Dr. Robert Weil, D.P.M. specializes in podiatric medicine, orthotics and sports medicine.  He’s written a column for the Naperville Sun and Aurora Beacon since 2007 as “The Sports Doctor”.  His goal is to provide sports medicine information to athletes, their families, coaches and all readers.

Additionally, Dr. Weil hosts a weekly radio show, “The Sports Doctor” on Healthy Life.net. He addresses current topics in medicine and sports and often include guest speakers who bring a wealth of knowledge from their various professional backgrounds.

  • How are athlete’s foot needs different?
  • What are foot problems doing to our kids?
  • What makes an optimal athlete?
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0:00take back your health now episode 29
0:07you’re listening to the take back your
0:09health now podcast the show that
0:11interviews the top doctors athletes
0:13trainers and entrepreneurs to help you
0:16find the holy grail of health now here’s
0:19your host dr. dan Margolin is dr. Ghanem
0:27are going with another segment of take
0:29back your health now where we pull out
0:30all the stops in search of Health’s holy
0:33grail we’re very excited to have dr.
0:35Robert wild DPM on our show we
0:38specialize in podiatric medicine
0:40orthotics and sports medicine he’s
0:43written a column for the natural son and
0:45aurora beacon since 2007 as the sports
0:49his goal is to provide sports medicine
0:51information to athletes your family’s
0:53coaches and all readers
0:55additionally dr. Wallace a weekly radio
0:57show the sports doctor unhealthy place
0:59dotnet he addresses current topics in
1:01medicine and sports and often includes
1:04guest speakers who bring a wealth of
1:05knowledge from the various professional
1:07backgrounds that while welcome to the
1:09hey dr. dan it’s nice to be with you we
1:12traded radio shows in a diet again on
1:15the sports doctor few weeks ago i’m
1:17returning the favor it’s good to be with
1:20you congratulations are not on your
1:22podcast will thank you so much and it
1:24was really really fun having you on the
1:25show we met what we need about a year
1:27ago in New York City at that summit and
1:29we saw that yes I i have been taking
1:33part of the past three years in the
1:34National Publicity summit representing
1:38my radio show where media from all over
1:41the country comes in gives individuals
1:43at that time you were are promoting your
1:46book and I and so you one of the guys
1:50who speed dated me so it was it was
1:53great to to to have but your
1:55acquaintance and then to finally get
1:57John sports doc was great being honest
2:00so that all you are podiatrist and I
2:02just let’s just just go back a little
2:03bit what drew you into becoming a
2:05podiatrist are you know where years ago
2:08i was interested in in some aspect of
2:11the medical field of Dentistry was one
2:14of my interests was always great to tell
2:16girlfriend’s parents that I was thinking
2:18to go into dental school you know it’s
2:20rest of mexican years ago and then
2:24podiatry came along I wasn’t that
2:26familiar with it at all but I i like the
2:29idea that it wasn’t our life and death
2:31situations there were various areas
2:35whether was pediatrics weather with
2:37geriatrics are that while you can get
2:39involved in surgically and about six
2:44seven years after i got involved in
2:47practice i met a very famous sports
2:51kinesio therapist by the name of Bob
2:53gajda bob was an ex mr. America mr.
