Cherie Aimèe is going to be the first former $3 million dollar bionic woman to bend realities and revolutionize the entire healthcare and business industries through the heart.

6-years ago she died. She flatlined in her husband’s arms. Doctors couldn’t resuscitate her for over 90-minutes.

It took a massive team of over 100 doctors and surgeons from around the world and $3 million dollars to save her life, as she shattered medical records globally.

Cherie spent 4.5 years as a pioneer patient implanted with the latest in bio-medical technology, a device known as an LVAD or bionic heart.

In This Episode:

  • Cancer and holistic health
  • Understanding and locating toxic relationships
  • How Heart Disease affects women differently
  • How maintaining positivity is so vital
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0:00take back your health now episode 1
0:05you’re listening to the take back your
0:07health now podcast the show that
0:09interviews the top doctors athletes
0:12trainers and entrepreneurs to help you
0:14find the holy grail of help
0:16now here’s your host dr. dan Margolin hi
0:26this is dr. dan Margolin with take back
0:29your health now the show where we pull
0:31out all the stops in search of the holy
0:32grail of health today we’re blessed to
0:35have a guest with us
0:37 cherie aimee is going to be the
0:39first former three-million-dollar Bionic
0:42Woman to bend realities and
0:44revolutionize the entire healthcare and
0:47business industries through the heart
0:49six years ago she died she flatlined in
0:52her husband’s arms doctors couldn’t
0:54resuscitate her for over 90 minutes it
0:56took a massive team of over a hundred
0:58doctors and surgeons from around the
1:01world and three million dollars to save
1:03her life as she shattered medical
1:05records globally cherie spent 4.5 years
1:08as a pioneer patient implanted with the
1:10latest in biomedical technology a device
1:13known as an LVAD or bionic heart very
1:18welcome to the show
1:19 cherie I heard your story and I’m so like
1:25I’m so interested in learning more about
1:28you like to tell us a little bit more
1:29about about the night that you you died
1:32yeah it was very unexpected i actually i
1:37had already been diagnosed with cancer
1:41about a year prior so at that time I was
1:45already cancer-free I already undergone
1:47six months of chemotherapy everything
1:50was successful i was in remission it was
1:53hodgkin’s lymphoma which is a very one
1:56of the highly treated cancer so they say
2:00if you’re going to get cancer that’s
2:01that’s a good one to get right right
2:03right cause it’s like ninety nine point
2:05eighty percent chance of you know curing
2:09so they were able to do that with me and
2:12to the stand
2:13cancer-free to treat hodgkin’s lymphoma
2:15you’re actually on four different types
2:17of chemotherapy drugs
2:19one of them is actually a similar one
2:21that’s used for breast cancer that one
2:24is also known to cause heart failure
2:27oh my god yeah and so although while
2:31your audit they run many many tests on
2:34your heart and i actually had a history
2:37of a hard with me i had a atrial
2:40fibrillation since I was born so I
2:43already kind of went into it with an
2:47yeah and so you know they did tests the
2:49whole time
2:50everything came back fine what I think
2:52happened was somewhere during the time
2:56of being on the chemotherapy my where
3:00they called the QT wave in your heart
3:02yes just started to along inning well
3:06which is a rare how long sure how long
3:08were you on the chemotherapy
3:09I’m so total it was six months and yeah
3:12I’m for that treatment of four different
3:14chemos every jugs
3:16it’s very accumulative so by the end of
3:18the six months
3:19you can’t even walk ah so you were you
3:22were really feeling the treatment he was
3:24slowing you down it wasn’t feeling good
3:26anyway okay yeah absolutely and you know
3:29and I it’s interesting i had my last
3:31chemo treatment on my birthday and so I
3:34spent my birthday in the hospital doing
3:38my last treatment but it really was kind
3:40of this gateway to this new beginning
3:42this new lifestyle of you know that the
3:46worst behind me so I thought right so I
3:50kind of used basically the next eight
3:53months after i finished chemotherapy to
3:56really go back to my roots which was I
3:59was very heavily into the holistic and
4:02natural healing field now where you are
