Dr. Berry Pierre is a board certified Internal Medicine Physician, a Fellow of the American College Of Osteopathic Internists and Clinical Associate Professor for Nova Southeastern University College of Osteopathic Medicine and Florida State University College of Medicine.

Dr. Pierre has served as a speaker and panelist touching on a range of issues affecting healthcare and the community in general. Dr. Pierre is available for national/local conference and organization speaking engagements, panel discussions as well as various media requests.

  • Finding the right doctor…
  • Are all supplements good for you?
  • What does every patient need to know about insurance?
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0:00take back your health now episode 17
0:05you’re listening to the take back your
0:07health now podcast the show that
0:09interviews the top doctors athletes
0:11trainers and entrepreneurs to help you
0:14find the holy grail of health now here’s
0:17your host dr. dan Margolin is doctor Dan
0:25Marvel’s another segment of take back
0:27your help now we’re excited to have
0:29doctors even Guthrie as our guest our
0:32country is the director of the
0:34International heart and lung institute
0:36in palm springs california and the
0:38founding director of the Center for
0:40restorative medicine and pond springs in
0:42santa barbara when he’s destined to be
0:44known by everyday people outside of
0:46field as the author of the life-changing
0:49book dr. going to be style evolution
0:51turn off the genes that are killing you
0:53and your waistline and drop the weight
0:56for good
0:57quite a mouthful is fast becoming the
0:59new Bible for smart TV and his secrets
1:02extends far beyond what people believe
1:04is the obvious dr. going to welcome to
1:06the show sir thanks for having me time I
1:09don’t care how did you get started on
1:11your feel like what what’s got you so
1:14much to focus on nutrition well i’m back
1:18in the dark ages i have a special major
1:20university where i had to defend the
1:24thesis that you could change the food
1:27supply and environment of a great day
1:30been turned into a human and luckily got
1:34honors from thesis but then i went to
1:37medical school and I became a very
1:40famous heart surgeon professor and
1:43chairman while blending university and
1:46can forgot all that and then about 17
1:49years ago I was referred to a patient
1:51from miami florida who had inoperable
1:54coronary artery disease is always blood
1:57vessels were clocked up you couldn’t put
1:59Stenson that you couldn’t do bypasses
2:01right and this guy’s been going around
2:02the country visiting surgeons and
2:05cardiologists like my spell receive
2:07anything to be done and everybody turned
2:09him down and I call it big head
2:12in my book and so big that i looked at
2:16is angiogram the movie of his heart and
2:20i agree with everybody else we weren’t
2:22going to be helped him and he said well
2:24not so fast that angiogram was done six
2:28months ago I have gone on the diet i’ve
2:31lost 45 pounds and i went to a health
2:34food store and I’m taking all these
2:35supplements and shopping bag and
2:38supplements he said you know maybe I did
2:40something my heart and I said well you
2:44know good for you for losing weight but
2:46that’s really not going to do anything
2:47for this do something know what you did
2:49with all your supplements you’ve made
2:51expensive urine which I really believe
2:53better now doesn’t charge that this is
2:55basically basically in essence Jim
2:57native English oh yeah yeah yeah yeah he
2:59was he was 48 years old and you know
3:03basically nothing could be done for him
3:05so anyhow we gotta talk man to getting a
3:08new angiogram new movie and in six
3:11months time this guy had cleaned out
3:14fifty percent of the blockages in his
3:16yeah yeah now there were still plenty of
3:19our colleges but now there are places to
3:21do bypasses so the next day I actually
3:24identify vessel bypass on and did well
3:27but I’m a researcher and so I said you
3:32know after we’re done so tell me about
3:34this diet you put on and let me look at
3:37those supplements
3:38well the diet at amazon was exactly like
3:42the pieces that I had done Yale years
3:46no way yeah and my parents still had
3:49might these as all hundred seventy five
3:51pages of it i should tend to send that
