A practicing Chiropractor since 1978. Dr. Stanbridge has focused on pain and relieving suffering in a non-surgical, holistic way.

An early adopter of vibrational medicine, Dr Stanbridge investigated high-speed vibrations that would resonate with scar tissue and the combined effects of arc motion with the shearing force of planar waves.

Immediate and lasting results with patients who had suffered chronically with issues led to the formation, along with Co-Founder Jeff Maier, an accomplished inventor and sales professional, of Rapid Release Therapy which today is poised to become the “go to” therapy for physical therapists, chiropractors, sports trainers and the health and medical community in general.

  • What is Rapid Release Therapy?
  • Discovering and implementing a new product?
  • Using success to create more success
  • What is myofascial release?
  • What’s the difference between muscle and fascia
  • The Importance of moving at least 10,000 steps a day
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0:00take back your health now episode 3
0:05you’re listening to the take back your
0:07health now podcast the show that
0:09interviews the top doctors athletes
0:12trainers and entrepreneurs to help you
0:14find the holy grail of health now here’s
0:17your host dr. dan Margolin hi this is
0:26dr. damn are going with take back your
0:28health now the show where we pull out
0:30all the stops in search of Health holy
0:33grail today’s guests or it’s gonna be
0:35exciting show we have dr. Stanley
0:37stanbridge and mr. Jeff Meyer they are
0:39the inventors of rapid release therapy
0:42let me read you their bio here a doctor
0:44establishes a practicing chiropractor
0:46since 1978 dr. Stan bridges focused on
0:50pain and relieving suffering in a
0:52non-surgical holistic way is an early
0:54adopter of vibrational medicine doctor
0:57stanbridge investigated high-speed
0:59vibrations that would resonate with scar
1:01tissue and the combined effects of Arc
1:03motion with the shearing force of planar
1:06waves immediate and lasting results with
1:09patients who has suffered chronically
1:11with issues led to the formation along
1:14with co founder jeff mayor and
1:16accomplished inventor and sales
1:17professional of rapid release therapy
1:19which today is poised to become the go
1:22to therapy for physical therapist
1:24chiropractors sports trainers and the
1:27health and medical community in general
1:29dr. stanbridge Jeff how are you guys
1:31doing great think wonderful excellent
1:34thank you for having a son also it’s our
1:36pleasure excited to have you on so you
1:38know let’s just jump in what is rapid
1:40release therapy rapid relief therapy or
1:43the technology is targeted high-speed
1:46vibration that when it’s applied to the
1:49body targets scar tissue adhesions it
1:54resonates with those hard in movable
1:58tissues to the point where they will
2:01begin to break up what they’re exposed
2:04to that that my intent high-intensity
2:07vibration those that the best way to
2:09kind of get a visual of that is when the
2:12opera singer hits the right
2:13note and shatters the wine glass right
2:16it’s because she’s hit a certain
2:18frequency that resonates with that wine
2:21Wow everything has a red everything he
2:23has a resonant frequency so when these
2:26vibrations start traveling through the
2:27body at this frequency that we use it
2:31will target the scar tissue and begin to
2:33break it out that’s restoring mobility
2:36and relieving pain because that scar
2:40tissues attach the healthy tissue when
2:41you try to move your arm or pull against
2:44that scar tissues it’s anchored into
2:46healthy tissue and cause a lot of pain
2:48right if those occasions if those
2:50adhesions are gone before you get your
2:53range of motion back and the pain level
2:54goes way down and there are other
2:57effects as well there’s that targeted
2:59mean the sonic vibration reflex which
3:02elicits and triggers of in it’s it’s a
3:05it’s a reflex you can’t stop it from
3:08happening it instantly relaxes muscles
3:10because of the frequency that we use and
3:12so the overall feeling that the person
3:16gets even after a short session is quite
3:19remarkable it’s not it’s not like
3:21anything else and you know i just i
3:23don’t know if you notice we actually in
3:24my practice we do use it we’ve had some
3:26great success with it so i actually am
3:28quite familiar with the with the therapy
3:30so here’s my question how did you
3:32discover this application for racial
3:35technology like how did you actually
3:36come up with the the right vibration how
3:38did you figure this out
3:40well you know with the the name of your