4:06you into that prior to the diagnosis or
4:08Arab yeah yeah definitely prior which is
4:11why which is why I uh III emotionally
4:15had a very hard time with the diagnosis
4:17I it really for somebody that had just
4:20been you know just so heavily into
4:23holistic treatments and
4:26and really started joining a lot of
4:29communities that were heavily into you
4:34know naturopathic therapies I’m
4:36chiropractic therapies meditation energy
4:41healing I really for many years found
4:45myself in those types of communities and
4:47so emotionally when I ended up getting
4:49diagnosed it was a blow to not just me
4:53but everybody around me
4:55sure right it was like wait wait what
4:58did she do wrong quote-unquote you know
5:01this treatment so yeah so my whole
5:05cancer journey was a very obviously it
5:08was a nightmare for me to go to
5:11chemotherapy but ahead of the the
5:15drastic physical you know upheaval that
5:19my body went through i always talk about
5:22more than anything it was really the
5:24emotional part of managing other
5:27people’s emotions and how they perceived
5:30cancer it’s almost like you hear that
5:32word and like what would people start to
5:35treat you differently your family
5:37members they would write yeah I was like
5:39tion I had best friends just absolutely
5:43refused to see me refuse to check on me
5:46i had one friend that would just send
5:49her husband the whole six months just
5:51send her husband checkout me never once
5:54called never stopped by now why do you
5:58think I did you think it’s just an
5:59inability to confront somebody like that
6:01like they don’t want to they just want
6:03to see you said or what do you think
6:05that is I think this is my opinion and I
6:08think that for many years we went
6:12through a very uh went through this huge
6:18explosion of of holistic treatment and
6:22holistic therapy holistic studies right
6:25that was kind of like the opposite of
6:28modern medicine and modern treatment and
6:30drugs and pharmaceuticals it was like
6:33this movement that was anti
6:36pharmaceuticals and anti room
6:39you know you know I’m sure yeah and i
6:42think it got to this point we’re just
6:44went to the extreme and and it went and
6:49I feel like it went so far that if you
6:55were somebody that happened to get sick
6:57you were just like damaged goods
7:02gosh you know what I’m saying and I
7:04think you were just treated like that
7:06and the shocking part of it is is when
7:09you’re talking about holistic treatments
7:11and energy healing you think of things
7:14like love and acceptance and I don’t
7:17healing and nurturing and what really i
7:22found was many most of that was still
7:26based on fear right because you were so
7:31fearful of modern medicine that you just
7:35ran to the other extreme and let me ask
7:40you just so in terms of the holistic
7:41kind of trees like we like what we
7:43eating we have vegetarian were you like
7:46what was the what was the holistic kind
7:48of thing yeah I definitely did I’ve
7:50dabbled in trying to be vegan and
7:53vegetarian I was robbing in for about a
7:57you know so I definitely dabbled in
7:59those things but mostly it was really
8:03about food being your medicine which I
8:06still to this day
8:07absolutely agree with like I’m sure I
8:10still base my you know my whole health
8:14regime is is mostly eating healthy whole
8:18foods you know my my methodology right
8:22now is more listening to your body i
8:24really do believe your body will tell
8:26you what it needs once your you’ve
8:29learned how to listen to your body
8:31I should so it sounds like even though
8:33you went through this it’s not like you
8:36it totally turned off to the holistic
8:37area just was that there are certain
8:40areas that just didn’t handle in other
8:41words there was a room for the holistic
8:43as well as a room for the sort of
8:46pharmaceutical I guess
8:47yes and that is that was my stand
8:51when I went into chemotherapy and and i
8:55think what i really learned throughout
8:58my whole experience with cancer and
9:01undergoing chemotherapy was I learned
9:04that we cannot live our lives under this
9:09guy’s that we’re looking for health and
9:13happiness and balance when we are
9:16turning our nose completely up to other
9:19treatments that are actually saving
9:21lives right I’m when we lump it all into
9:25one big you know hospitals are bad
9:28doctors are bad and you know I really
