plays
8:53out that started when I was 18 and by
8:55the time I
8:56to university I had a very severe case
9:00of sleep apnea and basically got
9:03virtually no sleep was exhausted all the
9:05time you know the turning point i’ve
9:08been asked this before the big turning
9:10point for me was when i started my first
9:12co-op job as a business student was
9:15working in an office and was on a
9:17conference call and I guess I had fallen
9:19asleep while on the conference call and
9:21I woke up because drooling all over the
9:23receivers the song haha and I thought
9:27okay there’s something wrong with me
9:28this decision not be happening
9:30yeah wow so it was a huge wake-up call
9:33that kind of that ultra restrictive
9:36dieting and i will see clients all the
9:39time that say you know i can’t eat this
9:40or I only eat this that ultra
9:43restrictive diet and that’s not how our
9:45bodies are built to function and so
9:47since then it’s really been an
9:48experimentation process of all the
9:51different healthy foods that they’re the
9:52different quality levels of foods what
9:55works for my body and then helping my
9:56clients do the same and are there
9:59certain foods that you would say you
10:01know maybe that we’ve been taught are
10:03actually good for you that even yourself
10:06for a little bit surprised that they
10:07really weren’t good for you and then you
10:09get people you know you find people that
10:11are trying to be good and they’re eating
10:12these foods and they’re actually not as
10:14good for them as the people thought they
10:16were all there’s tons of examples you
10:18know like basically walking any
10:19supermarket and if this is kind of my
10:21rule if it has to have a health claim on
10:23it then chances are it’s not as healthy
10:25as it was talking about but you know dr.
10:28then what I will say is that it’s really
10:31hard to make hard and fast rules for
10:33everyone so you know we’ve gone through
10:35in my lifetime there is the low-fat
10:37crazed there was the no carb crazy
10:40there’s a high-protein craze and the
10:42fact is that everyone is built
10:44differently and you know your diet your
10:46ideal macronutrient breakdown of what
10:49foods you should be eating is going to
10:50be different than mine so it’s something
10:53that always caution people as if you
10:54hear anyone that’s saying everyone needs
10:57to eat this or everyone needs to do this
10:59it’s probably a good idea to run away
11:01because chances are
11:03that that’s not the truth for you so
11:06really like you starting in depends on
11:08how you feel if you’re feeling better on
11:10it I love it I love it and so at what
11:14point did you like totally devote your
11:16life to this this direction
11:21yeah like you i started personal
11:23training when I was in university so
11:25that was kind of started it but then I
11:26would do my business degree at the time
11:28and so I i completed my degree and
11:30started working in corporate marketing
11:32but here’s the kicker is the first
11:33full-time job i got is a marketing
11:35manager was working for the Hershey
11:37Chocolate Company know has the if you
11:41went over to the other side my friend
11:43success I would go to procreate in the
11:46world so by day
11:48my job was as a marketing manager for
11:49twizzlers licorice and then jolly
11:52ranchers hard candy so by day i was
11:55creating marketing campaigns to get
11:57people to eat more sugar and then by
11:59night I was a personal trainer trying to
12:01stop people from eating sugar so yeah
12:03wow that’s great yeah so I did that for
12:06a couple years and just realize the
12:08whole marketing side of things I didn’t
12:10feel like I was making an impact in the
12:11world and so transitions full-time into
12:13fitness and have been going out that
12:15ever since I guess you know also that
12:17marketing degree and all that marketing
12:19background definitely help you in this
12:21field right i mean look at the success
12:23that you’ve become
12:24yeah you know you actually yes a really
12:26great question about what foods people
12:29think are healthy that actually aren’t
12:30and I’m not going to name the name of
12:33the product that I used to market but I
12:34had a specific product in my portfolio
12:36that was being marketed to moms as a
12:39candy that was made with real fruit and
12:43on the package we were used all these
12:45health claims talking about how there’s
12:46all kinds of real fruit in there and you
12:48know it’s a healthier choice blah blah
12:50blah and in reality to meet the food
12:52requirements to be able to say those
12:54claims the actual candy had to have four
12:57percent real fruit and your percent or
13:01percent if we had four percent then we
13:03could say made with real fruit and so I
