Joel Fuhrman, M.D. is a board-certified family physician, six-time New York Times best-selling author and internationally recognized expert on nutrition and natural healing, who specializes in preventing and reversing disease through nutritional methods. Dr. Fuhrman coined the term “Nutritarian” to describe his eating style, which is built around a diet of nutrient-dense, plant-rich foods.

For over 25 years, Dr. Fuhrman has shown that it is possible to achieve sustainable weight loss and reverse heart disease, diabetes and many other illnesses using smart nutrition. In his medical practice, and through his books and PBS television specials, he continues to bring this life-saving message to hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

  • Are doctors over-prescribing medications?
  • Are all supplements good for you?
  • How diet changing your diet can help you change body problems quickly!
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0:00take back your health now episode 10
0:05you’re listening to the take back your
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0:25doctor Dan Margolin with another segment
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0:29pull out all the stops in search of the
0:31holy grail of Health never really
0:33excited really honored to have dr. joel
0:35Fuhrman md use eight board certified
0:38family physician a six times new york
0:40times bestselling author and
0:42internationally recognized expert on
0:44nutrition and as for healing specializes
0:47in preventing and reversing disease
0:49through nutritional methods dr. Fuhrman
0:52coined the term nutria Therrien to
0:55describe this evening star which is
0:57built around a diet of nutrient-dense
0:58plan rich foods for over 25 years that
1:02performance shown that it is possible to
1:04achieve sustainable weight loss and
1:06reverse heart disease diabetes and many
1:09other illnesses using smart nutrition
1:11and his medical practice into his
1:13closest PBS television specials he
1:15continues to bring this life-saving
1:17message to hundreds of thousands of
1:19people around the world
1:21he’s also got a new book coming out
1:23called the end of heart disease doctor
1:25firms are welcome to the show
1:27well thanks then great to be here and
1:30like my book the end of Part disease
1:32already came out someone’s ago by the
1:33way I wanted awesome awesome awesome
1:36well let me ask you let’s just jump
1:38right into it from so let me why don’t
1:40you focus so much on nutrition when
1:43other doctors have started gone down
1:44words i guess more towards drugs and
1:46things like that what what got you
1:47started on this
1:48well I’ve been in medical practice more
1:52than 25 years but I went to medical
1:54school with a specific intent to use
1:58nutritional interventions as my primary
2:01primary modality of care because i was
2:04excited about nutrition even when I was
2:06a teenager I watched my father get well
2:08I saw the people being able to be cured
2:11from serious ailments like asthma and
2:14diabetes and spends and severe heart
2:17disease and autoimmune conditions like
2:19rheumatoid arthritis and also to colitis
2:22and psoriasis watch the melt away and so
2:26I pursued a career in medicine with the
2:29specific objective to being an expert in
2:32nutritional therapy to enable people to
2:35get totally well because we use
2:37medications to control your blood
2:39pressure diabetes or psoriasis you’re on
2:41medications the rest of your life to
2:44control the symptoms you’re not better
2:46you still have high blood pressure and
2:47psoriasis that you’re covering up with
2:50medication when you fix your nutrition
2:53you’ve removed the psoriasis you remove
2:56the blood pressure you don’t need care
2:58of the rest of your life at the same
2:59time you know you’ve extended you proper
3:02nutrition extends your lifespan by 20 or
3:04more years
3:05the point I’m making is that I guess I
3:09see from nutritional interventions as
3:13we’re medicine should have gone i
3:15consider it on progressive medicine
3:18correct medicine and i consider the way
3:21medicine is traditionally practice where
3:23drugs are the primary modality care to
3:25be a distorted and this and you know and
3:29not the way we should be god it’s
3:31affected by economics and and
3:33socialization and no and political you
3:38know so in other words the history of
3:40Medicine has been affected by things
3:42that did not result in what’s best for
3:44our population and because of that we
3:46have the most cancer-ridden obese
3:49diabetic chrome population the world we
3:52see people dropping dead every minute of
