Aaron Reed is the author of The SuperNatural Lifestyle. He is 7 Time Bodybuilding Champion he is currently the Tallest Competitive Bodybuilder in the circuit at 6’7″. Aaron is also a former WWE professional Wrestler “Lift Sawyer.” He is a Leukemia Survivor Diagnosed at age 4 chemo until age 7, relapse at age 12, and has come back to live bigger and better.

Aaron currently runs the done for you nutrition and meal prep company, Eat Like Aaron, based in Tampa, FL.

  • How he overcame pain by confronting and controlling it
  • The two top ways to grow muscle
  • Why food is first, and supplements are second
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0:00take back your health now episode 11
0:05you’re listening to the take back your
0:07health now podcast the show that
0:09interviews the top doctors athletes
0:11trainers and entrepreneurs to help you
0:14find the holy grail of health now here’s
0:17your host dr. dan Margolin hi this is
0:24dr. dan Margolin with another segment of
0:26take back your help now where we pull
0:28out all the stops in search of the holy
0:30grail of health we are really excited to
0:33have our guests today’s mr. Aaron Reed
0:35he’s the author of the supernatural
0:37lifestyle is 7-time bodybuilding
0:40champion he’s it’s a times a times i’m
0:44sorry my friend that’s okay i just had a
0:46competition since we talked last time so
0:47it’s awesome awesome he is currently the
0:50tallest competitive bodybuilder the
0:52circuit had 67 now I saw something else
0:54that said you were 68 is that correct
0:56it’s not as they keep making me taller
0:58but I’m 67 so you don’t I’m five foot
1:01four man i’d like to be a little
1:02withdrawal and you know it
1:04so Aaron is also a former WWE
1:06professional rester wrestler lifts
1:09lawyer he is a leukemia survivor
1:11diagnosed at age four chemo until eight
1:14seven relapse at age 12 and has come
1:17back to live bigger and better
1:19Aaron currently runs the done-for-you
1:20nutrition and meal prep company like
1:23Aaron based in tampa florida Aaron
1:26welcome to the show
1:27hey base happy to be here my friend and
1:30how did you tell us how did you first
1:32get interested in bodybuilding you know
1:36I think like most people I seen arnold
1:40schwarzenegger and pumping iron that you
1:44know you actually was a conan the
1:46destroyer is second big movie if you
1:50look at that movie man i look at you
1:52know I’ve been a big fan of our my whole
1:54life and he was in the best shape ever
1:57for that movie like you know it’s no
2:01wonder when i was a kid i see that i was
2:03so starstruck
2:05no but it was my dad’s a large man 65
2:09200-pound dude you know real physical
2:12athlete that comes from a family of
2:14athletes and i remember when i see that
2:17was a kid myself in my dad was like
2:18Samantha said that cuz big my dad was
2:22like son
2:23that’s always forcing their seven-time
2:25mr. olympia he’s huge and in that moment
2:28I instantly went from like looking at my
2:31pop is like the greatest thing ever to
2:33like look like this guy you know
2:35wow wow wow it says you have you had
2:38gone through chemo yet leukemia do you
2:40remember anything or what was that like
2:42yeah unfortunately I remember like a lot
2:44of that but you know it’s so long ago
2:47feels like a lifetime ago it’s it’s
2:49crazy to think that that was be you know
2:5230 years ago you know it was you know
2:59it’s like a scary time for me I was a
3:00little scared little kid and announcer
3:03and very painful you know they didn’t
3:08they had a lot of different way to the
3:09way they did things back then were a lot
3:13of experimental techniques and whatnot
3:15and I know that now I’ve actually
3:17reached out to a kid that I found out
3:19had got leukemia year ago year and a
3:22half ago and I go to go see him every
3:24once in awhile and his family just kind
3:26of I don’t know being some sort of
3:29inspiration that little know that like
3:30you can get through it you know
3:31sure sure and i found out that they put
3:35these kids out for a lot of the
3:36procedures that i was awake for 30 years
3:39ago so also they had you awake for those
3:41procedures i have an indigenous you have
3:44managed to stick like these this huge
3:46needle in my spine model extract bone
3:50marrow from my spine to analyze it to
3:52make sure that the lucky you didn’t get
3:54into my bones and I was just in my blood
3:57and that I mean you know huge needle
4:00jabbed into your spine at me just start
4:02by saying that age