13:06remember specifically there’s one event
13:07that was a huge eye-opener to me as we
13:09were doing this focus group and i’m
13:11watching all these women they’re testing
13:13out these candies and the one woman said
13:15I just feel good
13:16buh-bye knees because when my kids don’t
13:18eat their fruit i know that i can give
13:20them all use so that I just stop now
13:23what am I doing with my life
13:24oh yeah oh shit happens throughout for
13:28me I always who write these rules of 4%
13:31where where would they come up with that
13:32one out three percent why don’t you make
13:35it two percent separately for said what
13:37you come up with that from
13:39oh my god so I like let’s go into like
13:42why when you do start exercising start
13:45working out so you’re not getting the
13:47is it because of things like that is
13:49because you know you you think you’re
13:50eating fruit and you’re eating something
13:51that’s four percent fruit or I just saw
13:54something where it’s not had online
13:56facebook at subway they did a study and
13:58they look at the amount of chicken that
14:00was in the chicken and it was a like
14:02fifty percent chicken 50-percent soy or
14:04something like that
14:05how how how widespread is this like do
14:09we really know what we’re eating
14:10no I not surprised I’ve never heard that
14:13subway research but that doesn’t
14:14surprise me at all and you know you
14:16asked your question was when people
14:18start exercising and not getting the
14:21why is that and you’re a hundred percent
14:22right on when you say it’s food-related
14:25you know it doesn’t take I was just
14:28being interviewed this morning about
14:29personal training strategies and I was
14:32saying that as a personal trainer we
14:34need to get over ourselves and stop
14:37saying that you know we have the miracle
14:39workout program that’s going to cure
14:40everyone and help everyone lose weight
14:42the fact is if you move your body that’s
14:45all you need to do figure out your diet
14:48don’t worry about having the perfect
14:49workout to workout routine figure out
14:51your diet that’s the key
14:53well you know is I I just interviewed
14:56John lane Jacqueline son and you know
14:59my-my question towards the end is always
15:01zero what do you consider the holy grail
15:04of Health and what would you say what
15:06would your father have considered and
15:08basically was motion and exercise and
15:10it’s instead this weekend i was i was
15:13actually in Tennessee taking a course on
15:15joints and joint repair and stuff like
15:18that and they were explaining how the
15:20motion of the joint creates the
15:23nutrition bring brought into the joint
15:25that the joints themselves don’t
15:26actually have circulation going into him
15:29but there’s threatened
15:29it’s like an osmotic pressure from the
15:31motion the nutrients go in there and so
15:34it just struck me about what John and
15:36said and it strikes me about what you’re
15:37saying that though the exercise and
15:39emotion is really a big part of that
15:43holy grail of health
15:45yeah and just it is motion that such a
15:47great word because it really is moving
15:49our body i think that so many people are
15:51caught up in this idea that exercise is
15:54either running or lifting weights and
15:57then if you do anything else you know
15:59maybe it’s like a nice activity but it’s
16:01not actually working out or exercising
16:03and just couldn’t be further from the
16:05truth move your body that’s all it is
16:07so when you get somebody that comes you
16:10will give us an idea that’s what is your
16:11process for a client look like and then
16:13my next question would be like what’s
16:14the word processor look for something
16:16that’s really out of shape and hasn’t
16:18worked out in a long time now i can
16:20think the process to be honest i
16:22approached working with clients in a
16:23much different now than I did you know
16:2515 years ago but it’s much more
16:27psychological really finding out you
16:29know what the true motivation why is
16:31someone doing this like what will keep
16:32them on that path because you know when
16:36someone comes in to see me i asked them
16:37why are you here the first thing they’re
16:38going to say is because i want to get in
16:41shape and that’s like about the worst
16:43reason ever because what does that
16:44actually mean what is in shape mean and
16:47so everybody drill down a little bit
16:49deeper and say well what does that look
16:50like most people say i want to lose
16:52weight but that’s still a very weak
16:55motivation why do you want to lose
16:58remember the the process that actually
17:00uses like I asked the question how will
17:02that make your life better and I’ve had
17:04a couple really great k acts are case
17:07studies and how this works so well so I