3:54heart attacks don’t have to happen we
3:56see people with dementia and stroke
3:58something in nursing homes we see an 11
4:01no such a tragic amount of people that
4:06are sickly and suffering all because of
4:09the standard medical cares is killing
4:11people drugs to control what is
4:12basically for nutrition that’s created
4:17these problems so people will omit
4:18misinform to think that it’s
4:20predominately genetics and the
4:21consequence of aging and happens to you
4:23anyway and doctors are saving our lives
4:25making us live longer and you go to your
4:27doctor and take the drugs that you care
4:28for things and it’s not true
4:30the drugs for blood pressure for example
4:32cause cancer the drugs for you know
4:34what’s up for autoimmune disease causes
4:36cancer you know when you are causing a
4:38tremendous amount of suffering that this
4:40doesn’t have to apartment all just
4:44explained that the drugs from blood
4:45pressure they may actually cause cancer
4:47well there’s a study and I wrote in my
4:50book the end of heart disease i give the
4:52data from the medical studies to show
4:53for example that women who were on
4:56calcium channel blockers for 10 years or
4:59more have double the risk of breast
5:00cancer wow I’m so we’re talking about
5:02that people put on statin drugs statin
5:05drugs increased to almost double the
5:07risk after 10 years of use use of
5:08invasive breast cancer what about people
5:10putting on council chat about it and
5:12staten drugs
5:14the point is is that people aren’t given
5:16proper informed consent
5:18they’re not told that the blood pressure
5:19medications could lower your diastolic
5:22blood pressure to low increase the risk
5:24of atrial fibrillation irregular
5:25heartbeats of sudden cardiac death
5:27they’re not told that you know it’s like
5:29taking your car to the mechanic with the
5:31oil light flashing on the dashboard and
5:33he reaches in there with a wire clippers
5:35and cuts the wire so you don’t see it’s
5:37flashing medication
5:39no they are not taking away the problem
5:42they’re covering it up so the person
5:43doesn’t know how sick they still are and
5:45the inevitable consequences the
5:47underlying pathology keeps advancing its
5:50even angioplasty and bypass surgery does
5:52not when used more on you know in most
5:55cases it’s used for people who have
5:58chest pain who were stable not people
6:00who are undergoing a heart attack or
6:02acute cardiac syndrome at the moment the
6:04point I’m making is that most of those
6:06people we doing elected those elective
6:08procedures are not having their life
6:11spent Hispanics extended they’re having
6:14ice and shortened and now they have to
6:16be on blood-thinning drugs the rest of
6:19their life and now they have a foreign
6:20body in their heart
6:21the point is is there now forever to
6:24increased risk of hemorrhagic stroke in
6:26other words there’s a risk-benefit ratio
6:29for every medical procedure and you
6:31might have to incur that risk but was
6:33this person told they could have totally
6:35got well with a given the choice to be
6:38told they don’t have to have heart
6:39disease anymore they can lower the blood
6:41pressure back to normal and not need
6:42medication they don’t have to ever have
6:44a heart attack or stroke and you know
6:46and I’ve got given that’s why I felt
6:48this book the end of heart disease with
6:50such a um a process for me personally to
6:53be able to get this information out to
6:55the masses so it’s so people have truly
6:58informed consent in a comprehensive
7:01fashion they know the risks of what
7:03their of the drugs they’re taking they
7:06know how effective proper nutrition
7:08could be should they chose choose that
7:10Ruth and the other utility and even
7:12dangers of medical care just completely
7:14covered up by physicians you know that
7:17for me i got when i started practice 30
7:19years ago I totally bought into the
7:21system and over the years exactly what
7:24you’re saying
7:25I’ve noticed in my own patients as so
7:28it’s a little embarrassing to say that
7:30I’ve 30 years to reach conclusions that
7:34reads down the gate
7:36why why do you think the medical
7:40community has not raced this constant
7:43why are they not seen this why are they
7:45not going more towards nutrition what
7:47was a underlying reason here
7:49well you know I don’t have all the
7:51answers on that question but I could say
7:53this that number one keep in mind that
7:55the growth of the American College of
7:57lobster medicine and the growth of
7:59positions utilizing nutrition as a
8:01primary modality has exploded in the
8:03last 10 years and the last 10 years the