2:56universe in the sixties went on to
2:58become an individual that people from
3:02all over the country that John McEnroe’s
3:04the eighty-five super bowl bears the
3:06walter payton’s came to see to rehab or
3:10to be a step quicker back in those days
3:13high-performance most uh athletes didn’t
3:18have spell it and I was the Fox
3:20consultant the diet rest’s so with my
3:23fingers crossed I started getting an
3:25opportunity to put orthotics in the
3:27shoes of some of these superstars and it
3:30was a very exciting to get that
3:33well what’s it like working with these
3:35kind of elite athletes and what with
3:37several experiences uh well you got
3:40a-you got to be good sports
3:40psychologists who feel can imagine I
3:43which we feature there are a lot I I
3:45think it’s definitely a challenge for
3:47various reasons one being that many
3:50great athletes are surrounded by all
3:54sorts of influences you know I’ve been
3:57to this doctor that dr. have been to the
3:59team doctor I’ve been talking to this
4:01therapist so sometimes it’s difficult
4:03you know he might take your orthotics
4:06and thrown out the window if he doesn’t
4:08feel comfortable in the year the first
4:09day or two that he’s he’s using them so
4:13they definitely was at the same time are
4:16being a sports fan myself Rangers are
4:19very exciting to be around are we got a
4:23very involved in the world of um r of
4:27baseball football but one of the things
4:30that was very exciting
4:32in the late seventies i met a famous
4:34city skating coach candy brown we just
4:38did an article on candy cold she started
4:41it all
4:42are we have a great newsletter called
4:44hyper school performance figure skating
4:46I can be introduced me to the world of
4:48figure skating and I’ve been putting
4:51orthotics and see your skates dr. dan
4:53for probably three to have for decades
4:55and the highlight of that career was one
5:01of the young boys who grew up here in
5:03naperville illinois where I’ve been
5:05transplanted from New York all these
5:08years are the evan lysacek was 10 years
5:11old 18 foot orthotics and his skates 15
5:14years later he was the Olympic gold
5:16medalist his 2010 in vancouver so i had
5:20the opportunity to show a lot of the
5:24medical world the value of podiatry be
5:30included in the whole sports criteria
5:34and the value also of our proper foot
5:40leg and body positioning with your
5:43thoughts really brings to the table so
5:46it was very exciting one of my
5:48specialties is the high-performance
5:50young boy or girl whether they’re a
5:53soccer player or whether they are figure
5:55skater will they were a dancer etc and
5:58you know are in the area above the
6:02pressure on some of these young kids in
6:05the overuse injuries and all these
6:07problems that we see in podiatry is in
6:10the middle a lot of it you know all day
6:12i’m sure you sing the song girls own
6:15connected to the ankle bones connected
6:17to the knee bone right up sure
6:18absolutely nothing at all they want
6:20absolutely practice doctors you know
6:23some of the people that we may not be
6:24completely familiar with what an
6:25orthotic is so just described to them
6:27what that is an excellent great question
6:30you know because with where we’re
6:32surrounded by all sorts of myths
6:35regarding arch supports and foot support
6:38so the the properly done the job of
6:42orthotics really and it’s a insert
6:45that goes in shoes might go in our
6:48skates or skis my going grandma’s shoes
6:52but ideally orthotics are designed to
6:56are properly position the foot and ankle
6:59and lower leg so that everything works
7:02more efficiently the feet affect
7:05everything there are foundation so many
7:08times you know if you watch the doctor
7:09shows commercial on TV you see the
7:12five-minute of the policemen saying you
7:14know my back in my knees in my legs and
7:16he’s talking about orthotics
7:19ah but it usually we see course with
7:22prejudice but the profession that really
7:25is on top of the area of biomechanics
7:29the way our muscles and joints and
7:33tendons work together is to dietary and
7:37the ability again of them using
7:40orthotics for proper support our proper
7:43positioning of the foot
7:45there’s a big difference between the
7:47position of the foot and leg when we
7:48land on the heel every time you will we
7:51take a walk are when we land on our heel
7:54with generating about half our weight up
7:57our feet ankles legs hips and spine
7:58right you start running and jumping you
8:01could triple that if you want my figure
8:03skaters doing a triple jump you’re
8:05hitting the ice with 78 times you wait
8:08you better be in alignment is that how
8:11much they’re hitting it with when
8:12they’re doing those yes
8:13wow that’s it’s amazing that anybody
8:15survives and one of the big challenges
8:17of course is the you know I called The
8:20Prodigy sports where again you have
8:22young children and it’s one of the most
8:25popular articles on my website which is
