Tony Horton is the wildly popular creator of the best-selling fitness series P90X®. Tony is a world-class motivational speaker and the author of top-selling books “Bring It”, Crush It!” and his latest motivational book, “The Big Picture” 11 Laws that will change your life. He has appeared on countless television programs as a fitness and lifestyle expert to promote healthy living through exercise and proper nutrition.

Tony believes that real and lasting change can happen when we commit to health as a lifestyle. Exercise, whole foods, and the right mindset is the formula that leads to a vibrant, productive and full life for anyone who focuses on being the best they can be.

  • Maintaining muscle mass and flexibility
  • How Tony put together the P90x workout
  • Why yoga is such a big piece of Tony Horton’s exercise routine
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0:00take back your health now episode 15
0:04you’re listening to the take back your
0:07health now podcast the show that
0:09interviews the top doctors athletes
0:11trainers and entrepreneurs to help you
0:14find the holy grail of health now here’s
0:17your host dr. dan Margolin
0:22this is dr. dan more going with another
0:25segment of segments of take back your
0:27health now where we pull out all the
0:29stops in search of else holy grail we
0:32have an amazing guest and I’m really
0:34excited mr. tony horton hears a wildly
0:36popular creator of the best-selling
0:39fitness series p90x tony is a
0:42world-class motivational speaker and the
0:44author of top selling books Brandt crush
0:47it and his latest motivational book the
0:50big picture 11 laws that will change
0:52your life
0:53he has appeared on countless television
0:55programs as a fitness and lifestyle
0:58expert to promote healthy living to
0:59exercise and proper nutrition Tony
1:02believes that real and lasting change
1:04can happen when we commit to health as a
1:07lifestyle exercise whole foods and the
1:10right mindset is a formula that leads to
1:12a vibrant productive and full life for
1:14anyone who focuses on being the best
1:16they can be telling welcome to the show
1:19then my pleasure thank you for having
1:21mune was our pleasure
1:24so to give us like to tell us about the
1:26journey little bit how did you develop
1:27your unique fitness philosophy can you
1:30go back to the beginning
1:32well when I grew up in New England
1:34Connecticut Rhode Island I was not a
1:36great athlete of the sea- student speech
1:38impediment called cluttering I was an
1:41army brat we moved six times for fifth
1:44gray so the whole thing was a blur
1:46really and very confusing and
1:48frustrating and my dad was a great asset
1:50is a kid but he didn’t want to push me
1:52like his father pushed him so so I was
1:55sort of left for my you know my own
1:56devices then I played tennis and I ski
1:59that was on the football team but they
2:00really play was a third-stringer and it
2:04was very frustrating process and i ate a
2:06lot of fast food and McDonald’s was in
2:08its early infancy back in those days and
2:11burger king was coming up and Kentucky
2:13five trips chicken and so these are sort
2:15of novelties back in the day and so we
2:18just ate garbage and didn’t really train
2:20and annuity with the train were athletes
2:22that that were on teams everybody else
2:25is just hating in class you know along
2:27with myself when I moved out to
2:29California 1980 and the lifestyle is
2:32very different out here when it was
2:33jamming every corner but
2:35you know the difference a big difference
2:36from the east coast and i started taking
2:39aerobics classes and I started going to
2:41the track and working out 19 I met him
2:43freaking our shorts nagar and spied on
2:45them in the gym that I wasn’t what Jim
2:47handsome and partly because I just was
2:51you know I was doing it for aesthetic
2:52reasons for for my ego I wasn’t doing
2:54for health reasons to become a better
2:56athlete I just wanted you know I wanted
2:58pecs and biceps and ads and stuff so i
3:00could meet girls going to be perfectly
3:02honest alright one thing I didn’t know
3:04when I was exercising on unbeknownst to
3:07me I just had more energy more
3:08enthusiasm for life I was more
3:11I didn’t sleep in as long as late as i
3:13used to at United realize that there was
3:15a a mental and emotional shit that was
3:19happening as a result of the physical
3:21activity and then later on in life I
3:24learned you know from John radio books
3:26park and others this video there’s a
3:28there’s you know as a doc you realize it
3:31there’s no connection dopamine serotonin
3:33brain-derived neurotropic factor all
3:35these things these molecules and
3:36proteins sort of you know fly inside of
3:39your brain inside your temporal lobe
3:40inside your hippocampus it just changes
3:44your outlook you know and for me it came