9:32was a part of that extreme community
9:34that just that’s what they that’s how
9:37they looked at it but you know inner
9:39sure I gotta take this route the reason
9:40I’m doing these podcasts is it exactly
9:42that it’s almost like yeah I’m in the
9:45medical community and I realized that
9:46there’s things they do right there’s
9:48things they do wrong and I’m actually
9:49searching for like what is that holy
9:51grail what are the things they should be
9:52doing what are the areas that you should
9:54go towards the pharmaceutical yeah i
9:56mean one of the things I just an
9:57observation that I’ve made and many of
9:59my patients that had some of the greater
10:01illnesses and sicknesses was also there
10:04was like a relationship where there was
10:05usually some sort of a toxic
10:07relationship involved with some stresses
10:09in those kind of areas did you find that
10:12yourself that there were people around
10:14you that and created a little bit of an
10:16environment that wasn’t particularly
10:18oh absolutely i mean that at the that
10:22was like really the core of it all I
10:25mean was
10:26yes ok i really found that you know I
10:28really found and looking back at it now
10:31you know I just had the most healthiest
10:34relationships in my life right now and
10:36the difference you know that I couldn’t
10:40see in my face because I thought they
10:41were my best friends i thought they
10:43cared about me on many of them are in my
10:45life for you know 14 20 years wow and
10:49and these are the same people that turn
10:50their backs on me once I needed them the
10:53you know and I struggled with that for a
10:54long time and what I realized is that at
10:57the core of it the people that I thought
11:00were my closest friends really at the
11:03core foundation of it all
11:05did not have healthy relationships in
11:07their life either
11:09okay and so what I had to do was to
11:14finally find a community a tribe people
11:18relationships that could actually hold
11:22this space of non-judgment in the world
11:26I realized right i realized that it had
11:30to do with really thin end of the day
11:32were the people around me capable of
11:35having healthy relationships because
11:37their relationships weren’t help
11:39everything that they looked at life was
11:42completely distorted yeah sorry i got
11:46talent i’m telling I’ve seen even I I’m
11:48a podiatrist I right i’m also a business
11:50consultants also have a whole other side
11:52and we go into businesses and we see
11:54that they’re not doing well by health of
11:57their business is not doing well yeah
11:58find that there are staff there were
12:00people surrounding them that similarly
12:02to your own personal that are affecting
12:04it and that there there’s some vested
12:06interest in it not doing well you know
12:08it’s almost exactly what you’re saying I
12:10agree with the party said about what
12:12business because I you know being an
12:15entrepreneur myself now
12:16i mean i-i experience that too and in
12:19businesses when I see certain businesses
12:21that either aren’t doing well or maybe
12:23somewhere in there like the antics are a
12:26little off or something
12:28I i started to kind of look at who are
12:30the people in the company and and what
12:33makes up you know the employees and
12:35who’s working behind the scenes and i
12:38find it the same there’s always there’s
12:40something about their dynamics with
12:43relationships with others that are
12:46blocking the flow you know the flowers i
12:50love it thats exactly i would put it as
12:52your friend yeah it looks like the flow
12:54of vibrancy so whether you’re talking
12:56about business or you’re talking about
12:58your health right there’s got to be some
13:01sense of flow and you know this really
13:04goes back to my my decision to even do
13:07chemotherapy because because i was under
13:09all this pressure is peer pressure from
13:12people around me to be honest it was so
13:17I in the beginning refused to get came
13:20well I mean this is it for like a highly
13:23curable you know cancer right that’s how
13:28messed up my head was you know in this
13:31environment that was supposed to be
13:34quote unquote holistic right right right
13:37now switch so you you just take us
13:39through this whole experience so you go
13:41through the the chemotherapy right anger
13:43now you’re eight months after the