8:05membership and the board certification
8:08of you know doctors being certified
8:09nutritional therapeutics has been
8:11doubling every year so it’s almost
8:12exponential advancement of it
8:15number two I know every day I have more
8:17physicians cardiologist and you know
8:20intensive cardiologist putting you know
8:22stance and things tell me they’re not
8:24doing it anymore they cut it back
8:25without using my books in their practice
8:27you know I can’t tell you how personally
8:31reward i am by the thousands of doctors
8:33across the country utilize my books and
8:36my in their medical practices to inform
8:38patients and motivate patients to make
8:39these changes so doctors are just like
8:42you know other professionals whether
8:44it’s politicians or lawyers or you know
8:46electricians some of them are in the
8:48dark and aren’t kept up on recent
8:50advances here and others are kept up
8:52summary excited about this information
8:54they want to really help people and
8:55other people are too busy to even look
8:57at it and just want to be you know do
8:58whatever most convenient to the practice
9:00of being the most patients and nail to
9:01keep their their you know their standard
9:04of living high the point I’m making is
9:06that um you know it’s hard to sometimes
9:09integrate nutritional medicine to a
9:12conventional medical practice because it
9:13you know you can’t spend that much time
9:14talking to people and you have to like
9:16gives me see people in groups and give
9:18lectures but there are doctors winning
9:20how to do this more and more and you
9:22know there are more you know I’m therapy
9:24therapies available nutritional
9:26therapies of the help of people if you
9:27look around there’s more this
9:29information out today than ever
9:31so I think it’s a complicated you know
9:33we can go back historically and say why
9:35America why the medical profession
9:37evolved to be so drugged centered and to
9:40ignore lifestyle medicine lifestyle
9:42interventions that are so effective and
9:44but I said I’m just saying we could go
9:47back and look at that owners right you
9:49know that historical but but I don’t you
9:52know I don’t know if we should have time
9:53for that now works that’s critically
9:56important but I know where we are and it
9:57says a lot of there’s a lot of people in
9:59America who are looking for this type of
10:01care and there’s more people want this
10:03type of care doctors will offer it of
10:05course it’s like if you know if we stops
10:07buying fast food restaurants they’ll go
10:09into business with people buying and
10:10they keep opening up if you stop going
10:12to doctors and taking drugs and we
10:15no it’s a complicated issue but I think
10:17the biggest problem is there’s not
10:18enough demand from the population
10:19because our population is uneducated
10:21about when I think you’re going to
10:24always changing that and then you should
10:25be very proud of yourself what I mean
10:28what are some of the most prevalent
10:29chronic diseases caused by poor
10:32nutrition we touched on heart disease
10:34what other things that you say are
10:35really the mainly caused by performing
10:38Christian well you know I guess it’s
10:40generally accepted that diabetes and
10:42obesity and heart disease and high blood
10:44pressure high cholesterol and strokes
10:46and dementia are caused directly but we
10:48put in our mouths and we don’t have to
10:50be demented we get older we can live
10:51much longer but I think what’s not
10:53generally recognized about that’s
10:55nutrition is depression and violence and
10:57aggressive behavior and poor performance
10:59in school and how intelligence is
11:01affected by how you eat when you are not
11:03just before you print but how your
11:04parents see when they’re you know and
11:06especially your mother weeks before she
11:07even conceived the baby and mother diet
11:10the child since young the parents don’t
11:13see that they have the opportunity to
11:15affect the intelligence of their child
11:17their immune system of their child they
11:19don’t they don’t see that on and people
11:22don’t see these autoimmune diseases like
11:24multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid
11:27arthritis psoriasis and then they don’t
11:31see these diseases are nutritionally
11:32based they just go to doctors and take
11:34drugs and oblivious to the fact that
11:36what they eat caused it and if they
11:38change their diet they could most likely
11:40get well again if you’re right i was
11:43just a story the other day I saw a young
11:44lady pregnant drinking and diet soda