4:04yeah i mean how did that like added
4:05looking at that experience I had that
4:07effect you later on how that affected
4:09you all accomplished
4:11it’s funny you say that when i was a kid
4:14it was the that
4:16is it was one thing to get you know my
4:18blood drawn in my arms and my hands and
4:21I bees and I had a cat there they stuck
4:23in my chest and to hang out of me for
4:25like a couple months you know and that
4:29was that was one thing you know what
4:30down they put me out for that was nice
4:33but the the you know it would come every
4:37so many months I don’t remember how many
4:38miles but they do these this you know
4:40this thing with this bone marrow and
4:42they take this huge needle take 18 gauge
4:44needles to get straw you know and they
4:48used to hold me down you know and I
4:51would die with squirm and kick scream
4:54and just I didn’t know why they’re doing
4:55that you know me and stop and you know
4:58the biggest problem I had was you know
5:01the doctors would say alright we’re
5:02going to go on three and then they would
5:04count one and go you know and so then I
5:08daughter I didn’t trust doctors and
5:10entrust on it all you know you have I’m
5:12like you lying to me and so the got to a
5:16point where i was a pretty strong little
5:18kid apparently because it would take
5:19like three for him to hold me a place
5:21and yeah you got me and they got where
5:25they got to a point where is wearing
5:26about where they got really couldn’t
5:28they couldn’t do it right what can we do
5:29what can we do to make this better for
5:33you and I told him I said if you just
5:35put a mirror up so I can see when the
5:37pain is coming then I promise you will
5:39have to hold me down anymore because I
5:42always felt like you know they remind me
5:44so i didn’t know when the pain would
5:46come to know you know and they were in
5:47their in their mind they told me well we
5:50don’t want you to tense up because then
5:51it makes things worse or something and
5:53i’m doing right this is excruciating
5:56hey stabbing sort of my back like what
5:58do you want me to do you know like like
6:00how long is this going on from it said
6:02you you from seven to twelve or I mean
6:04how long from work at seven so I was a
6:06little guy you know the little guy going
6:09so you know I just remember when
6:12remember in that moment when they held
6:15that mirror i still remember they held
6:17that mirror
6:18and I took it and they didn’t move they
6:20have to hold me down or nothing like
6:22right then and there I just learned how
6:24to overcome pain I just his movement and
6:29you know as a bodybuilder we put
6:33ourselves through excruciating pain to
6:36make our bodies grow and so that has
6:39become one of my greatest attributes i
6:41think is what allowed me to have a lot
6:43of successes because I can control that
6:45pain you know you really turned it
6:46around you really turned around so sorry
6:49what is your routine life I tell us
6:50about your workout routine right now
6:53it’s pretty bizarre you will believe
6:54that it’s aight i got turned on to low
6:59volume style of training friend of mine
7:03I BB pro wrestling came to stay with me
7:05for his pro debut here at the Tampa Pro
7:07kindergartners camp road here and
7:10content on and he was staying with me
7:14and his style of training was something
7:16similar like Dorian Yates would do where
7:18you know it’s a very low volume so we
7:21would do for your chest workout we would
7:23do like six sets for a chest like that’s
7:26it anything that’s it you going heavy no
7:29yeah and you go as heavy as you can but
7:32the twist is you go as heavy as he can
7:34but you move incredibly slow with your
7:38eccentric movements so you get like a
7:40for second- and then you explode due to
7:44motion and get a four-second negative
7:47it’s so what happens is yes we are doing
7:50a whole lot less volume but we’re
7:53actually increasing the time under
7:54tension by moving so much slower and so
7:57this is crazy Aaron me just and for the
8:00audience just explain what we need by
8:01eccentric would be like okay so you have
8:04the bench press you know you start with
8:06you know you start with taking it off
8:07the rack and the lower it down
8:09that’s what I’m talking about like when
8:10you’re lowering it down you know you
8:12won’t move really slow for like four
8:14seconds there then we hit your chest you
8:16blast it up because the idea is to keep
8:20the muscle under tension the entire time