13:46yes it what what what happened with that
13:48so eight months after it came out their
13:50peak i’m doing well I’m starting to get
13:52my music my energy back
13:55I all sudden started having for about
13:58three weeks I started having trouble
14:01I ended up going to my local emergency
14:03room unfortunately it turns out they
14:06just never ran the correct test
14:08oh so yeah so they missed the fact that
14:13you know i was actually a heart failure
14:16oh my god yeah they come out if you
14:19don’t want to have how old were you at
14:21that time we were you yeah I was uh it’s
14:25a funny when people ask me what my eye I
14:26like I don’t know because i was in a
14:29comment so long that that that time span
14:31is it is like a blur but I I was
14:34somewhere in my early thirties so it was
14:37like 30 want to say when I want a flat
14:41line I think I was 32 or 33
14:44well yeah so I was really young you know
14:47so here I am young and I look a lot
14:50younger as well I’ve always looks
14:52younger than my age as well so sure it’s
14:54like when you walk into a hospital and I
14:57I looked fine but what’s crazy is you
15:01know people always say to me well they
15:02near history on cancer and chemotherapy
15:04you know and i’m like yeah it’s like
15:07yeah they knew but you know there’s
15:12something else that happens when you
15:15know when you have cancer that a lot of
15:16people don’t understand and even family
15:19and friends don’t understand is that
15:20it’s such a trauma you know from day one
15:24to hearing the words you have cancer
15:25that just seals the deal right that’s
15:28like the beginning right
15:29and then there’s a trauma of you know
15:32the emotions the people around you and
15:34then there’s a trauma of treatment you
15:38know and and then the trauma of the
15:39unknown and the trauma of this symptoms
15:42and a trauma of oh my god is this chemo
15:46gonna kill me
15:48you know there’s so much that goes for
15:50sure you’re probably when you’re having
15:51a hard time breathing are imagine you’re
15:52starting to think to yourself oh my god
15:54is the cancer coming back
15:56exactly exactly and that’s my point
15:59exactly is that what happens is even
16:02once you’re finished chemo everybody you
16:07know and this is kind of one of those
16:08human faults that you kind of have to
16:12find forgiveness and is that everybody
16:16including doctors sometimes will feel
16:21like you might be over exaggerating or
16:24imagining things
16:25gosh so when people say to me all the
16:28time you know
16:30yeah okay first the hospital missed it
16:32the first time but then there was three
16:34weeks of me declining and me not being
16:37able to get in to see doctors and and me
16:40jumping from chiropractor chiropractor
16:44and everybody telling me I’m fine and
16:46people keep saying how did people miss
16:49for three weeks that you were dying
16:51Wow sure let me just show so the actual
16:53cause of the flatlining was the
16:56chemotherapy is is that what it was
16:58ultimately that it had affected the
17:00heart because of your underlying
17:03I think they’ve run biopsies they ran
17:06biopsies on my heart afterwards right
17:09after I i guess at the time that I
17:11flatline and you know here’s the crazy
17:14part is that they’re literally test came
17:16back negative so there literally is no
17:19chemotherapy toxicity in my heart muscle
17:24okay but other people in the past that
17:27have been on this drug have had heart
17:29failure so it’s one of those things
17:31where they’ve concluded it
17:33yes I felt like because i had that drug
17:35and I got it but again like I said
17:38earlier because i had that arrhythmia at
17:41my whole life
17:42and how I said the chemotherapy started
17:44elongating my cutie rhythm or I our
17:49level i forget help we the term yeah it
17:53could have been that there was a period
17:55towards the end of my chemotherapy where
17:58I actually had to come off all of my
18:00heart meds that we’re keeping my home
18:03great ever keep your heart rate low I’m
18:07we’re keeping my heart rate regular
18:09gotcha gotcha
18:11no my scenario got kind of complicated
18:14where a lot of balls were just dropped
18:18understood understood let me know so you
18:21do you flatline you actually like 90
18:24minutes you’re out I mean you you
18:25basically died for 90 minutes
18:27yeah is that is that correct yes they
18:30were doing so I flatline five minutes
