Jon LaLanne is a Malibu native that relocated to Hawaii where he currently runs the Lala Surf Boards. Jon has hand shaped hundreds of custom boards.

Jon is also the son of fitness celebrity of Jack LaLanne

  • His father invented the leg extension machine!
  • The future of physical fitness
  • His idea on diet: “I eat clean enough to be healthy and dirty enough to be happy!”
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0:00take back your health now episode 22
0:05you’re listening to the take back your
0:07health now podcast the show that
0:09interviews the top doctors athletes
0:11trainers and entrepreneurs to help you
0:14find the holy grail of health now here’s
0:17your host dr. dan Margolin is doctor Dan
0:24Margolin with another segment of take
0:26back your help now where we pull out all
0:28the stops in search of Health’s holy
0:31grail i’m really excited to have mr.
0:33John Wayne is a Jacqueline son he is a
0:37malibu native that relocated to why
0:39where he currently runs the launcher for
0:42Johnny’s handshape hundreds of custom
0:45boards and as I said before he’s the son
0:47of solute of fitness celebrity jackeline
0:50John welcome to the show sir thank you
0:53did great to be here excited to have you
0:57I just so what was it what was life like
0:59growing up with with your dad Jacqueline
1:01what was that like my friend you know I
1:04always said I just don’t know any
1:07it was just kind of you know we were a
1:09normal American family now I’m but you
1:13know dad a different job he he wasn’t
1:15something for he was didn’t do something
1:17for a living you want something for a
1:19living right
1:20she’s so wow you out good morning and
1:23used to come up from the gym and he
1:25works used to wear this plastic suit
1:27right and then he’d be sweating and then
1:30I wouldn’t get up because i love to
1:32sleep in to this day right and i right
1:35never make it as a military ID begging
1:37the sergeant 45 more minutes of sleep
1:39but does he bring his sweat on my face
1:42in the morning right
1:43it’s just going to trigger this would be
1:49like child abuse or whatever but you
1:51know what they used to be rough on us
1:53but does then they pick the white German
1:55Shepherds on me and I have to count to
1:57give my life to school like telling you
1:59right now and I’d wake up to your down
2:02on television every morning every
2:03morning at nine o’clock five days a week
2:05the show would be on down would be
2:07exercising and so you know when you’re a
2:10kid you
2:11don’t realize this i think you kind of
2:13fight to be normal right you try to
2:16fight to me or the kids so that was my
2:20life growing up in hollywood hollywood
2:23california was where I was born and
2:26raised and then i moved to Malibu when I
2:28was 17 and I live there for 30 years on
2:31my own and then you know you and then
2:33you moved away
2:34yes yes and unlike modicon celebrity
2:38kids i actually went out and got a job i
2:41started as a busboy and I worked in a
2:42surf shop and I been working ever since
2:45so I didn’t take the easy road I think
2:47that had an influence on me on that
2:50I’m i took great pride in working all
2:52the time and the independence that you
2:55have like my first job I would say you
2:58know wow I get the working thing you get
3:01to make money and spend it you don’t
3:02have to ask mom and dad she’s hooked
3:05right right here would not be going hard
3:07now sure well I know you know when I got
3:11older I remember like going to work and
3:12having to pay taxes for the first time
3:15you know and I was like oh I remember my
3:17father always complaining about the
3:19amount he has a thing for taxes and I
3:21was thinking well come on how much could
3:22it be because remember going minutes
3:24oh my god you went through all that I
3:26can’t believe it does you did you have
3:28any of those moments when you look back
3:29at when oh my god i never realized what
3:31you went through to accomplish what you
3:33did I know exactly you took the words
3:36right out of my mouth and I said now I
3:38see what you’re talking about so I’m
3:40know right yeah we can they take a
3:43little less you know they got enough but
3:45mean everybody’s paying right
3:47no I I know exactly how that feels I