3:46as much about the mental emotional later
3:48in life especially now that I’m 58
3:50I mean I still love climbing rose doing
3:52pull-ups and push-ups and skiing hard
3:54and and all those physical things that
3:56come with it but i just-i can’t– still
3:57I just feel better my own skin you know
4:00I’m not as moody as they used to be my
4:01sex drive is pretty damn good for 58
4:04year-old and pills for it back and i
4:06have all understanding that the
4:07foundation of all that is is my diet max
4:09nice it for the night during a nutshell
4:12tell you how long after you started
4:15working at that you start to experience
4:17some of these changes
4:19immediately immediately I always knew
4:22that I was in a good mood after workout
4:24and I always notice that i wasn’t a bad
4:25news when I didn’t work out to those
4:27though so it was instantaneous
4:31you know people exercise with the hope
4:32that they’re going to look different in
4:33the future right so that can become a
4:35very frustrating process because you
4:38know they’re inconsistent the food is
4:39very consistent with the workout has
4:41high expectations it doesn’t work out
4:43and they say all woman’s me I’m not
4:45genetically set up for it and that’s not
4:47true you know if you look at annex up
4:49any exercise routine especially yoga for
4:51example of such a big fan
4:52is this the the physical mental and
4:55emotional psychological shift happens
4:58during the course of the workout i’m out
5:02to imply metrics about 10 people tonight
5:04and none of us looking forward to it
5:06because so hard 30 40 50 reps jumping up
5:09and down like bunny rabbits you know but
5:11at the end of it will completely soft
5:13and we’ve done anaerobic /ro type
5:16routine in the course of 55 minutes and
5:19we all just feel you know of
5:21electrically feel alive after that thing
5:24you know and we’re also better athletes
5:26as result and we do it you know all we
5:28need is a human bodies mother earth and
5:31Sir Isaac Newton’s law of gravity we
5:33don’t need a gym we just got my backyard
5:35the grass and jump around and then
5:37that’s the training I goes to ski hard
5:39and do double black diamond to jump off
5:41a cliff
5:42le ski units I’ve been lifting weights
5:44with my legs and decades real hit
5:47learning learning the University
5:49witnesses be balanced and range of
5:51motion power strength agility it’s not
5:53just building burn which is what we’ve
5:56been stuck in for you know 50 years and
5:59elevation how you said that before you
6:01worked out with lou ferrigno and arnold
6:02schwarzenegger stuff that was their
6:05concept is probably a little bit
6:06different that are maybe it’s not but
6:08there’s clearly you shift away because
6:11they’re they’re going for the bulk
6:12they’re going for the heavyweights
6:14they’re going for the gym so your
6:16viewpoint sort of shifted away from that
6:18is that is that true
6:20it’s just a way to some degree you know
6:22I mean as you get older you have to show
6:24state and we got to be why colors you
6:26want to what you want to accomplish and
6:27you lot of young men single men you know
6:30they go to the gym and they want to pump
6:31up pump it up
6:32good but don’t don’t have time to play a
6:34game of softball you know I’m right the
6:36ball on the first baseman go to think
6:38both hamstrings you know so um
6:40bodybuilding was sort of my introduction
6:43that was how I got into fixed i just i
6:45like I said I did it for the aesthetic
6:47purposes you know whatever it was all
6:50ego stuff but now I just want to be
6:52functional I’m still pretty muscular
6:55because I you know I do chest and back
6:56on on thursdays and shoulders and arms
6:59on tuesday i’m gonna do it those body
7:02parts specifically but a lot of times
7:04when i do those routines I don’t let the
7:06single way that’s all body weight it’s
7:07all pull-ups and push-ups and handstands
7:09and handstand push-ups and pylons and
7:11and things that are some things that you
7:14see in a circus Olay workout you can
7:16mean a gymnast work I because what i
7:19want to sort of i want to maintain my
7:21flexibility i still want to have muscle
7:23mass but I still want to maintain my
7:25flexibility in the process and I don’t
7:26want to make sure you know because in
7:27life you don’t know any short little
7:30linear planes to move in multiple planes
7:34and so you know who knows whether you’re
7:36reaching their bending or pulling
7:38something off the shelf that even though
7:41your leg holster you get hurt because
7:43you know your body wasn’t prepared to
7:45extend that extra inch that extra
7:47millimeter and that’s why yoga has
7:49always been a big piece of the puzzle
7:50for me and every one of my programs i’ve
7:52created from the very first one except
7:54for 22 minute hardcore with the boot