8:22so it doesn’t rest director set but you
8:25know when you blast the motion you
8:27actually generate more for
8:29which will tear more muscle and so you
8:31know there’s a couple there’s two ways
8:33in my in my mind that build muscle i was
8:35just talking to rich beyond the other
8:37day he’s he’s training my gym down shots
8:40of videos with him
8:41you guys have to get ready for that I
8:42guess the videos coming out he said
8:45probably the next couple weeks and the
8:46them as you know whatever and I’ve
8:48watched him he’s got the the show where
8:50he you know you follow him on a daily
8:52basis any gains like 40 pounds of muscle
8:54in four months or something I’ve been
8:56watching somebody is a monster mean he
8:58is just tremendous
9:00she is definitely a monster like the
9:04dude is impressive and personally I
9:07think he’s more impressive in person
9:08because I thought he was much shorter
9:12than he was but he’s like 6p tambien
9:14so like I rd i thought it was about 510
9:17or something for me I think he’s like 60
9:20talk as I got me that I feel like he’s
9:22just so thick and so big it looks
9:25shorter he’s not the one is really
9:28impressive but we were talking the other
9:30day and he you know we talked about
9:34growing muscle there’s two ways
9:36number one you know high-volume chasing
9:39the pump get really pump stretching
9:41muscle fibers you know they need some
9:43tearing their and thereby rebuilds and
9:46then the other way is incredibly high
9:47amounts away with a lot of force that
9:49will tear muscle fibers right that’s the
9:52two ways and so with this little wine
9:54training man i’m in the gym like not
9:57counting calves and abs in any type of
9:59warm up that I’m doing for like you know
10:01whether it’s tara mill or something like
10:03I’m really only hit the weights for
10:04about 40 minutes maybe 45 you’re telling
10:08me as a professional bodybuilder that’s
10:10all you’re putting in terms of
10:11weightlifting yeah man and that’s what
10:14I’m saying that you’re not going to
10:16believe it it’s crazy like it doesn’t
10:18seem like it’s gonna work but it works
10:20like I can’t explain it’s almost like
10:23okay Nikki no and here’s how it goes so
10:26it’s like I’ve been trying to figure i
10:28know people keep asking me to explain to
10:30him all the time and the best way I can
10:32explain it to is with a high-volume
10:35workout let’s say you’re high volume
10:37workout let’s refer this to like digging
10:39a hole with your high volume workout
10:41comes with being depleted your basic
10:43digging like a 6-foot hole
10:44okay okay when you’re done you eat and
10:47when you eat the idea is to fill it back
10:49up with sand and then some so you can
10:51grow well I feel like with a high-volume
10:52work out your meals are kind of set and
10:54so you take this six-foot hole and eat
10:56your meals you put my four feet of sand
10:58back in so yeah you might get a little
11:01bit of a hard mean little bit of growth
11:03maybe a little bit of shape but you’re
11:05not making an exponential amount of
11:07growth with low volume training kind of
11:10digging like a two-foot hole you’re
11:12taking that same for the sandwiches your
11:14meals and put it back into making to
11:16fill your progress so you’re actually I
11:18got you so you’re really doing a lot a
11:20lot more growth so I just with rich
11:22piana like he one of the things just
11:24that I sort of learned from watching his
11:27videos and stuff was just that the
11:30amount of food that he consumes on a
11:31daily basis is beyond belief and he
11:35talks about for bodybuilders which I
11:37didn’t know that if you really want to
11:38grow huge part of that is nutrition how
11:42much of that like like tell us about
11:44your nutrition and how does that work
11:45for you
11:46well you know it was awesome because
11:48when when we were talking with them you
11:50know when I was filming is kind of like
11:51the day and I was filming my good a day
11:53in the life with rich piana you know is
11:56I’m sponsored by you know API and they
11:59just sent me two chili and you know
12:02they’re starting to send me all over the
12:03world now to view some you know
12:05disposing appearances it sounds
12:07fantastic i’m so excited very joining
12:09cool yeah you know so you know so he
12:12knows that and i think it one time maybe
12:14he was thinking maybe I could use this
12:15guy for you know some promotions well I
12:17go on but when he found out you know I