3:50remember writing a ten-thousand-dollar
3:51check the tire is my go you know I’ve
3:54already pre the last couple years gonna
3:56give me a passage just like to thank the
3:58right side and seeing them in the office
4:01you know I didn’t see them doing with
4:02the work i don’t get it i don’t
4:04understand but absolutely when you so
4:07growing up before you before you left to
4:0917 and you grew up with a lot of other
4:10Hollywood kids I mean were there with
4:13your dad sort of secluded from that or
4:15was he part of that scene or was it was
4:17that like
4:18listen I’ll give you a brief free fun
4:20analysis about how I grew up
4:22read a next-door neighbor’s Jewish
4:24next-door neighbors
4:25I was raised by a black lady okay look
4:28at my hand in the kitchen she was like
4:29the boss of the house or name with Matty
4:32and if you’ve got your kitchen a mess it
4:33up she chased you out and you put the
4:35fear of God in you then five wise i went
4:38to private school
4:39my older half brothers and sisters went
4:42to public school and I got something
4:45it’s Buckley school where paris Jackson
4:48went is sherman oaks california i went
4:51to school with
4:53I didn’t notice it at the time they were
4:55just my friend but you know i had
4:58written SunNet King cold daughters I’m
5:01you know Clark Gable so on and on the
5:05Disney kids they were on the soccer team
5:07with us and I tell you blah start along
5:11you know we didn’t have any tension
5:13doesn’t that we just a bunch of good
5:16kids basically sure still very close to
5:19this day we go to our reunions and all
5:21of us you know we are bullies in there
5:23you know that the things but for the
5:25most part that everybody grew up to be
5:28fairly successful and son you know that
5:31having good life right and then we got
5:34top left 4 inches you know things that I
5:37think baby should be in the school
5:39system today we got really really good
5:41education on it as much as if we got
5:44taught a lot of different things maybe
5:45not as much what what to think but how
5:48to think right and are sure and I really
5:52look back and in a very appreciative to
5:56have gotten an opportunity and I you
5:59know been going to school with the
6:00celebrities kids I mean they were all
6:02pretty good since basically join table
6:05with a little bit not cheese
6:07he’s a with jon jon was radical and it
6:10shows in his was a yeah he raises the
6:14Baja 1000 and done he was the biggest
6:17teaser he always you know look up the
6:19girls dresses at school and just he was
6:22your saving it but he pushed the limits
6:25he now is one of the top on our throws
6:28four by four racers in the world and
6:32he’s cannot continue to win all these
6:35on the road and Jon and I used to jump
6:37bikes together so I’ve always the great
6:39like goodness always had a little
6:41adrenaline thing from dad I mean you
6:44know if you grow up with somebody like
6:46that it kind of rubs off on you you’re
6:48going to go the other way to rub off on
6:50and off of me in the right way because
6:53you know I didn’t jump bicycles I did
6:56skateboard I did to surfing as my main
6:59support you don’t know the surface
7:01active I’m you know I’ve always gone
7:04from the adrenaline and I i got in the
7:06gym for a while and i both duck and then
7:09I saw Bruce Lee movie and I go wow I
7:12want to look like that so kind of tone
7:14down and made serving life my whole you
7:18know life’s mission I turned 40 and I
7:21think wow 55 is some of my
7:25contemporaries that will serve
7:27shortboards to this day that weren’t for
7:31darn good shape because of surfing and
7:35we work about every muscle in the body
7:37because we’re fighting the current we’re
7:39standing up popping up and down the
7:41board so we’re more of anaerobic on type
7:44of support that I think keeps you young
7:47during the saltwater I’m i think they’re
7:50sort of surfing that people need to look
7:52to take a good look at because there’s a
7:55longish help
7:55there’s a lot of us that are pretty
7:57healthy said you know if I interviewed
8:00kelly starrett is like one of the top
8:01physical therapist and he was talking
8:03about people in Japan and how they don’t
8:05break their hips because they eat on the
8:07floor you know that and they’re their