7:55camp the team so that’s the only one but
7:58for the most part you know its speed is
8:00balanced range motion / flexibility and
8:03endurance is obviously a tu es but you
8:06just want to like being the airport with
8:07your luggage and help of Paris there’s
8:09not even notice you know I mean you want
8:11to right now I think you know with the
8:13proper form and put up on the shelf and
8:15not correct your back
8:16that’s what really comes down to you
8:18don’t want this you know the statute you
8:20know this is ending right and Bob you’re
8:22moving creature this has to be ready to
8:25do anything at anytime and
8:27that’s the way I train a train like an
8:29athlete train by travelpod gymnast
8:30trains but I still adding like you know
8:33having abandoned the loose ring no
8:35Arnold Schwarzenegger weightlifting
8:37stuff i still do enjoy a occasionally
8:40you know what I actually several years
8:43ago i actually bought into the 290x and
8:45i have to say we’ll talk about it a
8:46little bit a second but the yoga part of
8:49that specific I story though the one
8:51before you’re putting your back up
8:52against the wall and you’re almost like
8:54in a chair position was the hardest
8:56thing I’ve ever done in my life and I
8:58didn’t think it would be until I
9:00actually tried doing it well you know
9:03that’s the thing about yoga is forced to
9:05work and your weaknesses instantly and
9:07the one thing that yoga gives you that a
9:08lot of things don’t is it gives you the
9:11balance right it gives you the
9:12flexibility and gives you strength
9:14I mean one thing doesn’t like you could
9:15be speed working out your heart rate and
9:17going through the roof but you get three
9:19really critical aspects of sickness and
9:22it’s just you and Matt you know bring me
9:24good night original p90x was a true you
9:26know it was a classic top of flow which
9:29is an hour-and-a-half 90 minutes and a
9:31lot of people skipped it to go ahead and
9:33just you know because I felt like if
9:34they didn’t do the whole thing that it
9:35wasn’t worth doing and I would not go to
9:37seminars and done I you know I do these
9:40public speaking my truth folks will do
9:42the first 45 minutes before you cannot
9:44do a half hour you know the whole thing
9:45what if i am going to miss out on the
9:47battles but while you’re doing at least
9:49some some aspect of it and that’s why
9:51I’m p90x3 which these workouts are half
9:55hour versions of p90x really been a lot
9:57of moves are different sequences are
9:58different because we want to get people
10:00more variety but it goes that’s a half
10:02hour yoga will do wonders for for
10:05anybody anyone just want to go back to
10:07what what is p90x and how did you
10:09because you really organize something
10:12you put this together so that it is a
10:14full functioning system how did you come
10:17up with that how did you put this whole
10:18thing together what was that sort of
10:20like well it stems from and sent from my
10:23personal training days you know me
10:25neither Tom Petty billy idol and lenox
10:27me remix Stevie Nicks stephen stills
10:30Bruce Springsteen show you McGregor and
10:34you know there’s a lot of pressure on me
10:35as a trainer for rock stars in the movie
10:38stars and TV stars to kind of give
10:41people the best results that i can give
10:44them because they’re getting ready to
10:45you know take off their shirt on the big
10:47screen or you know to sort of all right
10:50center stage for three hours and so what
10:54I what I learned early on in my career
10:55it was mostly for me you know my my
10:59early stages of what you know I go to
11:01the gym and I would do lay and I would
11:04you don’t get them on the on the bikes
11:07for 45 minutes and then I’m gonna go to
11:08the gym and I stayed you check and get
11:11on the bike for 45 minutes and i’ll text
11:13you back and get on the blackboard
11:15environment gonna make so if you have
11:17building and burning it works pretty
11:20good for my physique and that look looks
11:21very good and and I was you know
11:23generally healthy I had more energy
11:24those types of things but but i was also
11:27pretty curious and what I was noticing
11:29with that with that model is that I was
11:31getting injured i occasionally and I
11:33thought what am i doing wrong and it’s
11:35because I didn’t have enough
11:36diversification in my overall fitness
11:39approach so I thought well you know i’m
11:42going to check out this Pilates or I’m
11:43gonna check out this mixed martial arts
11:45your honor to start doing more core
11:47functional info precepts of fitness and
11:49then you know maybe I should go to yoga
11:51class because that’s where all the cute
11:52girls are you know and so what I
11:55discovered was when I got a burning
11:57building model i was being challenged