11:47I just you know you want to go over to
11:50him and say please don’t do that ever
11:52had that experience where you just walk
11:53up to somebody and say you gotta stop
11:56doing that like something i don’t know i
11:58mean i right i feel i would feel like
11:59putting handcuffs on her and hope we’ll
12:01put it in active you know actually
12:05working on a new book now that’s not
12:06published next September’s called faster
12:08genocide but people don’t understand
12:10that are we as humans are some of the
12:12foods we put in our bodies are not
12:13compatible with human genes are genes
12:15are made to function on these
12:16frankenfoods these design at these foods
12:18that have been invented in recent
12:20history and we’re about genetically
12:22modified foods no i’m talking about fast
12:25food and processed foods and i consider
12:26fast-forwards latches commercial food in
12:28a fast-food restaurant but things in
12:29bags and boxes that you know that is
12:32largely have no micro nutrient intake
12:33and just processed foods with additives
12:35and preservatives and artificial
12:36ingredients so I think that we’re
12:38talking here about the fact that fifty
12:41five percent of the american diet is
12:44processed foods you know when these
12:47foods get don’t just contain toxic
12:49elements but they also are digested
12:52very rapidly and their calories which
12:54are absorbed into the bloodstream very
12:56rapidly which sense some sparks the
13:00production of hormones that are fat
13:02storing hormones or growth hormones
13:05because it’s so many calories rushing in
13:07and those at fat storage hormone growth
13:10hormones promote cancer so we’re eating
13:13a diet that doesn’t just cause diabetes
13:15and heart disease eating a diet causes
13:17cancer and dementia and makes our life
13:21in the last 10 or 15 years were alive
13:24pretty much to be an ngon satisfying
13:26uncomfortable existence because people’s
13:30health deteriorate so much in later use
13:33well what do you think also as far as I
13:35can only speak of like nutrient
13:37nutrient-dense foods as being important
13:40towards longevity but do you see that
13:42the lifestyle that people lead right now
13:44where is that fast-food kind of
13:45lifestyle is difficult to change them is
13:48it are you talking about people that
13:49they should prepare for their own foods
13:51or how do you change the whole lifestyle
13:53how to get people to do that
15:18it’s not the truth
15:45thanks for letting us so let’s say we
15:50took an individual with the same
15:51genetics and you raise them on the
15:53fast-food diet that we have today and we
15:56took a twin of that person and we raised
15:59them like you speak of like with great
16:01nutrition right what are we talking
16:03about in terms of longevity like how
16:05much longer would they look to live like
16:07what are we talking about what would
16:09that look like what the difference be
16:10well they keep in mind that everything
16:12is a bell-shaped curve meaning the
16:14bell-shaped curves of smokers smokers
16:16live about 10 years less than the
16:18average American so their average age
16:20might be 65 to 75 with the average
16:23functional age of that America’s 75 to
16:2580 the average functional age of 87
16:27nutria Therrien doctor from New Therrien
16:30might be 95 to a hundred you know you
16:32might get 20 more years of life but the
16:34point I’m making right now is that go
16:36back 10 years before this personal alarm
16:39is dead
16:40look at these smokers look at these
16:41people eating fast food look at how much
16:43their joints a look at how much how an
16:45active they are looking much dumb
16:46intellectual memory they’ve lost look at
16:49much time paying their in look at you
16:51know look at their not having a great
16:54life and so we’re not just talking about
16:56extending life span
16:57we’re talking about having a much
16:58healthier life expectancy with the years
17:00you are alive you fully able to enjoy
17:02your life you’re not medically dependent
17:05being tortured by you by doctors with
17:07surgeries and procedures putting tubes
17:09of the orifices of your body and you’re
17:10not you know you’re not one convenient
17:12by being on medications with their side
17:14effects so the point is is that it’s not
17:17just living longer its living with less
17:19fear its living with more
17:21self-confidence it’s living with your
17:23full mental faculties your physical and
17:25youthfulness lasting longer in life and
17:28really being able to enjoy your
17:30grandchildren enjoy the golden years of
17:32your life for most Americans aren’t
17:34holding gold in there likes of fall