8:09muscles are so stressed I never thought
8:11about it from the viewpoint of surfing
8:13as a sport because you’re right the
8:14flexibility that that must have for you
8:16is totally totally different did you say
8:18you’re 55 right now
8:20yes my surfboard is fine foot side so
8:23it’s like a golfer shooting his age you
8:25know what I’m purchase the hook haha i
8:31don’t know but done well know it and I
8:35got out doing it pleased with how often
8:40do you start how often are you are you
8:41out there
8:42well i’m in the factory why I make the
8:45board by hand
8:46for the most part i do use the computer
8:49a little bit but I’m in California but
8:51out here in Hawaii been mined on the Big
8:53Island has been nowhere so resources are
8:56scarce and uh I spent a lot of time in
8:58the factory that takes a long time so
9:00whenever I have something to do in town
9:02i can say i get out at least once a week
9:05if not more and that’s good in
9:08California I serve a little bit more
9:09because the view more accessible here on
9:13the Big Island we don’t calves pacific
9:15coast highway we don’t have parking lots
9:17more four-by-four and on the surf spot
9:21to do in parking lots there about an
9:23hour and a half away so I ok the price
9:26you pay for living up in the hills that
9:28we’ve got a beautiful issue that we see
9:30there’s the southern tip of the island
9:32sounds gorgeous house how did you start
9:35actually making the surfboard like what
9:37did you start doing that I you know it’s
9:41it’s part of my mechanical mind because
9:43if you look back on what Dad did she
9:45pretty much invented everything seeing
9:48you today on a necessity really opened
9:51up his first gym in oakland and after
9:53his life was saved by paul frank sinatra
9:56shape kids so guys don’t invent with
9:58right tell us that soil and I didn’t
10:01know the story what we’re after what
10:02happened here that don’t get to mine
10:04mechanical line i’m sure dad was a very
10:08sickly kids and you know it mastoid and
10:12he was topping and he had no energy
10:15suicidal chases brother with an axe he
10:18had fits of anger and he was like sugar
10:21holic you know and basically I there are
10:24the other rope like father had a fever
10:27the doctor said he may not make it
10:29tonight on and once you’ve recovered
10:32like my grandmother poke your head to
10:34the sky and said look I’ll never eat
10:35again of you if you save my son
10:39sure enough my dad made through the
10:41night in mind my mother my grandmother
10:43never ate meat again and done and then
10:47my father still want it well and so she
10:50took the seat all drag and he was
10:52preaching health of the top and that’s
10:54Patricia Bragg’s father of the bride
10:56health products that we all use today
10:58you know we’re very good for sure
11:01patricia awesome so Wow
11:04basically I’m is there was no room in
11:07the studio is in the auditorium and they
11:12were going to leave there’s no seat so
11:14they figure out the door and Paul Bragg
11:15song leaving no one leaves my seminars
11:18down here and they got a chair on stage
11:21of my data plan stage and basically kind
11:23of made a 90 shape an example of an
11:26out-of-shape person is right and then
11:29after he wow
11:31and then after that my dad took
11:33everything he had to say you’re a
11:35Nature’s laws try to eat natural foods
11:37in their natural state to the best of
11:39your ability and workout with the weight
11:41and that it completely changed as like
11:44you got addicted to his help he used to
11:47get bullied at school he was you know
11:50some terrible brains but he started
11:53working out the basketball team picked
11:56on him
11:57it’s st. Mary’s and five guys walk n 6 x
12:00walk into the bathroom and once i watch
12:03out right I mean not cough following
12:05seriously seriously true stories that
12:08are you serious all
12:10wow these guidelines he became a
12:12wrestler in high school with a
12:13quarterback of the football team
12:15my dad’s life and fifty years old
12:17quarterback of the football team three
12:20years so you know this was a bunch here
12:23that this story is up
12:25it’s pretty dramatic we’ve got a lot of
12:27twists and turns it in which leads me to
12:29my mechanical by because dad opened his