3:54to because it back and the supplements
3:59he was taking i was actually using in
4:02the laboratory to keep arts alive for 48
4:07hours in a bucket of ice water and I was
4:10putting the removal of the veins and
4:12arteries of the heart and it never
4:14occurred to be to swallow them now I was
4:18I was a piece was pre-diabetic and
4:21hypertension i have migraines I had
4:25I was running 30 miles a week and going
4:28in the gym one hour a day and I was
4:31eating a healthy low-fat diet is it son
4:34of a gun so I put myself on the program
4:38i described years earlier and the first
4:41year I lost 50 pounds and subsequently
4:44of lost another quantity and i started
4:46taking a lot of supplements and i
4:48started sending my blood work up to the
4:51University of California Berkeley at the
4:53Berkeley hard lab and lo and behold all
4:57my bloodwork really almost
4:59instantaneously started changing
5:02I was no longer pre-diabetic right
5:05no longer was a hypertensive used to
5:08very high cholesterol high cholesterol
5:10is absolutely normal
5:13my arthritis went away and people on my
5:16staff at loma linda notice and they
5:18started going on this program and the
5:21same things happen to them and then
5:23finally I started putting my patients on
5:26the program and the same things happen
5:29so after about a year of this at loma
5:31linda and finally he decided that you
5:35know I shouldn’t really operate on
5:36people very much and that most of
5:38people’s problems i could get rid of
5:40with food and a few simple supplements
5:43so that’s a revolutionary kind of
5:47concept especially coming from your
5:49background I mean yeah exactly i mean
5:50you talk about changing the Ark of my
5:53wife a big change the Ark of my life huh
5:58wow that’s going to elimination so in
6:02the initial thing that you worked up
6:04about the switching gorillas how did you
6:07come up with that
6:08like what what led you to come up with
6:10the correct nutritional supplements that
6:14well you know it’s interesting we share
6:16really ninety eight to nine percent of
6:19our genes with chimps and gorillas and
6:22so we’re almost genetically identical
6:27but what we didn’t know until recently
6:31is it’s really not so much the genes
6:34that you have but it’s actually the
6:38nation that you send genes to turn them
6:41off and on and it’s now called
6:44epigenomics and we know that really
6:48jeans per se aren’t the problem
6:53it’s the messages that you send jeans
6:56and it’s the messages you send in terms
6:59of the time of year in terms of the food
7:03availability in terms of the chemicals
7:06that are in plants and even the length
7:09of daylight that changes things
7:12what’s really exciting in the last five
7:15years we’ve come to realize that human
7:18genes get these messages but more
7:21importantly if we did genetic talents of
7:27humans 99% of all the genes that are
7:32present in a human are actually
7:35non-human gene their genes in our
7:39bacteria and viruses that living us
7:43though we’re now beginning to discover
7:47that it’s actually our microbiome genes
7:52are the bugs that live in us on us that
7:57are actually interpreting the signals
7:59from plant compounds or times of day and
8:03then communicating that information to
8:06our human genes now a lot of people get
8:10very squeamish about that that little
8:14ones old organisms could have such a
8:16profound effect on where we rather we
8:22think rather important but and in fact
8:25basically a condom in him for bacteria
8:29viruses and one of the things were
8:33discovering as that they have a vested
8:36interest in their home and the more we
8:42actually keep bacteria in us and non-us
8:46happy by giving them the things they
8:50like to eat that
8:51the more they keep their home spruce top
8:55and I get to play with people all day
9:01every day and just from the basic rules
9:06that our microbiome follows their genes
9:11follow and internal what will happen to
9:15RG and it’s fascinating with what was
9:19the diet that you switch to like what
9:22was the diet that would affect these
9:23jeans uh to such a degree that they
9:26would keep the condominium spruce top
9:28yeah so one of the things that
9:30fascinating that now been confirmed not
9:34only and I have a multiple in human
9:35research is there’s essentially two
9:38types of bacteria and our gut that are
9:44constantly fighting for space and for