12:19told Marty sponsor whatever he thought
12:20well you know we can still do some
12:22filming will do a day in the life you
12:23can do whatever you want you know if
12:25your you know your your sponsor and you
12:28know so we’re talking and he’s just real
12:30big on food and I like that I like that
12:33because he’s a guy with a supplement
12:35company that promotes food
12:37ok right and that’s what you need to do
12:41because like we were talking and he was
12:43like okay like what
12:44how’s your meal plan do you got your own
12:45nail prep companies don’t like how does
12:47it go
12:48I said well I do you want i do five
12:51miles in two shakes a day we have looked
12:53at me and I said and I said well in my
12:56shake in the morning is you know oatmeal
12:58fruit egg whites spinach you know and I
13:01usually feel like a little bit of
13:03protein powder in there for you know
13:04flavors amino acids he’s like okay good
13:07i was about to give you a hard time he’s
13:08like I was about to give you a hard time
13:10and be like what the hell do you know is
13:14that was cool you know because i’m
13:16sitting here thinking like you know
13:17because I know he’s all about food but
13:18man that’s the best like he’s this
13:20freaking nature he’s telling you gotta
13:22eat food which you do man as a
13:24bodybuilder you have to eat food like I
13:27can see here you know in supplement
13:30companies wanted want you to say that
13:32oh yeah I would never be this without my
13:33supplements ok you like food first
13:37supplement second yes supplements help
13:39but your food has to be first cause if
13:41you eaten any food they know something
13:43that’s going to save you
13:44I mean right you can take any drugs in
13:46the world if you don’t eat gonna happen
13:48it’s like this it’s like you can try to
13:50build a house and have all the workers
13:51ready to go to work but if there’s no
13:53lumber and nails in the walls going up
13:55you know I do i do so what so how many
13:59meals a day daily you say you do five
14:01meals a day five meals in two shakes but
14:03the shakes are like girls
14:05well what’s a me like me it would be out
14:07like what would you have for dinner
14:09I’m well i mean i do meals like one
14:11through seven so dinner would be like
14:14around five or 6i guess maybe five or
14:16six you know at that time Mr i’m usually
14:21coming away from my cars like that my
14:23carbs around my work out if I’m bulking
14:25they don’t have two more carbons in the
14:27day and one fat meal so i might have
14:30see it was a three-car meals into fat
14:35meals it’s usually have that goes you
14:36know but if I’ve if i’m doing like my
14:38fit program they not only have three
14:42postcards and one other carb meal if i’m
14:44doing my shred program which I do you
14:46want to get ready to compete is what i
14:47just did what I want the south
14:49I just do postcards and I knew fats with
14:52my heels every meal after that and so
14:56when I say that so it’s like this so if
14:57I’m saying like a fat me or caramel
14:59blended caramel I like to keep these
15:01consistent what I’m trying to reach a
15:02goal if I made my offseason I can rotate
15:05my foods a little bit but if I’m
15:07competing I’m not rotating my foods
15:09I’m stakin to if rice works for me
15:12jasmine rice then that’s the carbon we
15:13go to every time eating my carbs using
15:16going to basically i’ll do like 10
15:18ounces of chicken I’ll do around a cup
15:22and a half of rye sometimes 24 in my
15:26carbs and then I like to do want two
15:28cups of vegetable i love broccoli so
15:30that’s like one meal for me okay you
15:34know if I’m doing my fat like 10 ounces
15:37of chicken or 10 ounces of ground turkey
15:39and then all due to four ounces of
15:42either peanuts or cashews or something
15:44and then I’ll do again like 12 2 cups of
15:47broccoli or another green leafy
15:50vegetable you know
15:53wow you know in it and it’s basically a
15:56man I mean think in the morning you know
15:57I have my shakes as my old no my fruit
16:00and all that i like to go i like to work
16:02out in the morning I’m competed working
16:05out in the evenings before when I was in
16:07medical sales competed when I was
16:10personal training and I was busy in the
16:12morning busy and I so I was working out
16:14at like 2pm it wasn’t busy you know
16:17but I find that I am at my best in the
16:20morning when I wake up to you
16:22I’m i do the same thing let me see what
16:25i watch sexy piana he was also talking