11:58like I never thought I could because
12:00when you look at you think that i
12:02consider going to anything but that’s
12:04like asking the football player to be a
12:05great swimmer just you know
12:08no thanks for asking a great swimmer to
12:10be a great football player
12:12they both look amazing that both fit but
12:15you’re asking them to do something
12:16completely different movements of
12:17different plane is different all that
12:19sort of thing that’s why triathletes are
12:21pretty interested or or rock climbers
12:23pretty impressive you know but still you
12:26could even ask a rockslide rock-climbing
12:28plate you know college basketball is
12:31this would be impossible to that person
12:32by oh I i discovered that if you’re a
12:35jack of all trades and a master of none
12:38then you’re going to have you’re going
12:40to have a more well-rounded ability to
12:43be able to get crazy fit were like kinda
12:46get to the next level
12:47fluff to those plateaus and so that’s
12:49why p90x which was originally going to
12:51be six different workouts and do some
12:53research I said no man we need to get a
12:56yoga specific and we need to get a
12:57number for X specific and we need to get
13:00you know like a chest and back
13:02I mean a leg and back day which was like
13:04a nice work our entire body in a
13:07resistance mode and so it just sort of
13:10made sense
13:10partly because my client at that time
13:13demanded great results in a short period
13:16of time and variety with the long way
13:19from you get there and I don’t think
13:21that was a variety of your body is
13:22having a hard time adapting to it so it
13:24doesn’t get used to it so you make sex
13:26again set that shrimp because it’s
13:29making sure that you know you’re working
13:31on your weaknesses as much as as much
13:33for more sore than your strengths with
13:34everybody gravitates to the thing pretty
13:36good at already or the thing they’ve
13:37been practicing for 20 years but it’s
13:39scary for people especially if they’re
13:41really working hard they’re training
13:42often to break that pattern i got a
13:45friend of mine right now he’s 50
13:47something he loves being a big guy you
13:50know that’s his thing and now we’ve torn
13:52triceps muscle and he’s in here all the
13:54time and I said hey look you gotta you
13:58gotta make some changes your life and
14:00he’s just afraid of a not actually use
14:01time to be lean and mean and flexible
14:03and the end of the days of being bulky
14:06like your plan high school football her
14:07over and it’s that is a hard transition
14:10for news especially to make and for
14:12women quite often the transition to
14:14doing push-ups and pull-ups shin and
14:17doing more resistance work that’s that’s
14:19a little more difficult for them but the
14:20people that have the courage to do it
14:22are the ones to get the best results and
14:24that’s what Peter elements us as we each
14:28like you see you tend to see these
14:30injuries like back injuries do you think
14:32that since you think that part of it is
14:34that we’ve allowed some of those muscles
14:36to atrophy maybe put more concentration
14:38other ones but have not had that sort of
14:40full round approach to it
14:42I would say so I’m you know you know you
14:44know you have to look at every case I
14:46mean sometimes it’s just genetics or you
14:48know who knows there’s a myriad of
14:50reasons why somebody gets hurt on monday
14:52and they did the day before that could
14:54be lack of sleep for hydration too much
14:56stress of barometric pressure by rhythms
14:59you know this if there’s a there’s a
15:01collection of things that are happening
15:03to us on any given day I think if you’re
15:05stressed is under control we all the
15:06people don’t really talk about stress
15:08too much and then a lot of folks don’t
15:09even know that they’re under stress
15:11there’s just too much like the Frog
15:13bryan fans you know they did they’re
15:15constantly under pressure
15:16there’s worse things there’s traffic
15:18there’s family stuff there’s financial
15:20issues and it creates this sort of
15:23internal tanks that you know it’s about
15:27cortisol and it’s about you know your
15:29adrenal glands and all these different
15:30things that are that you know you think
15:33you’re doing everything right but you’re
15:34getting you know six and a half hours of
15:36crappy sleep you wake up and think a
15:39bucket of coffee in the morning cortisol
15:40that need to fight with your spouse and
15:42so now your cortisol levels through the
15:44so now your ligaments and tendons and
15:46and and LOL your connective tissue is at
15:49risk because there’s so much
15:50inflammation inside of your body and you
15:52go to the same workout you did two days
15:54ago and food there goes your shoulder
15:56saying that goes your back