12:31first gym you that’s what he wanted to
12:34do want to help people help themselves
12:36and so he wanted to get to the limit he
12:39said look I can help you lose a couple
12:41of pounds around your waist and he said
12:42Jack the lanes a crackpot you know he’s
12:44going to make women um infertile going
12:47to make me sterile you don’t want to
12:48work out with the weight right and so
12:50soon enough you know guys are coming to
12:52my dad
12:53you have no business in his gym so he
12:55went out to the people he went out and
12:57said look if I can’t take that pound off
13:00your son on and making my you know not a
13:03better athlete and I can’t make your
13:05daughter more attractive
13:06I’ll give your money back give me a
13:07chance and so what i want and then the
13:11peers are going
13:12hey Jack can you pick the entertainment
13:14John 3pm don’t tell my husband right and
13:16this whole thing started snowballing and
13:19then dad not read Grey’s Anatomy we do
13:22that book backwards board got a
13:25chiropractic degrees and basically
13:27beyond starting vending machines and he
13:31invented the leg extension machine
13:32because he got an injury prison because
13:34of his knee high schools that he never
13:37walk again and he never gonna do
13:39anything so we developed the leg
13:40extension machine that’s his invention
13:42you know that his invention that’s
13:44amazing for weight selector is his
13:46invention and the eyes the glamour
13:49structure which is the rubber to
13:51withhold brag that is this invention in
13:53the Smith Machine the squat machine his
13:56invention he never patented anything and
13:59I you know what that protein daughter
14:02basically you know mom and dad made
14:04something called and breakfast fight and
14:08die you know they said we’re going to
14:10get a protein that you can pick up in
14:11milk or water and they finally took into
14:15carnation to get instant eyes and
14:17there’s a little bit of story in there
14:18but you can use your imagination right
14:20so far
14:22he was a pioneer of everything that you
14:25see around you today my mom just said we
14:27did all this stuff
14:29what’s going on I said Wow know how wow
14:35how is your mom doing by the way how is
14:37she doing she’s doing great and as you
14:40know she’s 90 and she’s still running
14:41the business and she got done Facebook
14:44page 9 phone is a computer and you know
14:47he runs around you busy
14:50god bless circle when no idea how I was
14:52interviewing Tony Horton from the p90x
14:55and as we’re talking I just said you
14:56know you remind me of Jack Elaine and he
14:59said actually uh your mom while I had
15:02given at them at the award for the
15:04jackal award and then he told me the
15:06story of that and I just so wow look at
15:09that look at the number of people that
15:11have been affected by your dad
15:13yes amazing ideas just got two points
15:17first of all getting to Tony Horton
15:19Tony on I saw him on television there’s
15:22only two guys and I I love everybody
15:25else but there’s only two guys with the
15:28enthusiasm and the similarities that I
15:31with in one is gilad right
15:35remember he won’t have that exercise
15:37show and then that i’m not sure i’m not
15:40sure look a lot easier than X Israeli
15:43soldier he had an exercise show in
15:45hawaii I’m he did it anyway and Galan
15:49was on amazing dad was on a show
15:53and then there was Tony Horton and I
15:54kept watching the p90x let go
15:56this guy never mind yeah and someone get
15:59her a note from idea and she goes she
16:03goes on we’re going Tony Horton this
16:06award and she loved only Tony Horton
16:08okay well writing something I go no mom
16:10you don’t understand who Tony Horton is
16:12you know you’ve got to say so I run a
16:14little feet saying that you know I i
16:18think that the future dad was trying to
16:21get us into the future i think the
16:22future of physical fitness is finally
16:25here with us and she said that’s a big
16:27statement to make i don’t know if i want
16:29to say that I said mom
16:31believe me you’re you’re gonna it’s
16:33gonna be an accurate statement right
16:35time because tony is the future only
16:38miss my dad on the plane and my dad gave
16:42him 20 minutes of his time you know it