17:36apart their suffering are confirming you
17:39years ago I met a convolutional work out
17:41coach and he said and the way I look at
17:43life is I could spend my time working
17:44out now the same amount of time or i
17:46could spend it in the doctor’s office
17:48when I’m older
17:49and i choose to spend working out right
17:51now and I thought that was a pretty
17:53prolific state and to some degree to
17:55sort of what we’re saying yeah I also so
17:57you can’t outwork your mouth you can’t
18:00you could never come out exercise your
18:05mouth you know that means assuming that
18:08if you’re eating garbage is not gonna
18:10matter how much you were if it doesn’t
18:11matter at all because you feel you but
18:13you have metabolic rates enough exercise
18:14you become more efficient you taken in
18:17one extra bagel cooking and blunts the
18:19whole thing is gone and the people
18:20appetite goes up the point of making i’m
18:22a big proponent of exercise to longevity
18:25but right now we have about eighty five
18:28percent of americans are dramatically
18:30overweight and even though exercise
18:32extends lifespan protects the brain
18:35we’ve got to change the way that’s the
18:36primary on factor which people don’t
18:40want to face they want the gorilla to go
18:41to the gym but they’re not facing up to
18:44the fact they got to change with a much
18:45more radically if they want to have to
18:47do that for you also speak about like
18:49your body sometimes desires ovary
18:52why is that why did people’s bodies
18:54desire many times table read the
18:57Americans have to overeat they can’t
18:59they can’t not overeat because their
19:01diet is so micro nutrient deficient
19:03because they’re not eating enough for
19:04the rich micronutrient aning foods and
19:07everything so many toxic foods that’s a
19:09body has built up free radicals and
19:11glycation end products and other little
19:13other toxins and then when they stop
19:16digesting food when it appeared time
19:19that must be living off of the calories
19:21they just ate a couple hours ago
19:23the minute they start digesting they
19:24start to feel sickly and shaky and weak
19:26and headache and stomach cramping they
19:29start to feel in tolerably uncomfortable
19:32and eating makes them feel better and
19:34they think that’s hunger when they think
19:36it’s hypoglycemia wouldn’t call it they
19:39don’t recognize those symptoms are from
19:41a bun healthy diet and so they’re in
19:43order to make themselves feel well they
19:45have to keep their digestive tract busy
19:47all the time and they can ever be of a
19:50normal weight because they have to
19:52overeat just to feel ok not gonna feel
19:54okay and that’s that’s why diets don’t
19:56work because people try to cut back on
19:58calories and they can’t comfortably cut
20:00back on calories because they don’t feel
20:02well enough
20:03not eat eating stops detoxification
20:05healing most healing repair
20:07detoxification occurs in the catabolic
20:11phase of the digestive cycle that’s the
20:13phase when we already have finished
20:15digesting food and the body is just
20:18living off of what we had just stored
20:20and when the body is not putting stuff
20:21in that’s what I can fix things repair
20:24the DNA remove waste products and that’s
20:27what people don’t like to feel up when
20:28the body is so toxic these waste
20:30products gets circulated they just don’t
20:32feel well and they stopped the detox so
20:34I’m saying feeling well is getting
20:36sicker letting you feeling worse is
20:38getting well but if you really healthy
20:40enough that’s the one I asked Lauren to
20:42look to do you don’t feel ill and when
20:46you’re not eating the food and you could
20:47wait to real hunger kicks in which is
20:49then a precise computer directing the
20:51right amount of food to eat
20:52so in a natural environment eating
20:54natural healthy natural foods humans
20:56don’t become obese and overweight and
20:58and gorillas and chimpanzees baboons
21:00don’t become overweight we don’t see
21:02obese deer and squirrels running around
21:04the woods looks like you’re going York
21:06City you can see will be squirrels
21:08eating french fries and eating junk no
21:10debrie beating really fast food
21:12restaurants but a natural habitat you
21:14would never see that and so it’s we put
21:17our human body we put ourselves in an
21:19unnatural habitat of unhealthy foods
21:23that were paying the price for it
21:24differently and right now I know
21:26everythings saying that that vegetables
21:29and some of the things that are grown
21:30don’t actually have the nutrients they