8:28sports doctor radio.com dr. dan and the
8:31name of the article is young athlete one
8:35sport or many good question and it talks
8:38about the world of specialization where
8:41you might have in your office a young
8:43tennis player who might be 10 11 12
8:46years old and they’re playing 10 days a
8:48week ready right and they’re really
8:50pushing the envelope are regarding our
8:53stress on the on the growing body and I
8:57again that the podiatrist we just wrote
9:00an article on a called kids and Clete we
9:05were talking about are you the millions
9:08of young soccer plays what’s one of the
9:09most common things we see in podiatry
9:12with children is he’ll paid that we are
9:15absolutely and prophesize are growing be
9:17exactly the big growth centre on the
9:19back of the heel so what does soccer do
9:21they put a cluster of Crete right
9:24underneath your route routinely you know
9:27it’s just part of the part of the
9:29tradition so to speak
9:31I so in many instances where again
9:34talking about you want to be in the
9:36right shoe for your particular foot type
9:40you want to be in the right shoe for
9:42particular sport you might be playing
9:44and it’s hard to be the advice of
9:47podiatry when it comes out to those
9:49aspects with dr. let’s just go back to
9:53orthotics in that same realm right so
9:55normally when we make an orthotic for
9:57Joshua that comes off the street it’s
9:59pretty straightforward ready to take a
10:01plaster caster you use a scanner book
10:03when you’re making these orthotic seas
10:05in search for these elite ice skaters
10:08and how does that how does the process
10:09differ from just making it for somebody
10:13that’s not involved in the pencil well
10:15again you know one of the big challenges
10:16of any type of insert are orthotic
10:20devices it’s got to be comfortable if
10:22it’s not comfortable in trouble now in
10:24the figure skate well we might be
10:25talking about
10:27I a orthotic that’s got to be as narrow
10:30as one might be for a dress shoe right
10:34the woman that absolutely well again
10:36with we we got to be aware of the skate
10:40that the orthotics going in so that it’s
10:42it and that it’s properly we got to make
10:45sure that the devices minimum bulk
10:48enough so that it doesn’t take up too
10:51much room and cause that individual are
10:54to be uncomfortable
10:56ironically it’s no different if we’re
10:58putting the orthotic in grandma’s shoes
11:01or in whoever are we have to be dealing
11:03with are you know many times we see
11:06construction workers or we see people
11:09who are doing physical jobs
11:11and I consider them athletic in the guys
11:13climbing a ladder is jumping down off
11:16and up and down off a platforms or in
11:19and out of a truck etc etc so the
11:21orthotics got to be comfortable but I
11:24think we need to be using i like very
11:26flexible plastics that are virtually
11:28unbreakable and that can be moved from
11:32most of the kids we put orthotics and
11:34skate will be able to take them out of
11:36this skate to put them in their shoes so
11:39that they can switch them back and forth
11:41are but the real criteria again is
11:43making sure that we’re not taking up too
11:47much room in that skate shoe or ski or
11:50whatever for that individual to be
11:52uncomfortable and that also we are not
11:56selling somebody in our own orthotic AC
11:59around our follow-up is very important I
12:03see some of these individuals for a
12:06decade or two later in one regard or
12:08another where we really are following up
12:11and making sure that they’re comfortable
12:13and that we are achieving what we want
12:18to achieve and I think what’s very
12:19interesting also dr. dan is almost all
12:23the time we’re using orthotics my
12:26experience it’s because something hurts
12:28my heel hurts my arch hurts my ankles
12:31bother me we know shin splints need
12:34problems have the females i see who were
12:37active as a podiatrist or knee problems
12:40again because of the relationship of the
12:44foot up to the lower leg i really
12:48believe that any persistent ongoing
12:52lower extremity problem back hit knees
12:57if its ongoing in persistent it’s
13:00related to foot mechanics might not be
13:02directly caused by them but in some way
13:05shape or form is related to if I’m
13:08putting others in your skate shoes or
13:10your son or daughter’s skate shoes
13:12tomorrow number one where were or making
13:16sure that we are getting used to these
13:17things kind of gradually not putting
13:19them in our are skating doing triple
13:22jump double jump the first day we’ve got
13:25and I might be seeing that individual in
13:27a couple of weeks idea how are you
13:29comfortable that they feel good as a
13:30fitting well everything is going well
13:32but that’s exactly we might look for
13:35what’s interesting I and again I’m
13:37prejudiced but i I’ve never had a
13:40skating coach in 35 years
13:42I’m call me up and say you know dr.