16:44changed talk
16:45yeah my dad talked to him he was an
16:47unknown unknown you know want to be a
16:50celebrity trainer of the time it goes in
16:52the 90 and the fact that my dad you know
16:54took the time to talk to Tony inspired
16:56him tell me the story and done what I
16:59went through doing whole workout all
17:02three stages and made it I made the
17:05whole dog that you management stuff i
17:07try i did not make it i did not make it
17:10yeah it was it was the planks and all
17:12that it was well i’m not going to say it
17:14wasn’t sore afterwards but does here’s
17:17your next question on I’m sorry we kinda
17:20got sidetracked there but even so
17:23intelligent Tony it was one of those
17:25mohit said it was one of the greatest
17:26moments of his life so it was really it
17:29meant a great deal to 10
17:30I’m sure you realize how much meant but
17:32it really even to be on a talk show and
17:34just listen one of the greatest moments
17:35of my life was getting that award
17:37because I meant that much I just you
17:39know it was a it was wonderful i really
17:41don’t think you really a appreciated
17:43I just think you guys that now here’s
17:44your long i wanted cover like that I i
17:48saw business and I would be inside the
17:50bubble for so long down and you know if
17:53you’re going up with dad you know he’s
17:55always at the table telling you what you
17:57should do didn’t want to force you to do
17:59it he wanted you to want to do living
18:02different right eye on having that light
18:06go off on your head and the fact that
18:07you want to finally change your life
18:09I’m but he would preach over and over
18:12again right and it was like a broken
18:14record but everybody that came to the
18:15house of a Hollywood ate it up and I
18:20must say after Dad passed away we
18:24attended some trade shows and I finally
18:26understood the impact the dad had on the
18:30country because the people you know just
18:34back-to-back-to-back-to-back coming up
18:36and telling us telling me how the show
18:38changed their lives and i thought back
18:41and I go you know in the seventies was a
18:44huge turning point the whole decade of
18:46the seventies because the health and
18:48fitness craze finally took hole right
18:52it went from the thirties to like here
18:54in saying that exercise stuff going to
18:56kill you to the seventies work everybody
18:59became touches right we’d only been yes
19:02it was at the height of my dad’s career
19:04you know the show was still on the air
19:06and health spas were going our products
19:08were selling my god invented something
19:10called fitness key which was a weight
19:13selector driven device that you can work
19:16out 230 muscles on your body and it
19:19takes up one square foot in your house
19:21at seven feet tall and this thing to it
19:25so it’s amazing i love to send you on a
19:28picture of it felt by today’s standards
19:30this think itself on QVC or ignores or
19:34something like that on but we’re going
19:36with the core strength 14 now
19:38we’re going to probably but you know
19:42consider the fitness King later on down
19:44the road but the Dewback dad had on the
19:47country he saved a rich country from for
19:50help through his television show you
19:53know all my god is that I I just so i
19:56was just watching your dad and one of
19:58these they had a rewrite or even that
19:59were on YouTube about him speaking to
20:01the people and just speaking not just
20:03about working out but about their mental
20:05attitude about how he sees how stressful
20:08i don’t know what year this was but he
20:11could have been today it should have
20:12been today where he was just saying I
20:14see the stress among people and they’re
20:15busy but there you know the Russian two
20:18jobs and he said you know I’ve been in
20:19other countries where they didn’t have
20:21nearly as much but there are people on a
20:23bus singing and happy and it’s just he
20:27was almost like pleading with people
20:28like you say to turn their lights on a
20:30look at life a little bit differently
20:32and it really affected me because you
20:34can just feel the genuineness of the man
20:36he was very genuine and he was a funny
20:40if you want to categorize that is any
20:42type of person