18:32after i got into the emergency room
18:35thankfully I was in there are ready and
18:38they just you know kind of all rushed
18:40once they realized i was flat line and
18:42they started doing CPR and eat well and
18:46so they had to basically do CPR for over
18:4890 minutes but they couldn’t get the
18:50hard to start so I from what I hear it
18:53would start for like a couple beats and
18:55then it would stop again and they just
18:58couldn’t get it to stay so I yeah I do
19:02you have any recollection of this image
19:04is there anything that you remember of
19:06that um so I don’t remember anything of
19:09that day so the anything uh I remember
19:11the night before I died I remember going
19:13to sleep and I remember saying to my
19:14husband because i knew i was i was dying
19:17actually knew at that point I was dying
19:19but but nobody believed me so I kind of
19:21was just coming to peace with it and
19:24just knowing nobody was gonna help me or
19:26believe me
19:28so the night before I died I said to my
19:30husband because i had a little baby
19:32beagle that was just like my best friend
19:34in the whole world and i said to my
19:36husband I knew I was dying it said just
19:38promise me
19:39should something happen to me that you
19:41will take care of my baby
19:44and he said I’ve already told you that
19:46i’m like i know i need you to tell me
19:49again and so he said yes I promise I’ll
19:51take care of him and so I was able to go
19:54to sleep at night knowing that he said
19:56if something happened to me he would
19:58take care of soupy so that was literally
20:01hours before i died
20:03oh my god yeah so yeah so i flatlined
20:08you know that the over 90 minutes of CPR
20:11but they were ready to call my time of
20:13death they were you you actually with
20:16the date you actually had a significant
20:17event before the heart issue that
20:19prevented you from the transplant to was
20:21that the Cancer is that what that was
20:23yes that cancer what happens is because
20:26to have a heart transplant you need to
20:29be on the anti a immunosuppressant drugs
20:32right so they anti-rejection drugs
20:35they’re gonna suppress your immune
20:37system so because of that they want to
20:39put at least five years between your
20:41cancer and the transplant so they they
20:45actually gave you an artificial heart
20:47yeah that five years what was that like
20:50what was it like living with that that
20:52was crazy crazy
20:54yeah and it’s how does that like just
20:56what like how does that even look I mean
20:58is it something that’s external
21:00accounted average function
21:02yes so it bunches like it’s almost like
21:05a motor it’s got a spin spinning motor
21:09inside a titanium pump and really bad
21:13with measurements but you know it’s
21:15pretty big and I have a very tiny frame
21:17and if you think about the statistics
21:21most women for women heart disease and
21:24heart failure is like the number-one
21:26killer amongst everything around the
21:28world so ahead of cancer everything and
21:32part of that is because our symptoms are
21:34different and because their symptoms are
21:36different they tend to go unnoticed like
21:39mine were clearly like how are the
21:42symptoms differently what would they how
21:43do they differ so most people like when
21:45you think of somebody having a heart
21:47attack or somebody having heart failure
21:50you think of chest pain right right
21:53sure like I didn’t I really wasn’t
21:57if that with women it’s more like
22:00heartburn and and also instead of like
22:04real chest pain you’ll get like pain in
22:08your jaw like a lifetime’s and what’s
22:12crazy is a lot of times I have friends
22:14that will be like oh my god you know
22:16I’ve got the symptoms like heartburn but
22:19Harper into the to the extent where it’s
22:21making them throw up and then they said
22:24tell me like their jaw hurts and I’m
22:27literally like you need to get to the ER
22:29and every single woman is like no I’m
22:33Wow well I gotta take this broadcast in
22:35itself might save some lives that thank
22:37you for ya for sharing that information
22:40yeah so so let me ask you so how has
22:43your perspective on life changed after
22:46going through this like what I was it
22:48affected you
22:49yeah I mean I live my life completely
22:53different I i literally however I
22:58thought that I needed to live my life
23:01prior to this whole experience I