9:48power and I simply call I call the good
9:53guys got buddy and the bad guys gang
9:57members and the the gut buddies are they
10:01actually communicate to our immune
10:04system that everything’s great down here
10:07or sitting on the beach by cancer up for
10:10campfire sing Kumbaya in a week we call
10:14kind of relax now
10:17gang members gang members you moved into
10:20the neighborhood now all the sudden
10:22people put up bars on the windows and
10:25there’s a perfectly logical kohls should
10:28guys with cities and so our entire min
10:32system becomes activated to look out for
10:35intruders right now the good guys
10:38leaving out they have certainly
10:41interesting what and they like primarily
10:46what are called previous distance
10:48starches these are sugars that we don’t
10:52just very well but the bugs are
10:55profoundly equipped to in fact adjust
11:00these materials and then actually give
11:04if you will their leftovers which is
11:07actually what we need now to follow is
11:09the gang members as they actually don’t
11:12like those things instead they love
11:16simple sugars and saturated fat and what
11:22they do is they loved it so much that
11:24they are out the guys because they can
11:29use these things when the good guys
11:31can’t so the good guys are kind of
11:34marginalizing kind of shaking over in
11:36the corner right now the amazing things
11:39that we now know is that these gang
11:41members can actually control our
11:44appetites and our choices and food so
11:48friends we can take bowel movements from
11:53obese people and feed them too skinny
11:57we’re at and the rats will become obese
12:01simply by changing the bacteria in their
12:04gut now the same thing happens is we
12:08take all moments from many people and
12:11feed them to a trap fat rats will become
12:15skinny because the bacteria to change so
12:19this is what is really going on in this
12:21for the bacteria think there’s an
12:23absolute or going on between these two
12:26sets of bacteria and believe it or not
12:28there’s over 10,000 different species
12:31that we know that there’s they
12:33essentially cluster into ten groups and
12:37the more we go at the good guys get the
12:40upper hand it basically drives the bad
12:42guys out but the bad guys don’t go
12:45without a fight
12:46there’s a very famous of probably show
12:51musical and a movie called Little Shop
12:54of Horrors sure and and most people
12:58heard of it it’s got a blood sucking
13:00plant that gets hungry and longer and
13:04bigger and bigger and support we have to
13:07keep giving him his own blood and bring
13:09victims but the plants name is Audrey
13:13and Audrey keep saying she’d be more
13:17me right well this short of messages
13:22actually are communicated to our brain
13:26by the bugs that live in our gut and the
13:31more of these guys would take over the
13:33more you actually are instructed me see
13:38more feet and do the recently they’ve
13:43taken the troops from obese individuals
13:46and said it too skinny rats and then
13:49given you the skinny were at the choice
13:52between world healthy ratchet out and
13:56the standard American diet of french
14:00fries and a coke and a burger and grab
14:05even though they were skinning with
14:07their new bugs actually go for the
14:11standard american type and ignore the
14:14retro and I know you think before they
14:16were given that day would have children
14:18to help your diet crafted over the rat
14:21yep I mean that’s definitive proof right
14:23there I mean it’s really you know shit
14:25right there and this is one of the
14:27things I try to communicate to people in
14:29the next book of plant paradox that
14:32believe it or not not our fault
14:36most of the things that are happening to
14:38us and we can talk about that if you
14:41want to go home
14:43sure it doesn’t actually push like what
14:45is a plant paradoxes you please win
14:49yeah so you know what happens is we
14:51really change the microbiome with us
14:58over the last over 40 years and there’s
15:02a number of factors which I call the
15:05seven deadly disruptors and we want act
15:08we won’t go through ball today but one
15:11of the things that’s dramatically
15:12changed is broad spectrum antibiotics
15:17have become ubiquitous in our lives we
15:22not only take them poor any honest in
15:26other words we have a sore throat or