21:32had 30 years ago is that true as well as
21:34some of the vegetables that we are
21:36eating are also not grown in
21:38mineral-rich soil to agree it was how
21:41much of that place important nutrition
21:43it doesn’t play a major role because
21:46it’s mostly the Midwestern Plains where
21:48the soil was depleted and it’s mostly
21:50reflecting corn and wheat and soy and
21:53more of those of inexpensive feed crops
21:56that we make processed foods out of
21:58their most nutritionally defeat
22:00important also the GMO like having some
22:03pesticides and things in the soil may
22:05not be good is good but we’re looking at
22:07fruits and vegetables most of that is
22:09growing the coastal areas California
22:11Florida Texas you know or God and those
22:13soils are about can’t
22:15originally volcanic soils the trees go
22:17very deep into the soil on nut trees and
22:20fruit trees most of the vegetables are
22:22no need to have good soil through have
22:25adequate production and we analyze most
22:28of those colorful foods they’re still
22:30nutrient-rich maybe not quite as perfect
22:32as they were many many years ago but
22:35there are a lots of very very you know
22:38intelligent and an advanced farming
22:40techniques and organic farmers in and i
22:42should say that I’m most of the
22:45vegetables lose their nutrients from
22:47being sitting in store for two weeks and
22:49then people overcook him into the cook
22:52the good out of them because they cook
22:53them for so long it’s not the vegetables
22:55weren’t good mostly vegetables were good
22:57you just have to know the right way come
22:58to storm and frozen vegetables by the
23:00way are very healthy and still have a
23:02lot of nutrients because they freeze
23:03them the same day depicting most cases
23:05the only Blanche and 41 minutes of
23:07cooking but i think that the idea that
23:10the food is no longer contain nutrients
23:13is over-exaggerated and the main reason
23:15americans are nutrient deficient because
23:17they’re not eating the green vegetables
23:19the berries the nuts the mushrooms the
23:22onions scallions they’re not eating the
23:24seeds and nuts the sesame seeds in there
23:26they’re not eating enough of the natural
23:27foods and the colorful plant foods they
23:29should be so I its then they’re just you
23:31know what they’re reading reading
23:32processed foods and only 5% colorful
23:34plant food so to blame it on the if the
23:36fruits and vegetables not have enough
23:37nutrients is just it’s a little bit
23:39distorted laughter what’s what we ate
23:42if you’re insane ideal diet or something
23:44to give us up or look like just for the
23:46average person
23:47well you know that’s the American diet
23:51is fifty-five percent of calories from
23:53animal print from processed foods like
23:55pasta bread salad oil mayonnaise
23:56doughnuts cookies crackers
23:58no breakfast bars and chips and soda and
24:00in Americans over 30-percent about
24:02thirty-three percent of calories manual
24:04products and animal products do not
24:05contain antioxidants and phytochemicals
24:07anti-cancer in greens and they promote
24:10hormones that promote cancer and then so
24:12many Americans like five percent
24:13potatoes and kind of like no
24:16semi-processed grains aren’t that great
24:18maybe about five percent of colorful
24:20plant foods
24:21what I’m saying is our diet has to be
24:23any to ninety percent of really healthy
24:26stuff closer ninety percent of highness
24:29open of colorful plant foods made of you
24:31know greens and beans and onions and
24:33mushrooms and squashes and peas and
24:35carrots and beets and you know we have
24:37to eat make we make a man out by the way
24:39to make a beautiful chocolate cake at a
24:41beach zucchini and carrots and pineapple
24:43bananas and cocoa powder and dates and
24:45little bit of whole grain flours and
24:46making a delicious just to put change
24:48the 70-minute I show people how to make
24:50incredibly delicious through that
24:51natural kinda green fields but what I’m
24:53saying is I want people to salad big
24:55salad every day and it has a main dish
24:57in one meal put enough and sea-based
24:59resting on top i want people make a big
25:01bowl of vegetable beef soup on the
25:03weekend with maybe carrots celery tomato
25:05to strengthen base
25:07I want them to you know eat servants of
25:09green vegetables and want them to eat at
25:11least three fresh fruits today I want
25:13them to reduce their animal product
25:15consumption considerably to it less than
25:18ten percent of total calories so their
25:21diet is around you know zero to ten
25:24percent usually hovering around five