15:57well I’ve it has just a lot of it and we
16:00don’t really that we don’t equate one
16:02with the other but you know the clients
16:03will show you that it’s all true
16:05like eight hours of rockstar sleep and
16:07tons of water all day and stress
16:10management you know throughout your life
16:12and plenty of yoga and add some
16:14medication and you’re just less
16:16susceptible to getting hurt as opposed
16:19to pee or no they think I’m doing pretty
16:21well they’re going to the gym three or
16:23four times a week and but they’re
16:25stressed out and sleep deprived and
16:27they’re dehydrated and oops there goes
16:31so I mean I talked about that in the big
16:33picture man it’s all in there because
16:35it’s based on all you know almost my
16:36trials and tribulation in life but you
16:39know I get up and I slam a big old like
16:42last night i got 88 hours and 15 minutes
16:45of sleep last night and so today I just
16:47like and I feel good you know I mean I
16:49feel ready to go i mean my shoulder
16:52which is me issues is
16:53it was pretty good i have like I has a
16:55plantar fasciitis in my left foot is
16:56never felt better
16:58you know i mean i’m still learning those
16:59same lessons some nice like it
17:00six-and-a-half I think what we doing you
17:02know I mean sleep is you jumping the one
17:05thing that requires you to do almost
17:07nothing can solve a lot of your problem
17:10and that’s just you know turning off the
17:11two turning off your laptop getting off
17:13your phone and getting to bed on time
17:15soon as you get your eight hours and and
17:18happy about 10 hours the ideal amount
17:20like a little best changed to require
17:22more than that or what see what’s the
17:23ideal I don’t know you think first of
17:26experimentation you know and coming so
17:28close can rock a six-and-a-half not me
17:30you know some folks need nine and a lot
17:33of it has to do with your stress load
17:35and you’re in your physical workload and
17:37your diet and how much hydration and
17:40things like that and a lot of people
17:41don’t have a good don’t have a good
17:43you know I mean we have we do not have a
17:45TV in our bedroom there are no phones in
17:48our bedroom electronics do not exist in
17:51our bedroom we have you know we have a
17:53situation where i change on my pillow
17:56you know I don’t have to sleep on the
17:57same pillow for 10 years and holy smokes
18:00him and I get a good bed cover and I get
18:02good you know bamboo sheets people don’t
18:04even know about bamboo sheets I mean you
18:06know i’m here to tell you that it’s a
18:09whole different world on bamboo sheet
18:10and no kids gonna come much solving her
18:13with what’s the hill
18:14Oh it makes silk feel like sandpaper
18:17this stuff is really using the amazing
18:20and it stays cool in the summer and
18:22keeps you warm in the winter it’s sort
18:25of a is amazing and I just learned that
18:28from a friend one day and I got in that
18:29thing I’m oh my god what it feels like a
18:32five-hundred-year-old t-shirts you know
18:34what I mean great it was amazing but I’m
18:37so simple like that if you’re on soft
18:39message mattresses they should be on the
18:42hard ones and vice versa and most people
18:44go out the hell of it I mean maybe it’s
18:46something was wrong with me a lot of
18:48times there’s something wrong with your
18:49bedroom something wrong with your
18:50mattress something rather she something
18:52on your pillow and so that’s just a
18:54simple easy things to help you get those
18:57eight hours to get up the next day and
19:00you know I guys I tell people keep yo
19:02man next to your bed roll on your bed
19:04and do induce
19:06minutes five minutes of our yoga
19:08south-central mutation as opposed to
19:10running down the kitchen and bring a
19:11bucket coffee so you can use the
19:13physical body and oxygen is it means to
19:16transform you in the morning or you can
19:18use a source outside of yourself which
19:19is caffeine which is a tradition problem
19:22in your family for whatever you know
19:23three generation or you break the
19:25pattern you create the pattern you have
19:27a better life sometimes it is the
19:29competition I was I used to think about
19:315 cups of coffee day about a year ago I
19:32just went cold turkey and stopped and I
19:35went to a little bit of withdrawal
19:36States face but I got today I feel great
19:39and my energy level is high you know
19:42without the coffee so it is it’s funny
19:44what you get used to so I totally can
19:46imagine just switching the mindset over
19:48to to exercise yoga those kind of things
19:51let me ask you though going to the like
19:53if you were to compare diet or exercise
19:55and put them sort of like again it’s
19:58probably a silly question but what is
19:59more important like how would you if you