3:42show in and it kind of the Holy of
3:45seeking the Holy Grail health and with
3:49my exposure to a number of different
3:51modalities and investigating other kinds
3:54of therapies inventing other therapies i
3:57was left with this kind of nagging idea
3:59that there had to be some things that
4:02could be used with no side effects that
4:09the person didn’t really have to have a
4:12lot of training a lot of time and effort
4:14invested into you know a profession of
4:18whatever they could actually use a tool
4:21that if it was used properly could have
4:25a benefit
4:27effect a wide number of people and so
4:31these are the thoughts are going through
4:32my mind and and I’m asking myself
4:35questions well what if I did this what
4:37if i use that this way what if I and it
4:40ultimately got to the point where i made
4:43the first device i strictly out of
4:47curiosity what would happen if if we did
4:50this and after some failures made the
4:55first device took it into my office the
4:58next day telling patients have put this
5:02together it feels really good can i
5:04start can I use it on your shoulder can
5:07i use it on your carpal tunnel can i use
5:09it on your knee where that’s going to be
5:10my question like what what are you using
5:11it on right like what would be its like
5:13some of the more common things you were
5:14initially started using it on initially
5:17had great success with particular early
5:21rotator cuff injuries of the shoulder
5:23and carpal tunnel type symptoms
5:26well and the results were jaw-dropping
5:30amazing i would see things that I’ve
5:32been in practice for 30 years at this
5:33point I’d never seen anything works so
5:36well so quickly and it lasted like I
5:43would see a patient on a monday their
5:45shoulder improved vastly they would come
5:47in on wednesday you and we’re talking
5:505-10 years old conditions they’re coming
5:54in moving their arms the shoulders like
5:56I don’t know what you did doc but i
5:59haven’t felt this good in 10 years and
6:01very good long-lasting stable changes
6:05your front like prior prior to the rapid
6:07release like what would for the shoulder
6:09like what would have been the treatment
6:10would have gone to surgery what they’ve
6:12done cortisone injection like what else
6:13would they have done to try to write a
6:16lot of whether the chiropractic visits
6:19whether it’s physical therapy surgeries
6:23of course cortisone injections and I
6:25would see people with histories of being
6:29two other chiropractors being too
6:30physical therapist being to the surgeon
6:32taking the drugs getting the shots and
6:35nothing was working and without any
6:39exaggeration within
6:40minute first thing changes that nothing
6:43else produce well well listen I i
6:47remember years ago having a patient with
6:49carpal tunnel syndrome that was gonna
6:51have surgery and she we refer to a
6:54chiropractor just to get some adjustment
6:57and you know what it actually cured it
6:58and she cancel the surgery so I’ve heard
7:01some remarkable things and you know
7:03Justin having used her your rapid
7:05release I mean I just seen things like
7:07sort of unbelievable you have a question
7:09like if i were to talk to like the
7:11audience it will explain to them how
7:12does this differ from like the massager
7:15that I have at home or how is it how is
7:17it different from that
7:18well what we use is targeted high-speed
7:21vibration and we have a very small
7:23stroke it’s only about a sixteenth of an
7:25inch but it’s moving very fast so even
7:29though you can’t even see it moving
7:30really it feels very dress and but it’s
7:34safe enough to use on just about any
7:35part of your body so even someone that’s
7:38in like a acute car accident or what
7:41acute sprained ankle where it hurts to
7:44the touch but for some reason rapid
7:45release seems to be able to go over it
7:47without triggering paint forum so you
7:51can have somebody with an acute injury
7:53that you can actually use it on without
7:54really being worried
7:55obviously there’s no fracture something
7:57underlying it but without really worried
7:59about irritating the person or damaging
8:01its issues right because they’re
8:03typically in like a muscle guarding mode
8:06and and which is same physical mechanism
8:09as cramps and spasms and it’s very
8:11painful but you know like for example
8:13the hockey teams love it because the guy
8:15gets slammed in the board becomes kind
8:16of limping off to the side and they just
8:19fix him up in 30 seconds with rapid
8:21release and I wouldn’t have believed it
8:23if it didn’t happen to me I got a bike
8:24accident i couldn’t put any weight on my