23:06actually do the opposite now I do the
23:09opposite of how I was raised I do the
23:11opposite of what i was taught
23:13I show up in my life bigger more vibrant
23:17happen right like it like the whole
23:20rules of staying small staying quiet you
23:24know you know just staying in your
23:26little your little comfort zone
23:29I don’t do that anymore because life is
23:31too precious and too many people out in
23:35the world are suffering i need us right
23:40us that are courageous enough to speak
23:43up and just say something because when
23:46you say something
23:48believe it or not even if the people
23:50around you don’t like you speaking up
23:52for talking about a subject or whatever
23:54there’s somebody out of the 7 billion
23:56people in the world that need to hear
23:59what you have to say absolutely
24:01absolutely and i gotta tell you
24:03something I am so like I don’t know your
24:06other than this interview and I just
24:07hug you I’m like I could feel your
24:11energy i could actually feel your life
24:12coming through
24:13hat is it is awesome it’s just an
24:15awesome interview is just really a great
24:17pleasure to speak with you you know so
24:19um we are we’re just sort of winding
24:21down here but you know we’re looking for
24:23the holy grail of health if you were to
24:24leave our viewers with like one thing
24:27that you would say would be point them
24:28in that right direction to that holy
24:30grill yet would that be
24:31I would that be I love this question yes
24:36my number one message to the world about
24:39health is that your health is literally
24:43directly connected to your vibration
24:48hands down I can tell you that that that
24:53he’ll I’ve been through whether on life
24:57chemo therapy four and half years at a
25:01bionic heart a heart transplant you know
25:04everything that I’ve been through what
25:07really set me apart to the point where i
25:11shattered medical records to the point
25:14where my surgeons are still to this day
25:16surgeons all over the world are studying
25:19me saying how did she go through so many
25:23dips and came back
25:26bouncing and thriving like shrinker than
25:29each time and they literally study me I
25:32mean they tell me that every time I walk
25:34into the hot this is the one of the top
25:35hospitals in the world you know my case
25:38is just known everywhere and the
25:41difference is and they are my witness
25:44they saw me I focused on controlling my
25:47emotions and my vibration the whole time
25:50that was the one biggest thing that I
25:54focused on whether i was on life support
25:56with a ventilator refrigerator-sized
26:00machine breathing for my loans i focused
26:04on my emotional state and maintaining my
26:08vibration and that was able to help me
26:13actually create the world that I wished
26:18to create which was one of Health and
26:21I’m you asked to really and you mostly
26:24though you have to step into that space
26:26before you expect your body to catch up
26:30into health care that is one of the most
26:32prolific things any of my guests have
26:34ever said basically you know honestly
26:36you just creating your own life and
26:38you’re after making the decision for it
26:41occurs and you’re bringing into reality
26:43yeah and i love that sherry quick
26:44quickly we’re working listeners find out
26:46more about you how can they get in touch
26:48with you
26:48yeah one um well definitely haven’t love
26:51to meet your viewers so they can get to
26:53know me personally i’m in i have a free
26:56community on Facebook
26:58it’s called live big be happy if they
27:02actually just look for do a search in
27:04facebook for hashtag live big be happy
27:08they will find the group they can just
27:11join and I will prove them to learn a
27:15little bit more about me on my website
27:18they can visit that’s Cherie I me thank you
27:29so much for joining us is an awesome
27:32interview and I’m sure the listeners
27:33gonna get so much out of it we really
27:35appreciate it
27:35oh thank you so much dr. Margolin this
27:38was an absolute pleasure and I
27:39appreciate you giving me the platform to
27:42even share this with because this is
27:43actually a very big message that i have
27:46for the world especially for the
27:48healthcare industry we definitely want
27:50the world to hear it thank you again
27:51thank ya
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