15:29well-meaning doctor will fail over here
15:33you know take the bagger to take some
15:35super or take some work when you’ll be
15:39well we don’t we didn’t know that
15:42antibiotics by almost means living thing
15:47and so antibiotics basically just like
15:52putting napalm on a wonderful range
15:57tropical rainforest and use this
16:00community of bugs is a mature tropical
16:05rainforest then we dropped an Eightball
16:08mamas rainforest and burns to the ground
16:12we naively think well we can take some
16:16probiotics good bugs follow them and
16:20everything will be fine
16:23well last time anyone’s look at a forest
16:26fire and then watch what happens we
16:29could plant brand who sees your little
16:32trees but it would take 20-30 years for
16:36that picture forestry grow well and
16:41there’s now really good information and
16:43humans that a single dose of antibiotics
16:48may deplete your rain forests for over
16:51two years and it’s got easy
16:55wow we’re not solve this in medical
16:58school at all at all
17:00no none of this will talk to the other
17:03thing that most people well I’ve heard
17:06about is the antibiotics peterhead to
17:10being pork and even chickens now most
17:15people assume the chickens are no longer
17:17fed antibiotics but there are antibiotic
17:21like substances like arsenic which is
17:26actually given two chickens to make her
17:29feet look for red now the FDA is finally
17:35as you may know band antibiotics
17:38chickens with and important exception
17:42it was a veterinarian of chicken farm
17:44believes there is a threatening
17:46infection you can go ahead and give
17:48everybody antibiotics because you want
17:50to single out one bird and guess what
17:53there’s always a solvent infection in
17:55the crowded conditions so many amazing
17:57loophole that people don’t tell go
18:00so the point of all this is there are
18:03antibiotics and all of our commercially
18:07raise be important chickens and those
18:13minut miles of antibiotics are reading
18:17every day to the exact same thing they
18:20don’t make the rainforest with my god
18:26you know I saw a study that she’ll even
18:28in the water that we drink in New York
18:30City amount of drugs that were in just
18:32the normal drinking water so i can’t
18:34imagine how many different antibiotics
18:36would be there as well
18:37yep i hope because people actually throw
18:40them down there drains right don’t let
18:43me ask you a question that priest said
18:44to my the concept of a pregnant pregnant
18:47woman taking an antibiotic or just
18:49eating chicken antibiotics and is that
18:51affect the fetus and how was that
18:53changed over the last four years
18:55yeah that’s a great question and there’s
18:58been some beautiful researchers come out
19:00Harvard also new york city that shows
19:03its single round of antibiotics and a
19:06pregnant woman will predisposed her baby
19:09to become a piece because it changed the
19:12microbial and we now know that there’s
19:15actually bugs in the placenta and
19:19actually in the baby before the baby’s
19:22the other thing with striking is the
19:25baby gets one or more rounds of
19:27antibiotics early in life for an ear
19:31infection which is incredibly good
19:34commonly treated women Rex it
19:37predisposes baby 20 pc because it
19:40changes the gut bacteria and yeah so
19:44even a mother taking antibiotics changes
19:48her baby that’s no you’re actually
19:50blowing me away because this is
19:52something I have never heard
19:54I’ve never at least I’ve never heard
19:56with any kind of absence as to the
19:58long-term effects and it was a doctor
20:00you know we do we give antibiotics
20:01pretty freely because you want to
20:04protect the patient but you don’t
20:05realize that nobody’s ever really point
20:07and algae that you could be creating
20:10more on the concept of medicine is
20:12really first you know on exactly
20:15yeah i mean these are they want on
20:19intended consequences
20:21the problem I have with our current
20:23state of knowledge what I see here is
20:27that these are intended consequences
20:29because quite frankly the sticker we
20:33become the better it is for certain
20:37parts of our society in terms of promise
20:40suit property local companies should big
20:43agriculture and quite frankly big
20:46well let me ask you guys bring something