13:44while you you made them slower you must
13:47got the salad right so enhancing
13:50performance step quicker that are
13:54balanced better alignment I better
13:59agility is one of the exciting new
14:02frontiers in again I say properly done
14:05orthotics are and i’m sure you’ve got an
14:08office filled of recreational and semi
14:12serious people they might be runners
14:14they might be golfers and probably
14:16everyone who says you know everything
14:18works better when I’ve got orthotics in
14:20my shoes and I think that’s one of the
14:22new frontiers you don’t need something
14:24wrong to benefit and that’s one of the
14:27things I tell parents or or applicable
14:29time when they look say dr. dan dr. Bob
14:33do I need is my son and daughter need
14:35orthotics and i say i have a better word
14:38for you and that’s what they benefit
14:40great right and that’s I sounded very
14:43positive and i’m now old enough
14:46it really that i have seen i have
14:49skating coaches matter of fact when I
14:51wrote the article about candy brown one
14:54mentholated seventies she we take her
14:57skate boots off the orthotics a 1979 on
15:0190-79 Wow write these guys the plastics
15:06and no wonder I can’t make any money
15:07these things that we’re out are the same
15:10time wow I’ve watched children grow up
15:14in them in various sports and I sound
15:18arm tremendous success and again
15:22speaking of knee problems and the plague
15:25of ACL injuries that we see in sports
15:29and probably 4521 in girls and females
15:34wider hips
15:36a different mechanical alignment to the
15:38knee hormonal differences i can count on
15:42one hand how many athletes girls I’ve
15:45seen who had orthotics in issues have a
15:48non arm of physical injury ACL injury
15:52changing direction are running hard you
15:56know a non-traumatic situation I and I
15:59think that’s again another one of the
16:00secrets that many times we see which is
16:03the attacking these neat concerns with
16:06proper foot alignment and I do add
16:11absolutely arm when we’re using
16:15orthotics and these kids the importance
16:18of foot ankle strengthening your hand
16:21balance exercises you know you walk into
16:24the gym of the school or even the gym of
16:27a competitive team and everybody’s
16:30worried about how much they could bench
16:31press but whose straightening their feet
16:33and ankles
16:34you’re right had the support of
16:36structure the thing that’s really like
16:37allowing you to compete i think one of
16:39the things you said was true like we’re
16:41getting people out of thing but i think
16:42the other thing that were actually also
16:43increasing that might not be so easy to
16:45measure is the longevity of that athlete
16:48exactly and again you know on the sports
16:51doctor and again you talk about the name
16:54of your show and there’s some of the
16:56different areas regarding health and
16:58wellness and fitness and this is
17:00something that we specialize in all of
17:02these years on the sports doctor whether
17:05i have expertise we talked a lot about
17:08the mental game of the psychology
17:11whether it’s a Terrence we’re all
17:13familiar with the overzealous sideline
17:16Little League dad this you know your
17:18rating rating are we talked a lot of
17:21nutrition we talked an awful lot about
17:23some our senior our wellness again
17:27regarding activity
17:30I’ve spent the past ten twelve years
17:32talking about the experts around the
17:35world on concussions
17:36so even though the scene running through
17:41the sports doctor again involved of the
17:44role of the foot in many instances than
17:49to guard your attention we talked a lot
17:53about of wellness of fitness and I know
17:56that effective you do we go to my
17:58website sports doctor radio.com go to
18:01radio shows and you’ll see the last
18:03month you’ll be able to read about when
18:06dr. dan was on and we really talked
18:08about our-our your success in your
18:11practice and and your podcast but what I
18:14you know I love your show cause youyou
18:15really cover such a role wide array of
18:18subjects and it all relates to help it
18:20all relates to this area but you’re
18:22capturing it from so many different
18:24angles it’s fascinating it’s it’s
18:26actually a joy to find something that’s
18:27in the same profession you know when
18:29you’re talking and you’re saying that
18:30you were going to be a dentist suppose I
18:32was gonna be at the first and I mean
18:34it’s almost as if we had sort of had
18:36this same background growing up
18:38yeah I think I messed up the chalk test
18:40in while you’re on the East Coast aren’t
18:42you aren’t you in germany jersey yes sir