17:10want to get in shape how that makes your
17:11life better
17:12well because they lose weight well how
17:13would that make your life better and
17:15there’s one woman that I took this too
17:16and she talked about how losing weight
17:19will give her confidence well how would
17:20that make your life better well if I had
17:21more confidence then I’ll go out and be
17:23able to socialize more easily ok well
17:25how would that make your life better and
17:26our story kept on diving down and down
17:28and down and eventually we came out that
17:30she owns her own business and her
17:32business is really struggling and she
17:35needs to go in socially networked in
17:37order to meet the contacts that she
17:39needs to meet to make your business’s
17:41oh and she felt so self-conscious about
17:44her body that she wasn’t doing that and
17:46when you get down to that level of
17:48motivation that’s powerful like if she
17:50wakes up and remembers my livelihood my
17:53business depends on me feeling good
17:55about my body therefore i’m going to go
17:57to the gym that’s way better than saying
17:59I’m gonna go to gym today because I want
18:00to get in shape
18:02oh yeah that’s a totally different
18:04motivation that’s when you hit that when
18:06you switch somebody do you know
18:08immediately like yeah that’s it like
18:09this person was just start working out
18:11here’s the dumbbell straight you know
18:13absolutely for the next yeah well like I
18:15know it and they know it’s cool because
18:17you see that light bulb moment where
18:18it’s just like oh yeah this is why I’m
18:21well so what what what should an optimal
18:24fitness routine look like a man again it
18:27may be variable depending on the person
18:29but if we had sort of the average person
18:31would that look like
18:32yeah it goes all back to were talking
18:35about before but moving your body and i
18:37like to use there’s a concept called the
18:39six primal movement patterns and
18:41basically just think about how we were
18:43three historically like prehistoric man
18:46what kind of movements what they do and
18:48then we need to train our bodies to do
18:49those same movements or you can think
18:51about it as a child like what kind of
18:52movements with a child do that’s what we
18:54need to do so the six really quickly are
18:56pushing pulling bending twisting lunging
19:00and then squatting and if you can build
19:04those into your workout routine your
19:06body is going to function really well
19:08it’s going to respond really well to the
19:10exercise with all kinds of ways to do
19:12that you do that in the weight room you
19:13know you can do it a fitness class you
19:14doing a dance class
19:16there’s so many different ways you
19:17playing sports so I try and get
19:20particularly guys are the worst because
19:21we go to the gym and what we like to do
19:23we like to do our bicep curls and we
19:25like to you know build big packs but
19:27that’s the prettiest thing right now is
19:29for guys and try it a little fights for
19:32girls and tries for guys or something
19:33like that right there is nothing like
19:35that but yeah it’s so that holistic
19:38perspective think about how your body
19:40intended to move and then go and train
19:42it to move like that
19:43well you know I really i like that
19:45because it would break it down i mean
19:47you can go into a gym and you can see
19:49all the different machines and you can
19:50get a little bit of frustrated or a
19:53little bit shocked
19:54because you don’t have to use all of
19:55them but if I can keep that in your mind
19:57that you just got to do pushing pulling
19:59like squatting you’re breaking down
20:01those basic emotions i really like that
20:04I got a great deal what they want to
20:07sweet spot in weight and like it in
20:09others let’s say I would have come into
20:10you and I would say listen you know you
20:12found my motivation right like i have my
20:14business is in trouble I need to meet
20:15people I feel funny about the way I look
20:17how would you assess how much weight i
20:19needed to lose to actually you know look
20:22my best
20:22or feel my best all that’s a
20:24million-dollar question that’s a tough
20:261i got some good questions you know it
20:30is tough because we used are you online
20:33you see all the time you know people use
20:34things like BMI and say oh you know BMI
20:37told me I’m obese or morbidly obese and
20:40you know doctor and the fact is that
20:41generalizes charts like that are
20:44generalized metrics are pretty
20:46meaningless because everyone’s body is
20:48built so differently
20:49ok the the most accurate measurement
20:53that you can use it really is a body fat
20:55percentage and I say that hesitantly
20:58because i know you know a lot of