20:48special what kind of a kickback are you
20:49getting from the shining your colleagues
20:52are they gonna initially it sounded like
20:54it require open but when you really take
20:56it to this level where you’re really
20:57looking at it could affect the bottom
21:01well believe it or not I have a lot of
21:03position but actually secretly see me
21:06ok and and I have actually a lot of
21:10other cardiologist that will send people
21:13to me
21:14I mean we’ve published the results of 12
21:18years of study taking people with known
21:20coronary artery disease and putting on
21:23my dietary program that application and
21:27following them for 12 years and the
21:30recurrence rate of coronary artery
21:33disease or stroke or heart disease at
21:38the end of 12 years is only a two
21:40percent to give you an idea if you look
21:44at a normal person with coronary his
21:46disease within five years fifty percent
21:50of them will have a new event even the
21:52long step therapy so that the striking
21:56thing is you know I was all wrong and
22:01what I was taught about the body’s
22:04ability to what I call heal itself and
22:10you know you mention or were taught to
22:13do no harm and epocrates had some
22:18amazing insights party is actually said
22:21that all disease begins in the gut
22:24what he didn’t say was all disease ends
22:26in the gut but that’s my purpose but
22:29these have an amazing idea of water
22:34physician was supposed to do so
22:37epocrates believed in this ability of
22:40any creature to have vibrant health and
22:44to actually heal itself and we call
22:47green life force energy and there’s a
22:50pnc Greek will report but the important
22:54thing is that is the property said that
22:56everybody can heal themselves as long as
23:00the outside forces the external horses
23:04that are keeping the patient from
23:07feeling himself or removed Hippocrates
23:11the purpose of a physician is to be a
23:14detective and define the external forces
23:19that are keeping the patient feeling
23:22himself and then removing the external
23:26forces and once you remove those forces
23:29this green life force energy will take
23:33care of everything else and so for a
23:37heart surgeon to tell you that I’m gonna
23:40rather than put some new plumbing in you
23:43I’m gonna investigate what are these
23:46forces that are keeping you from having
23:48perfect i’ll i’m going to tell you what
23:51they are and then I’m gonna help
23:53hopefully have to remove them and what I
23:57found through the years with
23:58sophisticated blood tests that we sent
24:01all over the country we can actually
24:03measure the effect of removing these
24:07horses and I mean it gets and I wake up
24:11every day like a kid in a candy store
24:13but you know I could watch a person with
24:16crohn’s schooler crowns and
24:18three months on a personal about get out
24:21of a wheelchair and took my house
24:23Wow and you know a person with the left
24:25main coronary artery disease who your
24:28later the negative dresser
24:30wow I can go into AI honestly I I’ve
24:34done a lot of interviews this is like
24:35one of the more fascinating interviews
24:37I’ve ever done because it’s shocking
24:39because it’s just shocking over you your
24:42heart surgery or someone that actually
24:45is looking you know it’s almost I gotta
24:47tell you looking at batteries it’s
24:48almost like medicine is starting to come
24:50full circle back to his original concept
24:53where I all right i mean when you’re
24:56constantly advocating that end part of
24:58my webcasters were in search of the holy
25:00grail of Health and they were really
25:02starting to I guess physician step back
25:04and say hey let’s look at this with a
25:06little bit of a different viewpoint
25:07because we’re not doing that great and
25:09it doesn’t seem where is all the
25:11medicine people getting that much
25:13healthier and i wronged me you know you
25:16know you know we’re having a world a
25:19baby boomer which I am is actually
25:22thicker and a chronological age to the
25:26bigger than his parents were and I mean
25:29otherwise run more medications we put
25:32more procedures and we think of
25:35ourselves as hell but in fact our health
25:39subpoena which is the time that were
25:42actually good help is dramatically
25:45decreasing and what’s happening is what
25:50we call our senescence when we begin to