8:26leg and I came back
8:28luckily had the rapid release at home
8:29and i put on my leg night went to see if
8:32i can put weight on it I couldn’t
8:34believe it was like back to normal
8:35that quick I mean how like so when
8:37you’re looking at someone’s typical
8:39results like how quickly do they feel it
8:41and I guess how long do they last time
8:43is it something that well I don’t know
8:45what with some of the typical things you
8:47talk about shoulders or i guess like
8:48shin splints or something like that
8:50would they feel the results like
8:51immediately and and
8:53how long would it last from that point
8:54on you know shin splints is that I’m
8:56glad you brought that one up
8:57we have immediate and lasting effect on
8:59shin splints but you know the answer to
9:03question it it’s all over the map
9:05you know some people have back pain you
9:06use it you they get immediate relief but
9:08it comes back the next day other people
9:11that you know maybe been in a car
9:12accident and had back pain for 20 years
9:14they can get you know four or five
9:16treatments and get long-lasting relate
9:18because we remove the scar tissue that
9:19was causing the aches and pains so it
9:22really depends on what the issue is
9:24for example on tendonitis we typically
9:27get about a forty or fifty percent
9:29improvement in the pain level after one
9:33treatment next one another forty to
9:35fifty percent but it’s kind of a
9:36diminishing return because you know work
9:40tendinitis is not something that we
9:42clear on one trip but you know I think
9:45if you use it about three or four
9:47treatments and maybe combine it with
9:49some stretching or exercise maybe lay
9:51off a little bit
9:52it does a great job to get rid of why
9:54this is probably sort of a strange
9:55question but if you were to say like
9:56percentage-wise how much quicker
9:58somebody would heal up with us some of
10:00these injuries shoulder back compared to
10:03conventional versus the rapid release is
10:06there any date on like how much faster
10:08it heals it up we did then formal study
10:11at Camp Pendleton that the people in the
10:14basic training their injuries they had
10:17lots of data from years of you know how
10:19long it took them to get back on active
10:20duty you know and when incorporated
10:23rapid release along with the other
10:25physical therapy that they were doing
10:26and if you discount the people that
10:29broke arms legs and stuff like that they
10:32were back on track and working with
10:35sixty percent quicker then without using
10:38rapid release your hands on the best
10:40tremendous a wide range of injuries
10:43wow you know when you first when you
10:45first discovered these kind of results
10:46you must have been jumping up and down I
10:48mean that’s pretty crazy right
10:50absolutely and i remember those first
10:53patients i remember those first early
10:55days and a very good friend of mine a
10:57colleague of mine good note for all my
11:01professional career
11:03I began using the rapid release and I i
11:06I’d pick up the phone and tell them what
11:09was happening Mike you know this person
11:11with five years of rotator cuff injury
11:15you paint the all-day all-night can’t
11:20can’t use the arm and shoulder five
11:22years with suffering and is like one or
11:26two sessions and it’s ninety-five
11:28percent improved and then the next day
11:30was an ankle injury the next day it was
11:33a sin splits the next day was a hit the
11:35next day was carpal tunnel and he got he
11:39he got so frustrated with eight calling
11:43him so excited after 30 years of
11:46practice he said we’ll build me one
11:48wow I went back to to my friends shop
11:54who’s the metal fabricator and and I
11:56made him one and pretty soon he’s
11:58calling me as much as I’m calling him
12:00because after 30 years neither about
12:03that ever seen witness or heard of
12:07anything that would produce these quick
12:11lasting painless result
12:14wow what doctors say this is going to be
12:16a culmination of a life story in terms
12:18of like really reaching your goal i I’ve
12:20got to assume that you wanted to
12:21chiropractic to help people and find
12:23alternative methods and stuff like that
12:25so do you feel like you sort of reach
12:26that pinnacle like was this what you
12:28were searching for honestly that that is
12:31a great question no one put a question
12:34like that to me before and I will be
12:38honest with you I can’t envision you
12:43know when it comes to musculoskeletal
12:44issues i can’t envision anything working
12:49better than what rapid release is doing
12:54we have a PhD a physical therapist dr.