18:44yeah i still have relatives and uh in in
18:47new jersey and by doing though I’m
18:50practice my new york accent at least
18:52once a week on the radio doctors and so
18:55I don’t have not i don’t want to lose
18:56the twine you know what I mean I didn’t
18:59I did city that’s a fact but you know
19:01just going to your point before I think
19:03I I had a patient come in and he had it
19:06was a young guy in his early forties
19:08that had a hip replacement and was going
19:10for another hip replacement and when I
19:12looked at his history he had plantar
19:14fasciitis about 15 years prior
19:17ok and I said well how did you have it
19:18treated he had cortisone injections and
19:21I said what about orthotics he had gone
19:23to three different diets and I really
19:25analyze and I said what did they offer
19:27you orthotics he did not even know what
19:30orthotics were doesn’t shock me again
19:34you know our profession is really turned
19:36to reconstructive surgery and
19:38everybody’s a surgeon and everybody’s
19:39looking to do surgery on but one of the
19:42questions I would ask of course if we’ve
19:46got some uh whether people are in their
19:4840 50 60 or older and they’ve got
19:51arthritis in the knees or the hips have
19:53worn out and we’ve got replacement of
19:55joints on what do you think caused that
19:58kind of wear and tear on the joint over
20:02the ears and almost always the
20:05malalignment kinds of factors that we’re
20:07talking about are involved so are the I
20:12i hope those kinds of incidences where
20:15podiatry again biomechanics has always
20:17been a real big topic into dietary in
20:21the role of orthotics but it’s been
20:23overshadowed in some regard over the
20:26past few decades with the explosion of
20:29the podiatric surgeon are and this is a
20:32tremendous expertise and in podiatric
20:35surgery there’s no doubt about it but I
20:38think a little bit into the background
20:40has been either the reluctance of
20:43podiatry to get up front and personal
20:46whether it’s with physical therapy with
20:48the orthopedic community with all the
20:52chiropractic community and be able to
20:55get them to understand that if properly
20:58done are orthotic therapy is elected
21:01cause it i’ll call it rather is almost
21:05without exception to step up even if you
21:07talking about on preventing problems and
21:11even though we don’t have a time machine
21:12to be able to say well you know let’s
21:15take a look at this guy 10-15 years ago
21:18and see how his knees would have been if
21:21we never interceded but clinically I’m
21:25sure your experiences the same that
21:27there aren’t many people of any if an
21:30orthotic is comfortable that don’t find
21:33the jhino doc my back feels a lot better
21:35and see my knees feel better and uh and
21:39and one of the challenges we have in
21:42sports medicine is that if the feet
21:45don’t hurt then often medicine will miss
21:50I’ve had people had knee surgery when a
21:53ball of yarn put under the arch might
21:55have been helpful ridiculous
21:58so uh but I think there’s been
22:00tremendous our improvement and progress
22:03made you know it’s not a team around
22:06professionally in any sport where you
22:10don’t see the dietary involved in some
22:12way shape or form and I think that’s
22:14great to see
22:15and I I definitely think you had a big
22:17hand in that but you know you know what
22:19I when I look at patients and I trained
22:20doctors always say listen I look at my
22:22job is to jobs wanted to get you the
22:24pain and choose to keep you out of pain
22:25and the get a pain might be quarters on
22:27it might be some kind of a cute thing
22:28but almost always they keep you out of
22:31pain is the orthotic is that realignment
22:33of the joints is that recognition of
22:35using a real shock absorber so that the
22:38foot is actually like that the pressure
22:40is taking off so it doesn’t affect me in
22:42the back and all these other things yeah
22:44i think you make a great point again
22:45again do you know the foot Michaels we
22:47know is a complicated ball and socket
22:50type mechanism there are few areas of
22:52the body the more sophisticated we might
22:54think our wrists and shoulders i can
22:58compare in complexity for yet walking on
23:02your hands or your shoulders
23:04although our another amending that once
23:05i was speaking to a large group of young
23:07gymnast in their parents and excuse
23:10raise their hand they said we walk on
23:11our hands all the time dr. actually no i
23:14said i stick
23:14I stand corrected but other times will
23:18see even the the suggestion of the
23:22proper shoe and the proper shoot type of
23:26many times can make a tremendous