20:01were to rate which were more important
20:02where would you go with that Nina was
20:05funny people only season 20 40 60 to 50
20:09it’s a hundred hundred it’s a hundred
20:12percent on both ok cleaner the diet and
20:14better your diet diet equals house right
20:18exercise equals fit else’s this is the
20:20two things we both want so they have you
20:22have to pay equal amount of attention to
20:24both now obviously there’s some you know
20:27metabolism is an issue for a lot of
20:29people if you don’t you’re in your
20:30twenties in your your college soccer
20:32player than you know you probably have
20:33all the snickers bars you want right you
20:36can throw back as much gold as you want
20:37but there’s always a place price to pay
20:40maybe not now maybe not this year but
20:43there’s a price to pay down the road so
20:46i always tell people you know how clean
20:49you want your diet to be a lot of folks
20:51don’t know how to make healthy food
20:52taste good so they know they feel like
20:54oh I gotta have you know brought boiled
20:58chicken and steamed vegetables every
21:00meal and then I said you know go check
21:02out spices because you know if you don’t
21:04like vegetables then you know put some
21:06salt on the guacamole and drink a little
21:09Parmesan cheese on it you know any
21:10American right with everybody kind of
21:14or a commoner figure it out you know i
21:18mean if you’re not gonna figure it out
21:19then you’re always gonna wanna you know
21:21head toward fast food garbage food and I
21:25don’t want your like pressured i like on
21:27a normal day what would you like for
21:29breakfast lunch dinner how would you do
21:31well uh sometimes my wife making me this
21:35insane egg dish which is grilled peppers
21:37and onions and should put it on a bed of
21:42like arugula or or basil or something so
21:44I like a salad base and then I’ve always
21:47grilled vegetables initial put like two
21:49or three eggs over easy and there’s some
21:52salsa or some some kind of spicy red
21:56sauce on there so i try to get you i try
21:58to get those servings of vegetables in
22:00the morning first thing anybody wakes up
22:02the pancakes and waffles isn’t saying my
22:04mind I mean not right just put it in
22:06ingredients birthday cake it’s butter
22:09sugar and flour and white flour there’s
22:11nothing remotely all or I got luckily or
22:15I’ve got you know gluten-free seriously
22:17I mean that’s your best shot communities
22:20like you know this is your body this is
22:21their fuel I like like Parkinson’s
22:25Alzheimer’s stroke heart attack
22:27high blood pressure or cancers what do
22:29you think the sub comes from just like
22:31the good memories I don’t anybody living
22:33next to Chernobyl or Fukushima right i
22:36mean you’re gonna get your quality of
22:38your life is determined the length of
22:39your life is determined the the disease
22:43filled or free part of your body is
22:46determined by behavior environmental and
22:49genetics now genetics you can control
22:51sorry appearance made love they made you
22:54and this is it so now you have the other
22:56two things you can control and that’s
22:57environment and behavior so you know it
23:01don’t drink the water in Flint Michigan
23:02what I was going to tell you that’s the
23:04environment haha else is the is
23:08determined by your you know your level
23:10of discipline and how you control your
23:13two hands in your mouth and so you know
23:15some of the other breakfast i’ll add is
23:17frozen blueberries small cashews some
23:21ice cubes couple scoops either way
23:23arrives or vegan protein powder
23:25think i just kind of mix it up and on
23:27picking a kind of pattern don’t have
23:29some flaxseed meal have some GS email in
23:33there i’ll put some coral oxygen which
23:36is like super superfood super green and
23:39what else I’ll put a little bit of got
23:41coconut oil in there and download mix
23:46and it’s a yes you know I mean it’s not
23:49super sweet or anything so if you’re
23:50looking for something you know super
23:51sweet and you want more than you throw a
23:53half a banana in there right and i’ll
23:55change it but I just try to keep the
23:56sugar down i mean if i read one more
23:58thing about how sugar can lead to you
24:00know 15 kinds of cancer i cut out
24:02dessert almost two years ago and it
24:04changed it changed everything for me
24:06it’s a total game changer and I was a
24:08that you cut out all desserts all
24:11normal desserts like every once in a
24:13while I’m a cookie or visit us of half a
24:16slice of key lime pie but for me I would
24:19have some sweet thing after lunch I have
24:21some sweet thing after dinner tonight
24:23with day after day week after week month
24:25after month year after year and so now i
24:29have that maybe once or twice a month at
24:32the most and i lost my taste for