20:44it was more of a community right he was
20:47always the court jester
20:48I’m you know it’s funny he sounds and
20:53carries a great speaker silk top speaker
20:56you’ve got really good oral skills
20:59oratory field but you can give you know
21:03the dinner table where you get them you
21:05know outside of that area
21:07he is one funny he was one funny guy
21:10one point hats but it felt like it was a
21:15great job raising you selling a great
21:17person yourself that let me ask you does
21:19so you talked a little bit what what is
21:21this core strength one what is that you
21:23were just talking about
21:24so basically we were on mixing mom and I
21:28were were in the office that a friend of
21:31mine from canada i was on a reality show
21:33with and I don’t want to get too far off
21:35topic but I was a judge on a reality
21:38show for health and fitness show called
21:40the next star and it was a
21:42clothing-optional club in Jamaica so
21:45through your imagination so I mr. people
21:49and we were friends of ours photographer
21:53see me on the introduced to janey camera
21:56and we saw this device and we go well
22:00that’s interesting it’s kind of vague
22:02I’m and it looks like a big picnic table
22:05so what are you doing and when we saw
22:07the bands that go on in the attachment
22:10and the exercises and we are mined over
22:13double wow this thing is revolutionary
22:16it’s limitless the exercises you know
22:19this device and he’s selling it to the
22:23fire department that the college’s
22:25public public places even somebody that
22:29wants to start their own little small
22:32business you can buy this same is it 16
22:35people at one time to workout on
22:37Thank You contention 1616 people at one
22:41time one time to work it’s called wow
22:44everything baby cage somewhere I
22:49somebody invents a new exercise somebody
22:51comes up with something that we’ve never
22:53seen before
22:54right and Jamie was in a really bad car
22:56accident and he was a lot of pain and he
22:59was 300 pounds and he finally made a
23:01decision there’s himself back to help
23:03and he invented this device
23:05what was leave me to my mechanical mind
23:08on my surfboard you know what comes from
23:11that pioneering spirit of Western
23:15civilization of the American go forward
23:18attitude where anything is possible
23:20right we still have it in our our DNA we
23:23want to embed or the next thing our
23:26minds are always dark night and I guess
23:30getting back to my surfboard and getting
23:32back to the exercise equipment you know
23:35everything hasn’t been done yet
23:37no we use our imagination still believe
23:40like we’re capable of greater things and
23:44think right
23:46what are you what a great statement
23:47everything has been done yet because I
23:48think sometimes people want to suppress
23:50you and say listen anything that you
23:52could think of somebody rate has already
23:54thought of but it’s not sure what you’re
23:56saying is true yes it can i get a lot of
23:59flack for making a surface
24:01with two noses on right I’m considered
24:03crazy and I i saw this surfboard it
24:06works off the principles of the
24:09catamaran drag boats you know those drag
24:12boats that when all the races with the
24:1322 surfaces are the cab slowly
24:17no I mean I may make this board called
24:19the Gemini and it’s one of the fastest
24:21funnest easiest user-friendly the words
24:23on the planet
24:24it just looks intimidating and it’s okay
24:27not to be because i think in the
24:30eighties we were a little bit more dung
24:33I don’t think there is safe and didn’t
24:35have as many rules and laws and
24:38regulations but i think people have
24:40gotten a little bit more withdrawn and
24:44only very few surfers will even think
24:47about another entertaining riding this
24:49board on and I just find that little sad
24:53you know because we’re supposed to be
24:55doing and not going backwards but dot
24:59it’s it’s definitely something that done
25:02you know I understand what Dad went
25:04through the ridicule the you know you’re
25:06crazy but I’m not crazy I’m only trying
25:09to better someone’s experience in the
25:11maybe buzzes servers or equipment is so
25:14important to us
25:15it’s fifty percent of the battle for