23:28difference again because the first major
23:32shock absorber that you just mentioned
23:34of our whole body are our feet ankles
23:38and once you start running and jumping
23:40once you start changing direction I then
23:45all of a sudden we start to see how
23:48important are the foot Michael isn’t
23:50some three years it’s been out of sight
23:52out of mind are you know we want to be a
23:55good looking shoe with nice colors but
23:57whether or not it’s got the proper
23:59support etc sometimes a different story
24:02and usually that’s the best combination
24:04which is having somebody who’s fit
24:08properly and you know I had two experts
24:11one of my sponsors dr. dan locally is
24:14some new balance one of the popular
24:17brands of um of walking and running
24:19shoes and sports shoes with with sizing
24:24and I their expertise many had said to
24:27me they said that even with serious
24:29it’s a fleet over seventy-five percent
24:32of us aren’t even fit properly when it
24:36comes to shoes and i found that amazing
24:40that that did that was even close
24:43yeah no it isn’t like and the question
24:45asks you after this is also like how
24:47have you seen over the years shoes
24:49change in terms of you know their style
24:51their construction the support i think
24:54they come a long way baby I although i’m
24:58not a fan of less is better you know
25:01we’ve seen by calling the hula-hoop
25:03hula-hoop trends over the years were all
25:05of a sudden you had barefoot running and
25:07you had minimal shoes lighter lighter
25:10writer let them less unless we saw that
25:12challenge even in figure skating because
25:14the Russians were using these light
25:17light light light boots and all of a
25:19sudden here this is something that hate
25:22the Russians are doing it you know we
25:23want to copy it
25:24the question was whether you had the
25:26same structural integrity I and I
25:29remember 25 years ago roughly one of our
25:32colleagues Peter Kavanaugh and Penn
25:34State University wrote a book choosing
25:36the best shoe and the front cover with
25:38the Coolidge of about fifty brains or
25:41something like that
25:42yeah point was you know there is no
25:44exact up the shoe but for the most part
25:47I think they made great improvements in
25:50materials are in structure and stability
25:54but what’s interesting is all those
25:56years ago when you would ask individuals
25:59you know how long are with my running
26:02shoes for example be good for before I
26:04should change them though is a popular
26:06question that’s a grand one of the
26:08common answers was that you know for 500
26:11miles maybe something like that and then
26:13depending on the climate you know if you
26:15in Chicago or New Jersey and you’re
26:17running outside the winter whatever are
26:20the wear-and-tear I is is going to make
26:23a difference but even today if you ask
26:25how about how many miles does the top
26:29shoes really last
26:31and the answer is that you know for 500
26:33mile so durability
26:35I don’t think it’s changed very much
26:37over the years is that been your
26:39impression almost exactly the same thing
26:42i mean iíve seen what I’ve seen with
26:44shoes and I think it is related to
26:46potential that they become much more
26:47supportive at least for a time period i
26:50just want to say I started I had
26:52Achilles tendinitis so I wear orthotics
26:54myself and you know when we met at that
26:57summit I lift my orthotics in my shoes
27:00in my hotel room in New York City and
27:02contacts i actually did and i forgot
27:05about him and three weeks later I’m
27:06walking around the office and my
27:07Achilles tendon eyes flared up again so
27:10i’m actually like a living testimony to
27:12orthotics but I spoke with some athletes
27:15over the years some of them that are the
27:16minimalist runners are they basically
27:18run in know in stocks and I i decided to
27:22try it you know I actually did decide to
27:25try and for me you know it didn’t work
27:27it really was i needed the orthotic I
27:29needed to support and yes a lot of times
27:32we’ll see that you know the if an
27:34individual 4runner says you know I’ve
27:36never had problems are you know we’ve
27:39always recommended athletes whatever
27:41this sport was if you want to do a
27:43little bit running on the beach he
27:45wanted to work on sand where you could
27:46really work those seat and exercise
27:48those seat you wanted to run on a golf
27:51course where you could really be
27:52confident that the surface was safe
27:55I didn’t make a big deal i thought it
27:57was a good mixture right far as jogging
27:59was concerned with the sameness of the
28:01same kind of pounding you know 4runner