24:35chocolate which was my favorite thing in
24:37the world my favorite foods is a kid
24:38work with chocolate and burnt toast I
24:40mean yikes
24:42so anything that we don’t we don’t have
24:44bread in the house you know
24:45pasta is a pocket is a treat and i’m an
24:48italian right so we get gluten-free
24:50pasta and that’s that once in awhile and
24:52so it’s vegetables in and I don’t go
24:54crazy with the meat you know I mean you
24:56got folks who love paleo people that are
24:58loved and begin and i’m writing a new
25:00book the working title is nourished I
25:02think it’s taken so it’s just issues
25:05telling people about my journey I was a
25:07vegan with a vegetarian I did the paleo
25:09thing for a while and now i just need as
25:10much healthy food as my
25:12great-great-great grandparents were
25:14recognized it’s not red bullet and
25:16doritos you know it’s not cereal in the
25:18morning it’s not pancakes
25:20it’s not dr. pepper and it’s not it’s
25:23not french fries is you know it’s not
25:25all the things that caused the problems
25:27right so that’s that’s the first athlete
25:29the equation and that’s in my opinion
25:31that is critical
25:32you are what you eat Jacqueline said it
25:34decades ago on the fitness thing five
25:37days minimum five days
25:39because for means you’re barely clinging
25:41onto in the possibility of getting any
25:43kind of real results three days a week
25:45don’t even bother going to throw it’s
25:46like throwing himself downstairs you’re
25:48going to be sore but you’re not going to
25:49see any real dramatic change right i
25:52mean show up to work three days we brush
25:53your teeth three days a week
25:55alright don’t commit myself to sleep
25:59your life is going to be a living hell
26:00so you know we do all the other things
26:02consistently you know so that we can
26:04survive the earth while I want people to
26:06thrive so if you want to drive you can
26:08eat really well all the time and you
26:10have to exercise five to seven days a
26:12week for the rest of your life now
26:14no by the way for a lot of people that
26:15feels like it’s impossible but if you
26:20believe to be true when you want to live
26:21the lifestyle that I live because I’m
26:23I’m no anomaly I’m no athlete I mean I
26:25must see- student with a speech
26:27impediment that was picked last for
26:28every team except for dodgeball
26:30ok so huh so um if I can do it you can
26:34do it transitions hard and always has
26:36that’s the reason why first grade second
26:38grade follows first grade three great
26:39follow second grade you don’t go from
26:41that grade to grad school and I mean
26:43there’s a process here and it takes some
26:45time and you’re in your job is to figure
26:47out get you tried keeping people in your
26:49life that want to do this with you and
26:51so we know with numbers there’s success
26:54have a plan to write it down in advance
26:56have a purpose it’s more about the
26:58quality of your life and feeling good
27:00today as opposed to how you want to look
27:01at a bikini six months in our you want
27:03to look on your wedding day you know in
27:05September those are ephemeral things
27:08that don’t sustain long-term to find
27:11real reason like to get the scale get a
27:14measure forget the the reflection in the
27:16mirror and the people nice opinions
27:18about what people that’s all lovely but
27:20what it really comes down to is I want
27:22to feel awesome all the time I don’t
27:25want to be movie I want to sleep great
27:26i’m gonna have great sex in the
27:28foundation is a hundred percent food a
27:30hundred percent business now you can do
27:32eighty percent eighty percent and that’s
27:34going to be great it’s probably
27:35infinitely better than you have now but
27:37that I mean for me I’m always evolving
27:40always changing always growing always
27:42asking questions because i don’t assume
27:44that have all the answers now i’m sure
27:45you know you talk to me five years now
27:47more information based on
27:49it’s asking smart people questions when
27:53you know you look at you look at the
27:54people like Jack LaLanne I always look
27:56at Jack eliminated the guy i remember
27:58the guy into his late eighties was
28:00swimming point boat filled with people
28:02and I thought my god he actually lived
28:06what he talked about you know he was
28:07nutritionally is unbelievable
28:09he stayed in amazing shape and told you
28:13the same i mean do I look like I’m very
28:14inspired by everything you said who you
28:16are and what you’ve done sir well done
28:18well thank you you know i feel very
28:20blessed by laying Jack’s wife who just
28:25turned 90 hand me the gasoline award she
28:30gave me that award last year at the idea
28:32convention and really here so yeah
28:35there’s some son John said it that I’m