12:59at the University of Texas Southwestern
13:02Medical Center who’s doing clinical
13:05trials for us been doing it for the last
13:08year or longer the preliminary results
13:13are phenomenal his clinicians have
13:16they walk by every other modality in
13:19their clinic brand will use the rapid
13:23release and these are not fresh
13:26graduates these are people who are
13:28season they’ve been in the profession
13:30for many years they go to what works and
13:34invariably they’re picking up the rapid
13:37release because they know they know
13:38their patients will see a change rapidly
13:41and I’ve got to imagine like just
13:44athletes are being drawn to this to for
13:46the same reason I mean if you’re looking
13:47at that kind of an increase in getting
13:49back to normal in our consumers like a
13:51magnet for the sports industry
13:54besides the scar tissue adhesions
13:55there’s also a myofascial the foster
13:58restrictions and also a lot of people at
14:01work out a lot of the and especially
14:04weightlifters they get a little lab
14:06hypoxia and the muscles where they don’t
14:08have enough oxygen and all those
14:10restrict the the ease of movement and
14:14you know we do demos like just on the
14:16hand i can i can use rapid release on
14:18your hand for about 90 seconds and then
14:22have you open up close both hands and
14:24it’s like one feels like it’s like in
14:26case to a concrete composter it the
14:29other way just feels free and open and
14:30like it’s in now how’s it doing that is
14:32it’s actually getting the blood flow to
14:33actually increase to the to the
14:35musculature and i was working
14:37yes that that’s one of the ways that
14:39it’s working but also just completely
14:41relaxing the muscles with that atomic
14:43vibration reflex and getting rid of any
14:45adhesions and kind of reforming the faja
14:49you know we have a lot of people with
14:51flash injuries which is where a lot of
14:53people like this room to me just explain
14:55to the audience little bit just the
14:56difference between I guess the muscles
14:58on the and the fashion how they have
15:00they relate to each other just to find
15:02it a little bit more clearly
15:04sure you can think of prussia kinda like
15:05you do an orange each little selling the
15:08orange has a faja wrapping around it and
15:10then each section of the orange has
15:12flash around it and then the orange
15:14itself has the posh around it and that’s
15:16how our muscles are in fact your father
15:18is considered an organ that would be the
15:19number would be the biggest organ in our
15:21body and its really key to our a
15:24structure and how we move and not only
15:27that but all the mechanoreceptors and
15:29other nociceptors where we see feel pain
15:34is all in are mostly all in or wash it
15:37so it’s a very critical organ or getting
15:42a complaint and that’s where the not
15:44sorry and going back to the athletes
15:46before they work out it’s really nice to
15:48stimulate that blood flow and get a warm
15:51up really quick so you can imagine a
15:52picture instead of throwing 20 pitches
15:55to warm up now we only have to throw
15:57again so he’s got two more pitches that
15:59he complained the game
16:00well let me ask the question that the
16:02week when you came out with this I mean
16:03this is to some degree revolutionising
16:06that industry right
16:07anytime somebody can bring something to
16:10market that revolutionizes an industry
16:12there’s gotta be some backlash
16:14so what did you run into any like what
16:16kind of like just you come out with us
16:18tell me tell me this like how did you
16:19so now you’ve got this thing and you’re
16:21gonna bring it out and let people know
16:22about it what was that like
16:24well that’s a great question too because
16:27we do have cover practicer customers
16:34physical therapy customers who almost
16:37view it as a threat because they’ll say
16:40something like well if i get my patients
16:44better so quick you know that’s going to
16:46reduce my regular informations I see my
16:49patient my patient visits my collections
16:52you know I mean what what if a patient
16:55decides to buy it and then I’ve lost
16:59lost a patient that have lost the income
17:01from that patient coming in to see me
17:03regularly so there’s those kinds of
17:06things have come up in the reality is
17:08that by having a rapid release in their