16:27about which was interesting to me like
16:29you have to put cardio in there so if
16:31you’re if you’re eating a lot and you’re
16:33lifting you’ll get the bulk but if
16:35you’re not doing the car do you start to
16:37become fat when you feel about that or
16:40how much cargo we gonna talk about that
16:42he was like you know what man he’s like
16:44I think you got like the best body type
16:45he’s like I know you complain about you
16:47know hard to put size on at times and in
16:50you know it’s easy to be lead stuff he’s
16:53like but he’s like I like to eat and he
16:55was like you you get you whatever you
16:56want right I said well yes and no like I
16:59eat a lot you know and i can do what i
17:02want but i prefer to eat when I’m
17:03supposed to because i have better energy
17:04that way i don’t like to just crap all
17:06day you know but I’m he’s right i stay
17:09cleaner than most people year-round you
17:11know easily is very easy so i don’t
17:15really do cardio I i warm up every day
17:18this is a typical listeners out there
17:21you should try this okay this was a game
17:23changer for me and I was talking with
17:25the girl the day she was like you
17:27shouldn’t tell anybody that because i
17:28know that’s an easy tip that obviously
17:30has made a big difference and I said it
17:33really doesn’t matter i give tons of
17:35good information everybody all the time
17:36people don’t listen to me anyway so so
17:41you know what I what I what I do is my
17:44new 10 minutes of stair mill before I
17:47work out every day and to be honest with
17:50you the first five or six minutes
17:52I don’t really feel anything I start
17:53sweating a little bit about 6-7 minutes
17:57and then I try to be done in eight
18:00minutes or 10 depending on how much time
18:03I have
18:03but uh I stay on my toes and flex my
18:06quads every step of the way and since
18:09i’ve been doing that Mike my legs are
18:13incredibly vascular I have more veins on
18:16my legs that most people do in their
18:18entire body and you know I it was never
18:21that way I was never that way
18:24brother I’m telling you like the judges
18:26told me last year in 2015 we’d like to
18:28see your legs get harder for you come
18:30back out on stage again I said okay and
18:32so instinctively I was like well I’ll
18:33just do a little bit sterile everyday
18:35flexing my quality of that helps peel
18:37bro has been peeled ever since time you
18:41road maps of days if you look at my
18:43Instagram and see what’s going on my
18:45legs like that’s why that’s what i owe
18:47it to wow I didn’t like and you you do
18:49it looks unbelievable
18:51in fact I saw you I saw pictures of you
18:53at 25 when you were 305 pounds and then
18:56I saw a picture of you about four years
18:57later when you’re down about 265 and I
19:01mean what a difference what how did you
19:02do that what was those what did you do
19:04in those four years that changed your
19:06physique so dramatically well with when
19:09I got the weight on me when I was 25 I
19:11just wanted to get it on me I mean I was
19:13you know like every young guy wanna
19:15weigh 300 pounds i want to be big you
19:19know i was eating ramen noodles
19:23peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches you
19:25know like audio box of waffles with
19:28butter and syrup before bed every night
19:30every night and then after I have that
19:34then I was drinking 12 2 cups of oatmeal
19:38right after that right before bed let’s
19:39do that every night
19:40ok so you know i think captain 300
19:45pounds just basically feed my fat ass I
19:47mean I just like just like that all
19:50these food i was like going to I was
19:52going I was in college at the time so I
19:54have a ton of money so it was like ramen
19:56noodles pbj sandwiches oatmeal dollar
19:58box and waffles from walmart
20:00Oh like it was just you know I’m lucky
20:06always as lean as I was row
20:08I mean I’m lucky I was that way when I
20:10was 25 just because genetically I guess
20:12I stay a little later but uh you know
20:14when i came into florida and i studied
20:18nutrition and I got release wrestling
20:21little dreams were shattered and really
20:24focused on nutrition I started just
20:26eating to the point and then it just
20:28became really easy to be shredded and so
20:31yeah I started hovering around 255
20:34you know our super league because i was
20:37eating right now that’s really what
20:39doesn’t and and how did you start your