20:59listeners they might have their body fat
21:00scale at home and chances are that body
21:03fat scale is making up some number that
21:05might not be a reflection of reality at
21:07all but that is but whatever it was her
21:10body fat scale what does that look like
21:12and how do you even use that I’ve heard
21:13it before they’re really seen one like
21:16most of the the cheap ones that people
21:18have in their home are based on
21:19something called electrical impedance
21:21and basically what it does is send
21:23electrical pulse to your body and then
21:25based on your body composition so how
21:26much lean tissue vs fat tissue you have
21:29that polish will return a different pace
21:31and so it can’t tell if it’s faster or
21:34slower either you’re fatter or your
21:36leaner and it’s just it’s a very like
21:39rule of some way of measuring body fat
21:42but it’s not super accurate so you get
21:43people that step on these and they are
21:45so dismayed or they’ve been working hard
21:48and they don’t see it go down well
21:49chances are your scale probably isn’t
21:51telling an accurate picture the the
21:54better way to do it if you go to like a
21:56doctor’s office or a lot of gems will
21:58have a professional-quality one and it’s
22:00a million times more accurate so you can
22:03actually start to see some true progress
22:05if you measure yourself over time on
22:06that type of scale
22:07so they do work you just said you need a
22:09little bit of a higher end one to really
22:11be accurate
22:12yes it’s more accurate still be probably
22:14like plus you know plus or minus two
22:16percent you know but it’s relatively
22:18close there there’s much more advanced
22:20ways i can do a submersion test where
22:22you actually are submerged in this pool
22:25and it’s very accurate but you’re paying
22:26a lot of money are going to some sort of
22:28university to get those done so
22:29ok you go to the gym and that’s probably
22:31best that i actually got it so it’s
22:35really he said to measure your body fat
22:37how was there can i have heard calipers
22:40and things like that those accurate at
22:42yeah it totally like if you’re working
22:44with a professional you can have someone
22:46was going to go ahead and buy a set of
22:48calipers and tried on themselves
22:49I’d say that probably looking for 13
22:51very accurate probably is not going to
22:54have you read had done before I you know
22:57what I i had 1i guess what you were
22:59talking about before we step on it and I
23:01told you your your percentage of
23:04happened also gave you like what your
23:06actual age would theoretically be you
23:09know like not you’re a certain age but
23:10wages your body into that and I don’t
23:13know if that was accurate or anything
23:15like that but i did well on it i was
23:16like i got like 30 for something like
23:18that so i think it was really accurate
23:20you from going to go there was one of
23:22the most accurate things I’ve ever seen
23:23that you can go feeling pretty good
23:26about yourself at least go for it
23:28absolutely but a ir this is the calipers
23:32i remember when i was in university
23:33actually we were being taught how to use
23:35calipers on a client and are inserted
23:37kind gave us a parent said hey go
23:39measure your triceps fold on your
23:41partner and I remember just taking the
23:43state pension away until I found some
23:44sort of skinfold I could grab on behind
23:47i don’t know what the reading was glad
23:49sure it was not even close to accurate
23:51so you know calipers yeah they can work
23:53with someone who’s trained but most most
23:55people probably just be pinching their
23:57fat that’s about it what you need to
23:59hear about like these bodybuilders that
24:01that for a guy they get their body sat
24:03down to like five percent or six percent
24:06or so maybe even less than that i don’t
24:08know i mean how healthy is that for
24:11yeah you know like again it Spence
24:14trends on up a person like from person
24:16to person to myself I’m of the body type
24:20orphan an ectomorph for someone who is
24:21naturally really lean really skinny
24:24hence why girls that the comment about
24:25my skinny arms but I I walk around but
24:28you know it probably five or six percent
24:30body fat just that’s what my body likes
24:32to do when I’m acting I love it was the
24:34percent like 55 or 60 you do wow wow
24:38but for me so the contrast of that is an
24:41active more has a really tough time
24:43building muscle whereas you know someone
24:45baby like yourself can go into the gym
24:47and work out a couple weeks and all the
24:48sudden you see those muscles popping it
24:50as tough for me so it just depends on
24:53your body type
24:54ok Wow and what are the types you just
24:57said the active morph and what was the