17:11practice whether it’s a trainer of
17:13physical therapist and massage therapist
17:15or a chiropractor by having that
17:17advice and improving their outcomes
17:20their referrals dramatically increases
17:24that that’s what I’ve only looks and as
17:25a podiatrist I’ve always thought the
17:26same thing the faster I can get you out
17:28of pain
17:29the faster I can get you back though the
17:31happier you’re going to be the more
17:32people you’re going to tell and actually
17:33the bigger i’m going to get so I I
17:35understand what you’re saying I could
17:36see people’s viewpoint but it never
17:38seemed to play out that we always play
17:39that listen you do the best for the
17:40patient and they’ll tell a lot of people
17:43and you’ll do great so I could just see
17:45this as a a wonderful adjunct to any
17:48yep absolutely correct now let me ask
17:51you what um who could use this like I i
17:53know a podiatrist chiropractors who else
17:56I can be used by pretty much any
17:59profession or how would i would my
18:01audience find out more about who would
18:03actually be able to administer this to
18:06that’s a great question Dan and you know
18:09the bottom line is anybody that’s in
18:10pain or limited range of motion can
18:13benefit from this and the easiest ways
18:16to find a doctor that’s close by
18:18you know we’ve got hundreds of docs
18:20Justin are within 20 mile radius of
18:22where we are and we’re spreading around
18:24the country but you know it’s a very
18:27quick treatment i’m usually about three
18:29to five minutes and the price ranges
18:32from you know twenty to fifty dollars
18:34depending on your zip code but you know
18:38we we do have a new personal unit that
18:41we’re launching right now too and should
18:42be ready in about one hour
18:44wow so that we really want to
18:47democratize healthcare and we kind of
18:49want to eliminate the gatekeeper you
18:50know which is the doctor that decides
18:52whether or not you get the right and you
18:54know where to buy it in fact that kind
18:57of brings up a story sometimes we’re at
18:58a trade show and we’ll fix it
19:01a doctor shoulder the wrist or whatever
19:03that they’ve had problems on for you
19:05know years and they will buy a machine
19:07and we’re just kind of scratching our
19:09heads like did you see what I think hey
19:11good this guy’s not buying it is
19:14depriving his patients of this amazing
19:15treatment and we want to be we want to
19:21spread this what like what do you think
19:23that is I know like sometimes people
19:24will see results and they don’t
19:27necessarily believe it or like you you
19:29think that’s just someone like to
19:31skeptical or what do you think that
19:33might be what you know in the
19:35chiropractic space i think going back to
19:36what Stan said is that you know it
19:39almost works too good in the physical
19:41therapy space we do the same thing when
19:43someone has a great result and the ask
19:46is well where’s your proof on this you
19:48know where the double-blind studies and
19:51we’re kind of scratching her head on
19:52that too it’s like well you know it is
19:54not say how we found out about a
19:56physical therapist that is a friends of
19:58the practice came in with it very
20:00excited and she said in would you mind
20:02if I started doing this on your doctors
20:04and I’m like well sure
20:06and she pulled one of the doctors
20:07overhead Alex limited others the big toe
20:10was jammed up and she actually did the
20:13rapid release on for about five minutes
20:15and he said Dan for the rest of the day
20:18he was in there
20:20Bonnie like it worked so well so that
20:22was our first real you know that’s
20:23that’s the first time we actually even
20:25heard about it but what was cool as you
20:27also brought it there with such a level
20:28of excitement so are you finding that
20:31people that the physicians the physical
20:33therapist that are using this are also
20:35really getting on board really telling a
20:37lot of people are really are they
20:39bringing that excitement to it that you
20:40don’t often see to some of the some of
20:42the treatments
20:43yeah absolutely what I i was going to
20:47say it
20:48Jeff you can take this in a minute but I
20:50was going to say that when we do trade
20:52shows when we go to cover practice
20:55yeah we’ve been in business now for
20:58about five years and invariably we will