20:40nutrition company like tell us about
20:42that like what made you go in that
20:43direction my meal prep business prop me
20:46ok so you know I was in medical sales
20:51for three years in you know my boss
20:53Brian Brian artsy cool guy he always
20:57felt like he knew i was really go on to
21:00other things you know and you know we
21:02formed a pretty good friendship while we
21:03work together and stuff and you know
21:06eventually i left that his business i
21:09wanted to technology and I hated it got
21:11horrible technology cells because now
21:15I’m not the most enough to go to go to
21:17for your technologyadvice 21
21:19ok no no honey I will not ask any
21:22questions about don’t go yeah and i’ll
21:24try to answer but I think it’ll help it
21:26too much
21:27they’re not so you know I went into that
21:30and you fail miserably and then so I in
21:35January 1 2015 i was hungry and
21:37entrepreneur you know online coaching to
21:40become more of a popular thing so i was
21:42able to do that makes the income and
21:44then I still personal training and that
21:48all went pretty good too i started
21:49competing and then I focus so much on my
21:51competing I can’t let my other
21:52businesses fall because you know as an
21:54entrepreneur if you don’t grind with you
21:56you know you don’t need so I got to a
22:00point where i would just broke and i did
22:02so i went flat broke i had like twelve
22:05fourteen thousand dollars saved up
22:06begins a year then you know around
22:09September i had already been struggling
22:12for a few months and I just needed to
22:16make some money
22:18how’s Hank how to pay rent and it’s
22:21never it’s never the case and so I
22:23called up you know well boss I said hey
22:26I’ll prep your meals for my things two
22:28hundred bucks i called the guys over 200
22:30bucks and the most explicit yeah so I
22:33made for her box like brown spot and so
22:35yeah exactly and I thought okay and I
22:39did in my kitchen I went good the next
22:42week i sold more meals to more people
22:44and I thought oh my god i can’t don’t
22:47room in my little kitchen over here and
22:49then so the third week i got more people
22:51and I moved into a friend of mine she
22:53let me use her kitchen and I thought
22:55this is not gonna work and so I looked
22:58you know online see if i could write a
23:00commercial kitchen space and commercial
23:02kitchen that worked out so four weeks
23:04into it i’m in a commercial kitchen and
23:06then right away I staff to couple people
23:07to help me and you it just start making
23:10money that is often running an errand
23:13that still fast like when I got a month
23:15I mean most people struggle for years to
23:17internet yeah well I’ll be honest with
23:19you know he hasn’t been a bit of roses
23:22the whole way you know it’s been a
23:24struggle but he got off the ground quick
23:27it really did and you know the funny
23:31thing is i started with four meals
23:33formulas come over there with the
23:37ok so i had a tuna salad that I was
23:41dealing I have a chicken and rice meal
23:44and then I had a ground turkey meal
23:47yeah the no.10 I had my christian post
23:52workout manager is my tuna in in rice
23:55which it’s not the most appetizing meal
23:57but it’s what you need a post workout
23:59with my plan like this stuff you’re
24:01actually eat your you’re living this and
24:03this is the stuff you’re actually eating
24:04to get ya the same is the same for meals
24:07every day so it’s like this I eat five
24:09meals a day in two shakes right so I’m
24:10making shakes at home you know and i’m
24:13getting these five meals so you know for
24:15the meals were different I mean one of
24:16them twice the way about my plan worked
24:18you know right and so that’s all I sold
24:21that is all I did it so everyone’s ideas
24:23great we started doing between like 350
24:27and 500 meals a week you know these for
24:30musicals and yeah and then i get
24:34everyone on board that everyone always
24:36almost all at one time everybody was
24:39like I’m tired of the meals you know any
24:42and then so that’s when you know that’s
24:45Wendy I had my first like real speed Bob
24:47and so then I had to come up with all
24:48these other meals so now i’m proud to
24:50say we have like 15 different menu items
24:53which is pretty cool
24:55well how i would like to ship it asset
24:57like how would we
24:58if I wanted to learn how would I
25:00anyone can be in the tampa area i can’t
25:02really ship of state haven’t found