28:37the closest to anything that the two of
28:40them have ever met and it that you know
28:43sort of them explains or understand gas
28:48velocity and that was just the man I was
28:50onstage trying out the ball you know
28:52because it was such a horndog high water
28:54and honor that is not sure I mean it’s
28:56just amazing
28:57wow that’s me and it’s not like you know
28:59it i don’t feel like a freak i don’t
29:01feel like i’m i’m i’m ah I guess what i
29:04mean by that is I don’t feel like I’m
29:05such an anomaly when it comes to this
29:06and it’s in even though the transition
29:09was difficult times now she seems so
29:13simple and so easy fluid so fun and and
29:17in my job is to try to disseminate no
29:20information and in a inspiring
29:23motivating ways that people get that
29:24message you can enjoy what i enjoy your
29:27certainly doing it tight for people that
29:29want to find out more about you and you
29:32did you spoke about the habit of project
29:34coming up shortly you’re doing something
29:36know how they get in touch with you and
29:37just tell us a little bit about the
29:39well you know if you want to know we’re
29:41headed and what kind of got a great
29:42course we’re going to shard it’s called
29:46you know living large with Tony
29:47important and it is it breaks down some
29:50very specific concepts that come out of
29:52my book the big picture to help people
29:54get to the next level you know whether
29:57it be financial or physical mental
29:59emotional spiritually you know it’s just
30:02sort of there
30:03the basic disciplines of me the big
30:05picture laws will change your life these
30:07are the 11 things that that I discovered
30:09along the way based on a lot of personal
30:11development that I was doing in my
30:13twenties thirties early forties with
30:15deepak chopra Andrew Weil and Gary
30:18Zhukov tony robbins and Don Miguel Ruiz
30:21you know I i just i was such a searcher
30:23as a kid together was still unhappy all
30:26the time right so i would take little
30:27pieces and nuggets and i created my own
30:29philosophy and it’s in the living large
30:32course and british artist is no use the
30:36top leadership coaching the world Tony
30:38Robbins went to him to do is close the
30:41window went to em to her course of sure
30:45did a course with with the Brendan and
30:48Larry King you know I mean he’s really
30:50sort of the state-of-the-art guy who
30:52really knows how to put a phenomenal
30:53exhibition pieces together make put it
30:55online so easy to get to that course is
30:58a big deal like you know I hear you and
30:59I have a short conversation in 30
31:01minutes but if you want really the soup
31:03to nuts philosophy is 35 years of doing
31:07this stuff check it out it’s on it’s on
31:092014 also all my events if you
31:13want to come see me live event i’m
31:14actually was your ski or snowboard
31:16februari 82 the 1260 online again we
31:20have a great yoga retreat and I talked
31:22about going so much and we do some yoga
31:24in the morning pretty mellow we go on
31:26the hill we ski all day and we do a
31:27little yoga at the end of the day and
31:29just as great people from all around the
31:31world kind of get together and sharing
31:32that philosophy also my skin and hair
31:35care line 24 care really cool we got 55
31:39products from shaving cream shampoo and
31:41bodywash I destroy my skin out here in
31:43California when I first came out here
31:45and so I work with Patrick dr. C is like
31:48always studying it being tan is awesome
31:51about pay the price in my late 40s and
31:53early 50s I came up formulations are a
31:55great mixture of both science and nature
31:57is to help you improve the quality of
31:59your hair it’s all you know prop 65
32:01hopefully compliance stuff you know i
32:04mean it it’s just yeah I just you know
32:06so much garbage on the market so many
32:08things that have crappy ph balance and
32:10so you know except i talked to patch
32:12and I learned about these things and oh
32:13how I got my skin along with the end you
32:16know i’m working on the outside along
32:17the inside because I you know I’m
32:19putting 60 man and I and I want to break
32:22gonna break the barrier I don’t want to
32:23go out like everybody else
32:24so this is one more project so on your
32:27life that’s the place to find me and
32:28Tony thank you so much of the listeners
32:31I tell you this is one of the best
32:33interviews I’ve done I really appreciate
32:35you taking the time sir
32:36well done today and I thank you for
32:39having me on and and hopefully some of
32:40the stuff that we’ve chatted about today
32:42will sink in and people start to make
32:44some changes and that’s that’s why you
32:46and I have any business I to absolutely
32:48we do i’m sure we’ll all thank you sir
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