25:26percent of calories from animal products
25:28not thirty percent the studies that we
25:31give credence to show that is animal
25:32products goal of fifteen percent we see
25:35dramatic increase rates of death from
25:37diabetes and heart disease and cancer
25:39and their bodies were given Christie’s
25:41studies is because they go on too many
25:43many years 15 to 30 years studies and
25:46they consume thousands and thousands of
25:47people and we’re sewing that we get over
25:50time these diets rich in animal products
25:53are exceedingly dangerous and that
25:55process food sold saying here that we’re
25:57talking about a diet that’s with a huge
25:59volume of unrefined plant foods cooked
26:02conservatively where animal products
26:04used as a condiment and smaller amounts
26:07as opposed to the main source of the
26:09main source of calories so like for
26:11breakfast is very important that we
26:12choose seeds and sesame seeds and flax
26:15seeds and hemp seeds are very powerful
26:17effects against cancer so this morning I
26:19had some steel cut oats not that much
26:21just a little bit but I put a tablespoon
26:23of him the table when she and table to
26:25the flat side of time I put like the
26:26island hemp milk on top I put in some
26:28you know some blueberries in it the
26:30whole bowl was filled up
26:32I don’t have to use that much overlooked
26:34a whole bowl you don’t even know the
26:35point is I’m getting a lot of seeds of
26:37getting some cold rains of getting um
26:40but it could lunch i might have you know
26:42a big giants at my salad bowl eventually
26:45superbeing burger if I’m gonna happen to
26:47know of their vegetable dish maybe it
26:49for dinner like a tie walk vegetable
26:52dish with a you know a peanut lemon
26:53grass some sauce or something I made for
26:56you if I want to use animal products
26:58maybe a light amount of you know some
27:00scallops or shrimp or turkey or
27:01something creditor cutting tool
27:02additionally give it flavor for my
27:04signal with a big piece of animal part
27:06on the deal so I nutria Therrien diet
27:08specifically describes a diet that’s
27:11been scientifically designed to extend
27:12human life span and prevent cancer and I
27:15have a study going on 2nite Northern
27:17Arizona University called a nutria
27:18Therrien women’s health study when we
27:21sign up thousands of women who were
27:23following a nutria Therrien diet in with
27:26the purpose of not getting with the
27:28expectation it’s going to dramatically
27:30lower the risk of getting breast cancer
27:32and we follow these people over the
27:34years and I’m publishing studies and
27:36have published studies on this work i’m
27:37the president of the nutritional
27:39research foundation and one study i
27:41published last year was shown over 450
27:44people drop their systolic blood
27:46pressure within 26 points even when I
27:48medications were taken away their blood
27:50pressure down within 26 points compared
27:52to where was on medication
27:54we’re saying that this is extremely
27:55effective enables people to get off
27:57their medications to reverse even
27:59advanced heart disease and really offer
28:02them not just prevention with protection
28:05and reversal of the disease they now
28:07have you don’t need medication
28:09wow that’s that’s unbelievable that for
28:12me where / what time here like when you
28:14let’s say you have a beginning of some
28:16of these diseases heart disease and you
28:18were to go on these diets how long would
28:20you before you and expecting to be some
28:22reversal well in the first week we see
28:27people requiring about half as much more
28:29blood pressure medication and about half
28:31as much as a diabetic medication within
28:33one week so I’m I’d say almost
28:35immediately you persons lowering the
28:37risk of death you know just think of it
28:38this way people can go out and buy
28:40button and go through a holiday parties
28:42and most heart attacks occur around the
28:44holidays so biggest I’m here for
28:46emergency rooms one meal could be the
28:48last straw that broke the camel’s back
28:50of meeting heavy rich foods can cause
28:52your heart attack so it’s a minute just
28:55a person listening to this show decides
28:58to eat healthier over the next couple of
28:59days it could save their life just
29:01because they could have been headed in a
29:02bad direction otherwise so you know
29:05it’sit’s know what I’m saying is
29:06immediately you have benefits even even
29:08not eating that one bad meal you’re
29:10going to eat could have been like it
29:12could be put you in a bad situation so