25:03anything that’s cost-effective at this
25:04point but what we deliver everything so
25:07we we do the shopping on friday or
25:09saturday you know sometimes
25:11half-and-half different stuff it didn’t
25:13know we prepare everything cook it on
25:16Sunday package it and then I send it out
25:18of my delivery so on an entrepreneur
25:21Aaron you really done that’s phenomenal
25:23that’s very well done sir thanks means
25:26we’re going to me it’s just it’s you
25:28know you know i read a book called rich
25:30dad poor dad here that book
25:32robert kiyosaki love that book yeah it’s
25:35awesome did not he has another book
25:37called the cashflow quadrant the second
25:38one to read that i read that too yes sir
25:40ok good right on ok so in that but you
25:43know it talks about how there’s four
25:45areas to the cashflow quadrant you know
25:47there’s the there’s the employee then
25:50there’s the self-employed and then if
25:52you cross over to the other side there
25:54is business owner and investor yep and i
25:59remember when i read the book I was like
26:01I want to be a business owner investor
26:03that’s what i want and it was the first
26:06time that I really thought about it that
26:07way better than that by read that book
26:08probably 10 years ago as a great book i
26:14actually bought the game for my daughter
26:16is eight years old as they can’t really
26:18cashflow quadrant game for kids me my
26:19daughter inflated about 30 times so they
26:22might hurt you when i when i was reading
26:26the book I thought that’s brilliant have
26:28a game that it’s a great it’s a great
26:31game I tell you for you for kids it
26:33really starts to put them in that
26:34entrepreneurial spirit you know what
26:36their parents let me ask so a lot of our
26:39listeners write some of them are are
26:41getting our little bit older you know
26:43him and when they look at that body
26:44building might not be reality to them
26:47right or maybe they’re in their fifties
26:49or sixties and stuff like that but from
26:51my viewpoint you know one of the things
26:53that we see as people get older they
26:54start to atrophy they start to lose that
26:56musculature how do you see yourself
26:59aging how do you see like bodybuilding
27:01as part of that and
27:02and how do you know we’re looking for in
27:04the show sort of the holy grail of
27:07health and how do you think bodybuilding
27:09would sort of fit into that fits in
27:14perfectly okay so here’s what you gotta
27:17understand we all know that as the body
27:20agency goes to changes you know at some
27:23point people need to throw out the taboo
27:26idea or thought that hormones are all
27:29bad that might you know hear the term
27:31steroid or something and you think like
27:34oh my god I’m gonna rage or whatever you
27:38know I’m gonna die from it you know like
27:40people it’s crazy like people need to
27:43understand that if your body produces
27:45the time of testosterone and growth
27:48hormone and things like that in your you
27:51know early twenties and you think you’re
27:53gonna be the same person that your
27:55forties or fifties you’re crazy you’re
27:58so you know i would suggest the first
28:01thing these people should do is number
28:02one change their eating habits
28:05ok because you can start to lose weight
28:07just changing your eating habits your
28:09forties or fifties you should be health
28:11conscious anyway where this is gonna
28:13lead to all other kind of problems but
28:15beyond that if you want to have the body
28:18that you want within you know no medical
28:21reason and hell man like go see like
28:25these these uh HRT clinics as hormone
28:29replacement therapies go see a doctor
28:31get your levels check find out where
28:33your testosterone is what you estrogens
28:35doing you know and if it’s low have them
28:38replaced that shit yeah i mean like I’m
28:41gonna tell you right now I’m gonna be 50
28:43years old going man had a hard-on you
28:45know two weeks and I can I don’t like
28:48that i’ll get a pump in the gym when I
28:50know I can go somewhere and get that
28:51fixed like why would I do that you know
28:54right Hank
28:55oh so that’s what I would say to these
28:58older listeners that are listening Mike
29:00their stuff out there to help you that
29:02is medically guided okay that means the
29:05doctor is going to do blood work and
29:07show you this is the healthy range
29:09of where you should be and this is where
29:11you are unfortunately we want to get you