24:59other one
24:59wow there’s three so ectomorph is the
25:01beanpole mesomorph is kind of the
25:05athletic build and that’s you know
25:06that’s sort of the idea when you can put
25:08on muscle quite quickly can also shed
25:10fat quite quickly and then the opposite
25:12end of the scale from the ectomorph is
25:14the endomorphism that someone you know
25:16your picture a big linebacker/defensive
25:18football player big heavy guys who can
25:23pack on the way but for them to actually
25:25trim down is quite quite difficult
25:26understood and damage there is there one
25:29is there one body type that you see more
25:31this is the one body type that comes to
25:33you more for training or not really sort
25:35of a flip of the coin
25:37Wow for me because I deal with weight
25:38loss i don’t see many ectomorph
25:40leicestershire okay so yeah a lot of
25:42metamorphosis ananda more and more some
25:45particular because they’re quite often
25:48the clients will come and say I’ve tried
25:50everything and nothing works and in
25:52reality their bodies just predisposed to
25:54hold a little bit more fat than maybe
25:56the rest of the population is but I
25:59always tell them just because that’s
26:00your predisposition that doesn’t
26:02necessarily mean that that’s the
26:03predictive outcome once you take the
26:05right steps
26:06understood understood well they’ve we
26:11come to the inevitable part of our
26:13interview we’re and maybe you’ve
26:14answered this but work we’re looking for
26:16that holy grail of help me if i were to
26:18pose that question to Dave Smith what
26:20would you consider to be the holy grail
26:23of health
26:24what would that be sir like the holy
26:27grail for me is to be able to move your
26:29body pain free in a way that will allow
26:32you to do the thing
26:33do you want to do and you know for an
26:36athlete that might mean something
26:37different than you know a parent who
26:39wants to be able to play with their kids
26:40or a weekend warrior who wants to go for
26:42a run
26:42so if you can do the activities you want
26:46to do and you feel good doing them is
26:48pretty hard to argue with that pretty
26:50hard to look at a body fat scale and say
26:51I’m doing something wrong you can write
26:53you everything he’s ever you want to do
26:55yeah Wow powerful stuff powerful stuff
26:58maybe you you were chosen as canada’s
27:00top fitness professional in 2013
27:04what was that like I was pretty exciting
27:08actually I had a little chuckle when you
27:09brought up that subway research because
27:11the vehicle Lord was actually sponsored
27:13by subway and oh sorry no that’s all
27:18good but then the the kind of funny side
27:21of this is side to get up i was in an
27:23audience basically there’s like 15,000
27:25personal trainers from across canada for
27:27at this conference and announced that I
27:29was chosen I go onstage and asked me to
27:31give to give a speech and this guy from
27:34subways there with a big check
27:36presenting me with this check for
27:37winning this award and I don’t obligated
27:39to like be nice to subway and so I said
27:42something about her was but I remember
27:45saying all I love the whatever turkey
27:48sub I just get something like made it
27:49out of my head and he looked really
27:51happy that i mentioned subway in handing
27:53me my check so I saw their savings and I
27:56hope it was a really big jack ready to
28:00cook and the funny thing to go with this
28:02check they gave me I don’t have some of
28:05seeing them out maybe five thousand
28:07dollars worth of subway gift cards
28:09oh and I God for the next year just like
28:11gave anyone that I met here take ten
28:13bucks huh itself useful haha that’s
28:18great that’s great Dave people that want
28:20to learn more about you more about what
28:21you do and stuff like that
28:22how would be how would they get in touch
28:24with also you have your own podcast how
28:26would they find out about that the best
28:28places just checking my website so let’s
28:30make your body work dot-com and there
28:33you will find my podcast you’ll find my
28:35blog i have probably a couple hundred
28:39exercise videos that teach sort of those
28:42primal movements that we talked about
28:44and then if you have any questions
28:46honestly and seriously then my favorite
28:48part of my day is getting questions from
28:50people who are actually looking to
28:52change their health so anyone listening
28:54has questions feel free go to my website
28:56and shoot me an email
28:58Dave Smith thank you very much for being
29:00on the show sir was awesome and the list
29:02is I’m sure going to get a great deal
29:03out of it
29:04thanks dr. than any time is a pleasure
29:07being here talk shouldn’t think this
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