29:14but in any case what I’m saying is that
29:17within three to six months
29:19you see people no longer being the
29:21diabetics the type 2 diabetics are not
29:23diabetic anymore and i published a study
29:25on that shown within six months
29:27ninety percent of those diets those
29:29diabetics in the study were not diabetic
29:31anymore mean that in the medication but
29:32sugars were normal and so we’re talking
29:34about not a huge amount of time within
29:37you know two to three months the chest
29:39pains have got away with people with
29:40advanced heart disease then I totally
29:42well you don’t just because you’re free
29:44chest pain doesn’t you don’t still have
29:45plaque they’re not gonna take a few
29:47years to totally resolved but it but
29:49symptomatically and measuring their
29:51blood pressure and their blood tests
29:53immediately they start together with a
29:55few days they start to see profound
29:57benefits back for me are all shows about
30:00looking for the holy grail of Health and
30:02I think you really have to find it and
30:04it really is going towards that the
30:06better diet and nutrition one works as
30:09far as supplements how do you feel about
30:10supplements is that unnecessary if
30:13you’re eating the right diameter which
30:14you’re feeling stores that well that’s a
30:17complicated question and question answer
30:19because some supplements are probably
30:22beneficial to extend lifespan and some
30:24supplements people are taking a
30:25shortening of their lifespan increasing
30:27with cancer and the ones that might be
30:29beneficial to our life especially on a
30:31diet low in animal products are things
30:33like vitamin b12 and vitamin D and a
30:36little iodine and zinc and k2 was very
30:38beneficial and DHA and epa for the
30:41brains is especially if not eating that
30:43much fish is and too much fish will give
30:45you too much mercury exposure solar
30:46toxin so i don’t recommend people get
30:48other DHA from fish anyway anymore so
30:51the point I’m making is that mami SI do
30:53recommend the conservative views of
30:55supplements but on the other hand we
30:57have to mention that folic acid vitamin
30:59a and and you know and and probably by
31:02many fragments are dangerous and can
31:04call increase with cancer
31:05especially for work acid which is found
31:08in processed foods and nutritional yeast
31:09and in every multi people are taking
31:11they’re putting their taking high doses
31:13of a synthetic petroleum-derived
31:17chemical not the same thing as the real
31:19fully getting food when you get tons of
31:22folate when you eat a healthy diet by
31:24the way and you don’t need the folic
31:26acid supplements I’m saying that most
31:28you know conventional supplements people
31:30are using are dangerous they cause more
31:33harm than good probably and I I want
31:36people to get more information about my
31:38what I’m talking about supplements on my
31:41ipod format calm and and really missing
31:44information is very important because
31:45it’s it’s obviously marrying together no
31:48good diet getting enough rest and sleep
31:50or writing a little exercise on a
31:53regular basis and of course not hurting
31:56yourself with medications loosely or
31:58with taking them the wrong types of
32:00supplements that could be dangerous at
32:02furman i I’ve got to tell you changed my
32:04whole viewpoint regarding uh what I’ve
32:07been eating and stuff and I’m sure a lot
32:08of the listeners are gonna really start
32:10to look at life a little bit different
32:12think you want a lot of people i would
32:14find out more about you more about your
32:17I’m thank you well of course dr. Fuhrman
32:19dot commons dr fu HRM and they
32:23can get information about what I do with
32:24books videos
32:26no products or even need the people who
32:28need like who are food addicts with
32:29advanced disease who needed or
32:31residential care with nutritional cam
32:33and I have that available to so
32:35certainly I want people to learn more
32:37about this and realize that they have a
32:38choice they have an option they don’t
32:40have to be sick they can take charge of
32:42their health and they should get well
32:43and that’s what I do i do I try to
32:45motivate and give people that option to
32:47really work on their health as opposed
32:48to just you know sitting by having
32:51things perform then you were taking
32:52drugs instead
32:54the furman thank you so much for joining
32:57us on the show this is an amazing and
32:59I’m sure the listeners are gonna get a
33:01great deal out of it sir thank you very
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