29:13here it’ll change your life man you know
29:15you know it will change everything
29:17i mean her little man just I’ve heard
29:18things were like if you start to work as
29:20an example like your legs right you’re
29:22doing your quads tough because the
29:24muscles are so large you actually
29:26release so much hormones just from doing
29:28that is that possible that you can
29:30actually from work in the lower limbs
29:32and working the quads actually build up
29:33those hormones even more like just
29:36forgetting taking supplements can you do
29:38that just to exercise i would like to
29:42yes because the body will you know
29:45acclimate whatever you do it whatever
29:47you’re kidding me dude with the body’s
29:49going to find homeostasis so i’ll be if
29:51you’re you’re squatting all the time you
29:53know your body’s gonna be like oh my god
29:55like we gotta grow these legs so we can
29:57handle all this weight this guy’s put me
29:59through every day you know what you
30:01gotta know is that it as you get older
30:03you got less of that hormone available
30:06so you know for the you know the rare
30:10individual things can bounce right back
30:13you can view you could potentially be a
30:15high testosterone and just be lucky in
30:18to work and everything is cool but for
30:20most people especially people that have
30:22been out of shape for a long time you
30:24know they don’t athletics that don’t
30:28have athletes and athletic the body’s
30:30not used to be in a high performance
30:32level so when the train like it’s very
30:35different feel they need some help you
30:37know so you can train hard and you can
30:40you can eat well and you can look great
30:43but it’s not going to be easy and i’m
30:47not even say it’s going to be easier if
30:48you got with all the doctor whatever
30:50it’s still going to be tough but like
30:51you know yes you can train your legs
30:54hard and that will stimulate probably
30:56more for your health anything like I
30:58always tell people like if you want to
31:00feel good you feel good every day you
31:02don’t wake up and sweat for 15 or 20
31:05minutes every morning that’s all it
31:06takes 15 to 20 minutes and see how you
31:09feel rested a while
31:11great advice Aaron that’s great advice
31:13and how people that would like to find
31:15out more about you more about your book
31:17and how would they get in touch with you
31:19the I got a couple different websites
31:22you can go to I my personal website that
31:24I kind of just put up so people can find
31:25me it’s 3.net but if you’re you know
31:29it’s got some different products and
31:30things on there I’m if you’re if you’re
31:33a tall guy you’re tall listener 463 or
31:35taller i have tall guy training.com
31:38that’s where i have like you know i have
31:41a video that explains how to train your
31:43legs you know what we’re talking about
31:44how to train your legs when you’re
31:46really tall
31:46there’s some little differences and some
31:48things that I view that will make a
31:49world of progress i go in a world of
31:51difference and it’s not a gimmick it’s
31:54not something that’s some BS like that’s
31:56how I this is how the train is how you
31:57actually do it
31:58yeah you know what the people say to me
31:59all the time we have really big laser
32:01it’s crazy legs are like that and then I
32:04explain how I train and nobody trains
32:06like I trained you know and I thought
32:07well maybe you should you know because
32:10if our fortune works you know if I’m
32:12going on source- why you got 22 inch
32:14arms what do you do
32:15he’s like well I heavy heavy barbell
32:17curls well guess what condition heavy
32:19barbell curls right absolutely but
32:22enough the the other website is if
32:24you’re in the Tampa Bay area in you want
32:28to check out what I got going on with
32:29meals go to eat like erin dot com and
32:32that will take you to the supernatural
32:33lifestyle you know make a bunch of the
32:35supernatural lifestyle come up but just
32:37easy to get there by here and that Aaron
32:40Reed I gotta thank you so much for being
32:42on the show so it’s really appreciate I
32:44think the viewers the listeners are
32:45gonna love it
32:46thank you thank you for having me always
32:47a pleasure is going to follow up with
32:49you was the last time we talked in a
32:51long time my friend it’s been a long
32:53well great either way thanks for having
32:55me on the show me you should thank you
32:57so much
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