25:17golf version if your swing as bad
25:19involved don’t know club is gonna fix
25:22you if you visit right right right swing
25:25is good for your swing is bad in the
25:28water you know it’s a different thing is
25:31where we’re traveling on a moving
25:32surface and we’ve got to have something
25:34that performs that will do what we
25:35wanted to do we have control over and if
25:38you get a bad surfboard your whole
25:40experience room so I I don’t know the
25:43lingo but with and forward to say what’s
25:45the largest waves you’ve ever ridden I
25:47know if that’s the correct way to say it
25:48or whatever but whatever what I see
25:50those pictures or the wave is breaking
25:52over you and you’re like a small specker
25:54something like that yes I mean I’m I’ve
25:57been in 20 foot serves and I was on the
25:59North Shore of Oahu my twenties and it
26:02was horrifying
26:03it was absolutely horrifying those waves
26:06are so dangerous
26:08there’s wreath I’ve got friends that
26:10have going on the North Shore they go
26:12for years and years
26:13years and all of a sudden they get
26:15injured and I think of me is that I said
26:18you know I’ve done it i don’t think i
26:21need to continue to do it and get
26:23injured because then i won’t be surfing
26:24into my 60 like I quick put her in
26:28danger stop like skateboarding is still
26:30skateboard city in shape but I don’t try
26:33to do Ariel’s because i don’t want to go
26:35to the doctor and he was cast around
26:37like sure though just that point where I
26:41just enjoy the heart of serving the fact
26:44that even get to get out there and on
26:46the darn thing is a privilege right
26:50sure looks like I tried supply tried
26:52surfing many years ago and i could not
26:54even get up on it so I don’t know how
26:55you do it but I have very impressed
26:57so let me get what you work out like now
26:59what just aside from the surfing with
27:01you you work out what’s your diet like
27:03give me just a quick glimpse into John’s
27:05elena’s life at this time
27:07okay well I serving you is a lot of my
27:11work out and now I i love to play tennis
27:16I’m a huge tennis freaking a huge goal
27:18nuts like I took a salt that turns 50
27:21honor of my dad
27:22we always had a joke I you know will
27:25take up girls my turn 50 tyson and after
27:28you got up for gold channel i go well I
27:32don’t they’re gonna play goes by I don’t
27:33get out there and start playing so I
27:35don’t know Jamal I loved it to ride
27:38mountain bike but my daily life
27:40consistent hitting up 1i trait it’s just
27:44ingrained into my hand about the food
27:47I’m I i keep it clean enough to be
27:52healthy and dirty enough to be happy
27:54right so haha 3i I’m i gave it a girl in
28:04college she was absolutely gorgeous
28:06neighbors water and she was into of
28:09nutrition pepperdine university and
28:12graduated from and she would challenge
28:14me on
28:15well you know your dances really who
28:16showed her but sugar sugar added
28:18that she had a lot of good points and in
28:21the early 80s she told me to stay away
28:23from hydrogenated oils she says he’s
28:25nitrogenated soil is John we’re gonna
28:28kill you don’t eat bugs you know that
28:31have hydrogenated oils and arrogant and
28:35I’ve been trying to read but then you
28:38know in the East like you look at fast
28:41food restaurants
28:42oh well they gotta make chicken now and
28:44they’ve got a Carl’s jr. chicken burger
28:46oh it’s healthy although it’s not know
28:49so we’re really in this day and age we
28:51cannot watch we gotta really watch what
28:53we’re doing this is insane of things
28:56again could you know like who knows
28:59what’s that anything you don’t know
29:00what’s in anything you you’re going to
29:01Canterbury and have the things so i’m
29:05tryna i try to pay attention on I always
29:09try to buy candy cheese’s on you know
29:13natural food is natural i can get within
29:16where I’m at and find on the 405 and
29:19I’ve gotta eat and I don’t have any go
29:21to the car walk you know I gotta pull
29:24over somewhere where i was trying to go
29:25to a ball and pop places or you know
29:29places it done holes in the wall because
29:32you know you’re probably going to get
29:33pretty good food there I’ll have a