25:54deteriorate which in it in all times
25:58even a hundred years ago it’s a very
25:59short period of time now we’re spending
26:03half to a third of our lives in a
26:08downhill spiral and whenever rather than
26:11having a health plan and the that’s
26:15what’s got to stop because you know I
26:17Noah mean we will go bankrupt and
26:21healthcare yeah and its really like you
26:24saying is its quality of life that’s
26:26really the panel was that we’re not
26:27necessarily providing from these people
26:30will definitely let me answer so we are
26:32in search of the holy grail of health
26:33advice if I wouldn’t i went down to that
26:35say what would you consider the holy
26:38grail of health
26:39what would that be sure i got it i think
26:42about reducing absolutely right all
26:45disease begins and ends got ninety
26:48percent of the cells would make us human
26:51are actually non-human solves 99% of our
26:55genes are not human gene and the more we
26:59look within and give the vast population
27:05of so that makes us us what they need to
27:09reverse well take care of the rest of us
27:12and it’s it’s it’s a funny concept but
27:16what goes through your mouth
27:19and it was actually they’re not to feed
27:22you but it’s actually to be ninety
27:25percent of you that you don’t even think
27:28about wow well and the good guys are
27:31looking for the center for the study
27:33also to clean to the nutrition and the
27:35bad guys if they’re taking over they’ll
27:37do the same thing so that you have the
27:38same thing
27:39yeah hopefully please me well and so and
27:44i spent a lot of time studying along
27:46with cultures around the world a lot of
27:48my time visiting what cooks and the
27:52interesting thing I only with this
27:54parting word from the plant paradox
27:57which will be out in April on
27:59harpercollins he you look at the Blue
28:03Zone the common factor in the blue
28:06stones is they have wildly different
28:09diets they have wildly different fat
28:13intakes the common factor that unites
28:16all of them is the very little animal
28:21protein now I hate to say that cuz i
28:25grew up and all monobrow again the
28:27walkie with a constant and you know be
28:29four breakfast change for lunch and so I
28:33have a bias against saying this but I
28:37also was Professor a small blender for
28:4016 years
28:41yeah which is a bitch tearing out Dennis
28:43institution and the llama land of vegan
28:48advent of have the longest lives of many
28:52cultures study was always you know that
28:56should be placed what how long should we
28:57be looking all I think you know in our
29:01office we have a humorous saying is 150
29:05is a new 100 have this they’re I mean
29:11they’re certainly very good evidence
29:13that our lifespan easily go 250 years
29:17it’s been beaten that the current record
29:19holder 116 it’s not a reasonable thing
29:23hundred twenty and twenty-five years
29:25perfectly attainable the lady starts my
29:29first book name of the book is Michelle
29:32real name is easy prey and i can tell
29:35you that she told everyone at the
29:37beaches and she’ll turn a hundred and
29:39five in a make and she’s still walking
29:44on the sea me into doing shields she’s
29:46dressed in the night she has hair makeup
29:50gorgeous woman
29:51Mark had eaten learned from a
29:56nutritional by the name of gaylord
29:58Hauser years ago when she was 20 years
30:03Taylor house are told her go home bro
30:06all white foods are your pantry and
30:08never use white again and she took him
30:12at his word and she actually buried two
30:16husbands including the position who told
30:19her everything that’s crazy right and i
30:22met I married 16 years ago when she was
30:26about 90 yeah and I thought you was 65 I
30:30actually look at the chart about three
30:33wow yeah I said why are you here and she
30:36said you talk like the expressionist to
30:39change my life when I was 20 and i want
30:42you to be my doctor
30:43no we had a great relationship harrison
30:46and i read all of gaylord whispers work
30:50and it’s funny that I i could have
30:53written in the books or equal rip my
30:55books because the guy was so fond of his
30:58time but even party that is applied
31:01bring honor and dryer and organizations
31:04stores to eat you now I match used to
31:06wear three inches but right at the end
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