28:04with hey listen I’ve never had problems
28:06and i’m doing well in the real light she
28:08would make a big deal out of it
28:10ah but a lot of its been height like new
28:12cars where the shoe industry is
28:15constantly changing
28:16I you know that book came out you know
28:19the natural runner or whatever the name
28:20of was and all of a sudden this new
28:23trend started but i think many of our
28:25colleagues in podiatry in sports
28:27medicine the scene that things like
28:29stress fractures and plantar fasciitis
28:32and achilles tendonitis if anything have
28:36probably increased as individuals who
28:40should not be without the proper support
28:43of the very least the good shoe are I
28:45wouldn’t do well and there they
28:47definitely is a an area of over the
28:51counter in search whether it’s your
28:54doctor shows or super
28:56Fedor spent go many times are helpful
29:00and where an art support
29:02over-the-counter somebody could try can
29:04be helpful but that is not it is not a
29:08custom orthotic which is really about
29:11putting the joint of your feet ankles
29:14and lower leg in the best position to
29:17different animal
29:18you know I might have to play this in my
29:19office because that’s one of the most
29:21romantic idea patients say i’ll let me
29:24ask here’s a little bit uncomfortable
29:25question for patient surgery and I’m
29:28just wondering it wonder what you see
29:30with your own patients but how does
29:31weight and maybe recent games and wait
29:34plane to plantar fasciitis footing
29:37well you know it’s interesting I’ve i
29:39spent about 12 years on the radio and
29:43the world of childhood obesity
29:45I have a feature article from an IT
29:48management people go to my website
29:50sports doctor radio.com they could read
29:52it’s called childhood obesity and
29:54podiatry are extra weight doesn’t help
29:59I and sometimes we’ll see especially if
30:03it’s a lot of weight that extra are
30:06whether it’s a child or an adult is
30:08going to put extra stress it’s just
30:11common sense on our feet ankles and
30:15lower legs are and one of the challenges
30:18with children especially has been if a
30:22young boy or girl is overweight and
30:24their feet are bothering them but
30:27they’re being pushed you gotta lose
30:29weight let’s get you out doing exercise
30:31you like the biggest loser that kind of
30:33insanity right rushing these individuals
30:36are and you get this catch-22 which is
30:39you know the the type of physical
30:42activity to have that boy or girl lose
30:45weight hurts them because they’ve got
30:47foot and balances so there’s no doubt
30:49about it that extra weight puts extra
30:53stress on these areas and you know the
30:56so-called typical steel arch plantar
31:00fasciitis patients over the years has
31:03been the overweight individuals no doubt
31:06it’s related you know I find about 20
31:08pounds with someone
31:09he has been used to being a certain way
31:11and they jump up about 20 pounds that to
31:14me is about that area where they start
31:16to really want to have yes and I’ll tell
31:18you what I found effective dan regarding
31:20dealing with these kinds of people are
31:23instead of making a big deal out of the
31:26weight i like to included in the overall
31:30approach that we’re talking about with
31:34that wellness or fitness side of things
31:36which is you know you know dr. dan the
31:39actuator and helping you either and to
31:41not use it as the main focus
31:45I where we might be paying as much
31:46attention to your flat seat as much
31:49attention to the fact that you’ve got a
31:51horrible diet right much attention to
31:53the fact that your shoes a worn-out to
31:57attention regarding the extra weight and
32:00i found that that seems to take some of
32:03the intense pressure off our because
32:06people already so self-conscious
32:08regarding are some of those things and
32:11make no mistake about it the results and
32:16consequences of obesity are nightmare
32:21we’re dealing with an explosion as you
32:23know in diabetes
32:25yeah are where podiatry with the wound
32:28care whoever heard of wound care now
32:3010-15 years ago now it’s the biggest
32:33deal and and the trying to prevent arm
32:38I mean heck we have in medicine change
32:42the title of thought are the type 2
32:46diabetes from childhood diabetes because
32:49all the sudden we were seeing these kids
32:51I show our recent study which showed
32:55that the overweight child besides the
32:58bullying he stopped the self-esteem and
33:01the foot ankle pain are is about three
33:04to five times more expensive to take
33:07care of because of the developing high
33:10blood pressure the cardiovascular stuff