29:35hamburger once in awhile i’m sure the
29:38great American I’m food right if you
29:42think about it you got your protein you
29:44got your vegetables you got some carbs
29:46if you don’t get a lot of cheese green
29:48saying you eat the hamburger no and
29:50don’t eat the fries
29:52you’re okay so i’ll go fish but yeah but
29:55I like to go search out if you know what
29:58I’m going to have a I don’t want to go
30:00to become so they will exist but want to
30:02go to that place is this really adds a
30:04unique further and they’re trying to be
30:06shot right other places like that but I
30:09was tricky place overthink your handmade
30:12you don’t try to stay away from
30:13processed foods because you look at salt
30:16no iodine salt that all the process week
30:19and all the things the reality on you
30:23know I’m trying to avoid that my whole
30:24life and i’ll tell you a little story
30:26about the diet
30:27what’s the date of the license you
30:2910 notes growing up with dad and all the
30:32children were prepared when I was a
30:34temporary and eat in the cafeteria
30:36I’ve got my whole digestive tract change
30:39I mean it literally was a terrible
30:41experience it so i can I know the
30:44infection process food so I was really
30:46really try to avoid them and use my
30:48brain to read this between reason if
30:50it’s got more than 22 lines on the
30:55product there’s not that many
30:56ingredients in this thing look up how to
30:58me what you’re eating online and see how
31:01many ingredients 3 when you make it
31:03she’s right about pages and pages of
31:06insurance preamble award piece on there
31:08I I got you know often laugh haha no
31:13just you know our show is inserted helps
31:15holy grail if I were to ask you what you
31:18felt the holy grail of health was I mean
31:20maybe this is what you just discussed
31:22but what do you say hello to know the
31:24listeners of the of the show would point
31:26them in the direction of really that
31:28holy grail of help
31:29okay your dad he told me that he says
31:33exercises King nutrition is clean put
31:37them together and you’ve got a king
31:39right don’t want me I said dad what do
31:43you do what’s more important exercise or
31:45nutrition and exercise he says movement
31:48is the most important things we can do
31:50in the same you know you can always burn
31:53off what you ate but you but you can’t
31:55go to exercise our meeting right you’ve
31:59got to move around bill to move
32:02it’s only been the last hundred fifty
32:03years that were flying around and drive
32:05it around and not move their body you
32:08know so it’s so true
32:10absolutely and with with the computers
32:13and electronic devices we have now more
32:16than ever on our UPS guy told John
32:20everybody’s getting out of shape again
32:22and I don’t everybody start to get ashy
32:26again why people so I i think that
32:30there’s never been a better time to you
32:33know try to get people to be a little
32:35bit more aware make me to get out and do
32:37something that you like if you used to
32:39do something I go out there and do it
32:42on a lesser scale at least your village
32:43so you used to play tennis so you used
32:45to play baseball what way
32:48let’s go out and do it I’m your emotion
32:51have some fun and some fun while you’re
32:54doing it whatever you’re exercising
32:56choices if you’re a gym rat know if
32:59you’re on a basketball I play basketball
33:01the other day I got a basketball was the
33:05course of venison thousand LA and I i
33:07asked everybody around me
33:09hey putting shoot this thing would be
33:11like without and play basketball right
33:13sup new you know it was pretty well so
33:17so there’s a lot of imagination right
33:20Sean I gotta tell you you’re an awesome
33:23guest and I so appreciate you being on
33:25the show and soul of your dad and so
33:27appreciate all the things that he told
33:29so many people if people want to get in
33:31touch with you sir how would they do
33:33info @ Jacksonville and for
33:37Jacqueline that come the John Wayne
33:39thank you so much for taking the time to
33:40be with it was a great interview and I
33:42really appreciate it man thank you so
33:44much it was a pleasure
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