21:01have customers that chiropractors
21:04walking up to our bows and stopping by
21:07to chat and say hi and you know we’re
21:11demonstrating the device to people have
21:12never seen it before and they walk up to
21:15the booth and they will say one of two
21:18things i love this thing or my patients
21:24love this and they will tell the person
21:27sitting there getting their first
21:29demonstration they will tell them and
21:31they’re strangers they don’t know each
21:33other they will look at them in the is-8
21:35you have to get this this thing is
21:38we’re mouse best thing right
21:43oh that we get emails probably on
21:46average two or three a day of people
21:48just ecstatic about their treatment or
21:50two results that are getting or them
21:52extra cash to bring into their practice
21:54and it just makes us feel so good and
21:57and I know that’s one of the reasons
21:58that had the book me and stand getting
22:01this in this business we really want to
22:04expand this and really help as many
22:05people as we possibly can that sir
22:08our goal for our business and and that’s
22:10why Stan doesn’t practice as a
22:11chiropractor anymore cuz he can touch so
22:13many more people’s lives with rapid
22:15release than he could ever do
22:16Wow well in that case okay you know one
22:19of the things that we’re looking for the
22:20thing that we’re looking for here is
22:22really like the the holy grail of health
22:24let’s work for the audience we’re trying
22:26to like help them age not only
22:28gracefully but but youthfully right so
22:31dr. standard you’ve been in practice for
22:3230 years what what would you say are
22:35some of the main reasons that people
22:37aged and and like their joints agent
22:41aside from the rapid release how could
22:42they avoid that how could they avoid
22:45those kind of situations well as we age
22:48the number one reason people die is
22:53circulatory related whether it’s
22:57arterial or mainly the heart so as we
23:02age all the other causes of death
23:05decrease and circulatory issues increase
23:09so what is that what does that tell me
23:11that tells me that people are not moving
23:16well you know the way you exercise your
23:18heart is to keep your body in motion
23:21you’ve got to have fresh oxygenated
23:23blood to all the muscles of the body if
23:27you’re moving if you’re exercising
23:29you’re consuming oxygen the heart has to
23:32work a little harder to get that blood
23:34flowing the oxygen into those muscles so
23:37you can keep doing what you do if you
23:39sit and watch TV or you sit and you’re
23:44on your computer your your muscles are
23:48getting weaker
23:49your heart is getting weaker so one
23:51thing I would tell everybody it’s very
23:54simple and we all hear it every day
23:57but it’s true get out and walk for half
24:00an hour to an hour a day to your 10,000
24:03steps if you do that one thing you will
24:07bypass so many health related issue it
24:11would be amazing and you know it’s it’s
24:13funny because you do you you walk around
24:15and you see people that they don’t look
24:18that healthy anymore you know we’re
24:20living in a world where there’s so much
24:22money put into healthcare and I just see
24:24among patients to see it almost seems to
24:27me like patients are getting sicker and
24:29have you noticed that yourself yeah yeah
24:33I i agree and it it goes back to a
24:36sedentary life and lifestyle well well I
24:41think what you guys are doing is
24:42actually combating that by making people
24:44pain-free when they’re walking actually
24:46allowing them to be more more active dr.
24:50Sanderson and Jeff how would people find
24:53out more about if they wanted to get in
24:54touch with your they wanted to learn
24:56more about the rapid release how would
24:58they do that
25:00I just search for rapid release on
25:02google and you’ll see we’ll have about
25:05the first 20 20 pages there and we do
25:08have a page specifically for people that
25:11are in pain and how to help them get out
25:12of paying wonderful
25:13well dr. Sandra Jeff bar thank you so
25:16much for joining us this has been a an
25:18awesome interview I really appreciate I
25:20think it’s given people some great
25:21information and i’m sure some of them
25:24will be contacting you about and I thank
25:25you so much for your time thank you dr.
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