33:13the diabetes and I believe this is why
33:17we’ll were in this mess and it will
33:20financially will break us
33:22yes I think we
33:23I cannot afford to deal with this we
33:25gotta are trying to prevent it and we
33:28talked a lot about what’s called pull
33:30your own weight
33:32r which is the idea of a young child who
33:35could develop the capability of being
33:37able to do an unassisted pull up even if
33:40it takes months and months to learn how
33:42to do it they can’t be obese
33:45no matter how they’re measured and for
33:47all these years we’ve been trying to get
33:48this stuff to be included are in schools
33:51routinely or to get a walking program
33:54immigrants who used to be a president’s
33:56fitness award when I was a kid
33:58Presidential Fitness awards I remember
34:00we were always kids were all fighting to
34:02get that presidential yes and part of it
34:05was doing a pull-up
34:07well yes but it was always was always
34:09very hard to do
34:10hardly anybody if you take the average
34:13first a second-grader you’ll find maybe
34:15one kid out of 20 is either lighten up
34:18his or strong enough armed yet if they
34:23do what’s called leg assisted pullups
34:25imagine a swing set with straps thrown
34:29over the top and imagine those straps
34:31came down to the eye height of that
34:35young boy a girl and imagine them maybe
34:38twice a we doing eight repetitions the
34:41first week 9 the 2nd to 3rd where they
34:44would be jumping and pulling at the same
34:46time called leg assisted pullups and
34:50eventually is at the same time they’re
34:52paying attention to diet same time that
34:55they’re being more active are the they
34:58might do eight repetitions twice a week
35:019 repetitions when they would get to 12
35:03repetitions they would go back to eight
35:05they would move the straps up an inch
35:07and people want to read about this they
35:10could go to pull your own weight
35:14weei ght dot org and they could take a
35:18look because this is about preventing
35:21childhood obesity
35:23once it starts once we’re dealing with
35:26it it’s a nightmare are regarding these
35:30children and the you know that over
35:33fifty percent of bullying with growing
35:37and is overweight related and didn’t
35:39know it’s pretty astounding and again we
35:42take a look at our the whole area of
35:46health and wellness and we’re talking
35:48about Jesus man you fifty percent of the
35:51country is still deal with obesity
35:53one-third of the kids was still dealing
35:56with obesity and diabetes is is a
36:01routine part of what we’re dealing with
36:05then we’re in trouble and we’ve got to
36:08really be paying attention so childhood
36:10obesity is a is a big-time pet peeve of
36:13mine we talk about a lot of the
36:16well thank you for bringing that’s like
36:17that well as we wind down after the the
36:20final question here is what you know or
36:22in search of the holy grail of health if
36:24you would what from your viewpoint would
36:26you consider to be the holy grail of
36:29I keep it simple salesman the Holy Grail
36:33really is
36:35keep moving and eat smarter
36:39well you know I think if you could
36:42include here you could talk to three
36:44hours and what each smarter means we all
36:46know what that means i think dr. dan you
36:50know we we always knew and we still know
36:52that junk food and fast food wasn’t good
36:55for us
36:55I think that’s not news i think what is
36:59what is news is that the so-called
37:02standard American diet is poison
37:05I think issue that is one that is news
37:07you are not know so and and really is it
37:10really you know low-fat no fat sugar no
37:14so if you could find an activity the
37:17Holy Grail if you could find an activity
37:19that you enjoy whether it’s walking but
37:21you enjoy jogging with you like going to
37:23the gym where you want to place whatever
37:25it is something you could stick with
37:28that you could be consistent and you
37:30could pay attention to our eating
37:33smarter then you might get your hands on
37:36that Holy Grail t trihard i love it i
37:39love dr. Howard people find I want more
37:41information on how they find out about
37:42you sir are going to go to my website
37:45sports doctor radio written out sports
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38:11uh hopefully we’ll also at sports doc do
38:15see radio and it said it’s been fun to
38:18be our with he didn’t radio shows your
38:21alright well thank you so much for an
38:23awesome guest and thank you for your
38:24contribution to helping people is great
38:27okay say hello to jersey for me thanks a
38:29lot dr. dan my friend I will thank you
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